Elvis Depressedly - Let's Break Up The Band Lyrics

Let's break up the band
I want to go home and try again
I know that our friends are gonna be sad
But not for long, it's not so bad

It's just a band it's not our lives
We fell into the well then the well went dry

Let's break up the band
We gave up our lives trying to understand
What it could mean to be one mind
In a touring van, then the engine died

It's just a band it's not our lives
We fell into the well and the well went dry

Let's break up the band
Cause I don't know who the fuck I am
And everything you say digs into my soul
And the music we play is out of our control

It's just a band it's not our lives
We fell into the well and the well went dry

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Elvis Depressedly Let's Break Up The Band Comments
  1. I dont feel ready yet to have a good name

    This song is giving me some New Pornographers vibes.

  2. o tbh

    back in 2015 it snowed in my small town where it never snows and i sat outside at like 10pm listening to this song over and over while the whole world was white from the snow and yellow from street lamps and its my fondest memory i think :)

  3. Justice Bigsby

    No more sad songs
    No pain, no separation
    Strung out on memories, rest beneath the leaves

    "Someday" never came so I keep waiting
    I will go to sleep still believing

    No more sad songs
    Nothing anticipated
    Days come and go without saying goodbye

    "Someday" never came so I keep waiting
    I will go to sleep still believing

    No more sad songs
    I owe the world nothing
    I've been strung alone too long to really care

    "Someday" never came so I keep waiting
    I will go to sleep still believing

    No more sad songs
    I will serve no purpose
    I love everyone that I have ever known

    "Someday" never came so I keep waiting
    I will go to sleep still believing

  4. distortionerror

    I’ve been really sad lately and this song has really been making me feel better. thank you.

  5. Run For Cover Records

    The new Elvis Depressedly album ‘Depressedelica’ is out October 4th, 2019 hear the first single “Jane, Don’t You Know Me?” here: https://youtu.be/HQOtwYEsFw0

  6. Noob Soup

    i would listen to this song in the depth of my depression & reclusiveness 3 years ago, things are much better now :)

  7. Aya Afterlife

    I love "cheaply-made" music videos. They're the best kind; they're more real that way

  8. Nicholas Paskoski

    Though we don't know each other you've saved my life multiple times and I'll always be grateful.

  9. Sailor


  10. Jacob Leoshko

    Lets go ashevilleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. nesracProductions

    This video is my favourite 💕

  12. leonardo brito

    Quisiera hacerte caso

  13. Queen Bbyx_

    I'm going to smoke rn I want to go to the park high asf with this song on repeat

  14. Keegan Walker

    Little Mix are legends

  15. Spencer

    what is this shot on gahdamn

  16. karina cristina mendez

    La vida pasará y siempre ésta canción me conectará con mi hijo Nico. Te quiero infinitamente

  17. Charlotte Hamilton

    *mmmm that pan tho <3*

  18. j2tellem

    Such a fun song, lots of emotion! Anyone got tabs or chords for this??

  19. princesa corazonmagico

    Este temita es más bueno que la ctm

  20. Ayana J

    Why does little mix come up first

  21. epic amazing shocking covers

    this is just pavement for fans of teen suicide

  22. L. C.

    man i am not tryna go down this rabbithole

  23. nakrekre

    well this songs name is "no more sad songs" but I feel sad to this song :b

  24. Zargogo

    Is that Amir from Jake and Amir? :D

  25. Dora Živulović

    Luvit . ~ ~ ~

  26. survivor geek

    just love the vibes of this song

  27. Maddy

    this looks like the cornell campus

  28. bee dwa

    i will go to sleep still believinnnnnnnnnnn

  29. asianna hrvatin

    no more sad songs
    no pain no seperation
    strung out on memories rest beneath the leaves

    someday never came so i keep waiting
    i will go to sleep still believing

    no more sad songs
    nothing anticipated
    days come and go without saying goodbye

    someday never came so i keep waiting
    i will go to sleep still believing

    no more sad songs
    i owe the world nothing
    i've been strung along too long to really care

    someday never came so i keep waiting
    i will go to sleep still believing

    no more sad songs
    i will serve no purpose
    i love everyone that i have ever known

    someday never came so i keep waiting
    i will go to sleep still believing

  30. Matt C

    Great song, great vid

  31. None Ya

    Good but sounds just like Modest Mouse. JUST like Issac Brock.

  32. trafn

    great vid... love the sound

  33. butterinmyflies

    this type of music always makes me feel like I'm in a sundance film about love.

  34. Jesus Joe

    ECW footage in an Elvis Depressedly video? My life is complete

  35. Subtle Realms

    congratulations on making something true.

