Elvis Costello - The Lovers That Never Were Lyrics

I have always needed somebody girl
But I close the doors to keep out the world
But for you, I would be here all alone
Locked in a photograph

All of the clocks have run down
Lover beware
We'll be the lovers that never were

I hang patiently on every word you send
Will we ever be much more than just friends?
As for you, you sit there playing this game
You keep me waiting

When all of the clocks have run down
All over the world
We'll be the lovers that never were

For as long as the sun shines in somebody's eyes
I believe in you baby, so don't tell me lies
For as long as the trees throw down blossoms and leaves
I know there will be a parade of unpainted dreams

And I know dear, how much it's going to hurt
If you still refuse to get your hands dirty
So you, you must tell me something... I love you
Say goodbye or anything

All of the clocks have run down
Time's at an end
If we can't be lovers we'll never be friends

For as long as the sun shines in somebody's eyes
I believe in you baby, so don't tell me lies
For as long as the trees throw down blossoms and leaves
I know there will be a parade of unpainted dreams

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Elvis Costello The Lovers That Never Were Comments
  1. Keith orlandini

    I love this "Purse" 4-song EP that Costello and the Imposters have released in May of 2019.  In my opinion, Costello & Company needed to redeem themselves after their October 2018 release of the  "Look Now" LP (available in standard 12 song format or deluxe 16 song format)  bombed in some people's estimation or at least was a disappointment to his more generous critics.

  2. armen 05/12/66

    Why is this twit famous his music sucks the only elvis is Presley he must of sold his soul yo the devil


    And u sold ur brain to nothing...

  3. Lucretius Studios

    Paul McCartney is my all time favorite artist but i love this version the most. i love the slow tired feeling. it makes pauls 1993 album version feel incomplete

    Vern Pascal

    Yes...Elvis has alluded to this song being one of the highlights of the ones he wrote with Paul and wanted to do it right. What is your favorite Paul album? Electric Arguments is incredible, and least recognized masterpiece.

    Lucretius Studios

    @Vern Pascal I think every album he did in the 90s was incredible. My favorite album of his is a tie between McCartney 2 and Off The Ground.

    Vern Pascal

    @Lucretius Studios -I like the bonus disc of McCartney 2 as well or more than the album. Love Blue Sway & Secret Friend.

  4. JayneUB40 Libertine

    Congratulations on your O.B.E Elvis son 👌

  5. Debi

    Mr Costello, you have no right to talk about The American President, keep your comments to your self. Plus I never found your style and music to be worthwhile listening too!

    Keith orlandini

    I didn't hear or read Mr. Costello's original comments about our president, but if he said that Trump sucks, then he's "right on".

    Keith orlandini

    Debi, people who support Mr. Trump are not only deplorable, they are also downright dumb!

    Keith orlandini

    I totally agree. It doesn't matter if E.C. isn't an American citizen.  Freedom Of Speech extend to everyone, including non-citizens.  Trump seems to be influenced by the words of another prominent non-citizen:  Vladimir Putin.

    Keith orlandini

    If you don't find Mr. Costello's music to be worthwhile to listen to, then all I can say is that I pity you.   My life has been very much  enriched by his recordings and concerts.



  6. Magnus Hägermyr

    Fab cover of a fab orginal!

  7. Helen Hancock

    Lovely. I have many lovers that never were! Haha!

  8. Devin Devon

    While the song is fine, at times it does seem a bit like they're playing in their sleep.

  9. Blake Harris

    Watching the detectives and Alison is to blame LoL 😂🤣 🙃

  10. Blake Harris

    I love your music brother I'm only 29 but I grew up with an awesome Mom who loves your music God bless you

    Keith orlandini

    I'm Costello's age and I'm happy to have lived through his prime years with The Attractions. Your mother "has done right by you"  by turning  you on to the works of the  great E.C.  I'm happy to be able to say that I saw 14 Costello shows with the Attractions, with The Imposters or solo  -  by far many more live concerts than I've seen with any other performer.He and The Attractions were voted into the rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in their first year of eligibility and there was absolutely no doubt that they'd make the HOF in their first crack at R&R  immortality.

  11. Sammy Dunn

    The only person worthy of backing vocals with Mr. Costello is Mr. Costello himself.

    Keith orlandini

    I don't know about that.  I think his bassist with The Imposters, Davey Faragher does a pretty good job of providing backing vocals for Elvis.

  12. Fred Fat

    great song but such a dead performance - whats happened

    Vern Pascal

    What are you saying? It is you that IS DOA!

  13. LovesmyViolet

    Hey nice purse 👛 ☮️✝️💟

  14. Joakim Storck

    Beautiful and sad..both att the same time.

    Vern Pascal

    It is done beautifully subdued. All those great songs Paul& Elvis wrote together on the Bonus Disc of Flowers In The Dirt, Lovers That Never Were was over sung by Macca on the Demo just like Oh Darling! on Abbey Road, and Elvis does it right here. Elvis though really over sang Playboy To A Man on Mighty Like A Rose, and the duet demo is much better on the same bonus disc and shows with the right production was a damn good number.