Elvis Depressedly - Live Dangerously Lyrics

Hold me down
I'll kiss the earth
The moon is full
Of blood and birth

Dullness sings my soul...

You are living
Through my pain
Feel my womb
It's rupturing

Dullness sings my soul...

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Elvis Depressedly Live Dangerously Comments
  1. lightsleeperjude

    whenever i play your videos. im like, "this guy always reads my mind" :)

  2. marcomir27

    Put simply, you have very good tastes in music.

  3. Bluęs

    That's my shit. <3

  4. chach868

    Orchid tapes baby

  5. Vincent Marco

    So chill! Guys if you're looking for indie songs with nostalgic old footage that could inspire and cheer you up, that's what I do on my channel!


    You can upload the song by Guss Dapperton Gum Toe And Sole to channel please :)

  7. Tianna Emily

    orchid tapes <3

  8. ernest_hemingway666


  9. Aiur

    after a full day of nothing but salvia palth, this was well needed

  10. wumbo dumbo.

    oh HECK

  11. oliovski ,

    Esse é o melhor canal do YouTube

    Nicolas Astaroth


  12. Sallaman

    Saw dis dude perform in Belgium once, been a fan ever since!

  13. Adam Doucette

    your mcm went to vegas to watch elvis depressedly as an imitation of elvis presley

  14. Sydney Stardust

    So glad i clicked the notification. Elvis has always been one of my favs