  36. Rhetland MacLennan

    found this by searching "depressed" and now im happy :(

  37. Jessica Stallings

    Does anyone else get a modest mouse vibe?


    Jessica Stallings no.

    Badfish 311

    I you guys say no you havent listened to enough modest mouse

    Gabriel Caddo

    The ocean breathes salty wont u carry it in.

  38. Kelly Corona

    OMG is that a tricolor Merle border collie????

    fwerf erferf

    +Dootie Corona I think it looks more like an Australian Shepherd

  39. MUBM

    This has to be the weirdest music video ever. The song is so endearing and oddly enough the video is too.

    Ayana J

    MUBM have you seen come to daddy by aphex twin though

    98 Noir

    It’s all lsd and shrooms to create this type of music...

  40. Samantha Ledesma

    this song is beautiful

  41. Jasmine Haaland

    can't stop listening. so good. 😍

  42. Gabriel Ramos

    I love this song so hard

  43. Nathan Copeland

    I really like this song, is there any other songs by this band I should check out?


    @Nathan Copeland no.

    Ryan Zarbl

    +Nathan Copeland check out the albums New Alhambra and Holo Pleasures. Those are my two faves from these guys.

  44. Lide Rutkowski

    what is this type of videography called ?

  45. Eternally Uncool

    this song is so beautiful and the video is great. elvis depressedly, a highly underrated band.

  46. Tyler Zutell


  47. koykah

    calms me down as i stare at my ceiling numb

    Letícia Begnini

    +koykah omg, I found you in every video that I like and keep me warm


    +Letícia Begnini <3


    +koykah you two should run away to a distant land and live on the hills

  48. Kieran Dollemore

    is that justin blackburn in the suit?

  49. Austin B

    I've been to that area in the mountains with the stream and rocks. It also has little cliff/waterfall thing you can see the top view of at 0:25. You have to hike a trail for 30 mins off Blue Ridge Parkway just to get there so high-five to the guy holding the camera stuff. Asheville is such a beautiful place.

  50. wazy

    I want that dog.


    +WAZY mine

  51. Doug Elliott

    Where can I buy this?


    it hasn't been released yet but will be released early this year

  52. Erik

    Sounds alex g influenced

    Mat Cothran

    he's my pal.


    @Mat Cothran atleast you guys are writing unique shit. I like it. wish I had people around me with the same ideas 

  53. decayworld

    Awesome song !!

  54. James Parks

    Does anyone know how this was filmed? And what camera it was used on? Love that song and the video makes it so much better

  55. Amaan Shahbaaz

    aw man this is great!

  56. Tea Straws


  57. zackfact

    Sometimes I like to imagine only the people who really need to hear certain songs can hear them.

    Daniel Cowman


    Aya Afterlife

    That's beautiful <3

  58. Kasey Pettit

    sandman and terry funk, nice :D

    Mat Cothran

    +Sergeant Chlamydia you caught that, that's awesome

  59. Tall Rudd

    lol at sandman.

  60. Flushed Films

    So good

  61. Maddie Heldman

    got those on point aesthetics. i back this.

  62. gothmoth

    Run For Cover is on a role with signing great artists!

  63. WLF

    modest mouse all over this

    apple bum

    not even close.


    WLF Coming from a long time MM fan - Nothing in this song in particular resembles anything like Modest Mouse.

    King Rat

    mm is great, but I don't see the correlation at all

    Erik Phillips

    you are correct

    Gabriel Caddo

    Ocean breathes salty. modest mouse does in fact have some beautiful deep cuts, u just gotta do a little searching or pick up an earlier album. sucks to see people talk shit on them and classify them as only mediocre based on their later mainstream success. Isaacs an one of a kind lyricist and guitarist.

  64. TwoForTeaa

    Never thought a music video would've ever been produced. 

  65. Devan Wiech

    I can't listen to too many Elvis Depressedly tunes in a row because it makes me feel TOO warm and fuzzy inside. Like, I might melt if I'm not careful. 

    Nathan Howard

    +Devan Wiech Melting sounds like a great idea.

    Ayana J

    Sometimes i really wanna melt, though.

  66. Sa Rah

    totally nice, can't wait for the LP....!!

    american handgun

    youre hot

    Damian Delafosse

    @Sarah Ozgun
    MARRY ME!!!!

  67. AtomicCharge

    Run For Cover!!!

  68. digitallyimpaired

    i love it...................................

  69. TheLopfie

    i love your work delaney & mat, truly believe you're one of the more beautiful bands these days.