Elton John - The Trail We Blaze Lyrics

Look out new world here we come
Brave, intrepid and then some
Pioneers of maximum
Audacity whose resumes
Show that we are just the team
To live where others merely dream
Building up a head of steam
On the trail we blaze

Changing legend into fact
We shall ride into history
Turning myth into truth
We shall surely gaze
On the sweet unfolding
Of an antique mystery
All will be revealed
On the trail we blaze

Paradise is close at hand
Shangri-la the promised land
Seventh heaven on demand
Quite unusual nowadays
Virgin vistas, undefiled
Minds and bodies running wild
In the man behold the child
On the trail we blaze

The trail we blaze
Is a road uncharted
Through terra incognita to a golden shrine
No place for the traveler
To be faint-hearted
We are part of the sumptuous grand design

Shangri-la the promised land
Seventh heaven on demand
Quite unusual nowadays
Virgin vistas, undefiled
Minds and bodies running wild
In the man behold the child
On the trail we blaze

Changing legend into fact
We shall ride into history
Turning myth into truth
We shall surely gaze on the sweet unfolding
Of an antique mystery
All will be revealed
On the trail we blaze
On the trail we blaze

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Elton John The Trail We Blaze Comments
  1. bassmaster117

    Now that I listen to this song as an adult and actually listen to the words. It’s actually a great inspirational song to me

  2. glen davis

    myth into Truth! i.e. Jesus is the Truth, the Life(eternal) and the Way(the only way) to Heaven/ our life's purpose and should be our first goal and final objective! Want to get to Heaven when you die? www.holylove.org = messages. / follow the advice given in these messages everyday and try and (1)Love God!!! totally and completely with all your strength, heart and mind! (2) love everyone God sends into your life as Jesus loves us(He died so we could be with Him forever in Heaven)!!! forgive, forgive, forgive!!! pray, pray, pray!!! and try to surrender your will to the Will of God our Father; and when you breath your last; you will be welcomed into Heaven personally by Jesus; our merciful saviour!! That my friends is the GOOD NEWS. may God bless you and yours!!! I think the music in Heaven is even better than the great music we hear here!

  3. Margaret Meehan

    Wow, I'm old

  4. Dulce Noemí

    Me gusta más la versión de Mijares

  5. Good Crusader

    This sounds nothing like the guy. weird

    Mic Drop

    It's more of a raw cut


    ho said 2019

  7. Lego IG-88

    Underrated E.J. song

  8. Magi V

    I can't decide whether I love the movie version or this one more, they are both so gorgeous, but with completely different energies. This one is slow, steady and beautiful, urging you to take it slow and appreciate everything around you and see how beautiful the world really is in every little facet, the other version is fast and lively, full of energy, urging you to go explore and see everything, because life is an adventure, there is so much to see and you shouldn't let yourself be tied down when you have the whole sky above you.

    I think I'll just listen to them both in an endless loop

  9. Mavela Salvatore

    I love this song so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. JimmySteller

    I actually like this version better than the one they use in the finished film. Probably just me, though.

  11. Ynnes Celeste

    Tulío :
    Miguel :

    Monkeys : CLOTHES

  12. Alyna Michelle Forgus The Hedgehog

    I luv elton

  13. Maddison Johnson

    Love this song.

  14. Alaric Linlaw

    I have searched the earth for the mp3 of this song, but cannot find it anywhere....such a unicorn!

  15. Keenan Meyer

    Can I like a video twice? Once for Elton, once for El Dorado?

    Mic Drop

    If you watch a separate video.

    Dave's Range

    Ever been to El Dorado, Arkansas?

  16. Lucrecia Sarmiento

    Movies back then had the best soundtracks.. I mean El Dorado had Elton John, Tarzan Phil Collins, Lilo & Stitch had some Elvis tunes in the movie, etc etc ... Miss my childhood, treasure it with movies like this ...

  17. Tifa Lockart

    still my fav movie and song !

  18. pattar21

    best song ever who's with me???

    Magi V

    I wouldn't call it the best song ever, but I sure as hell can't stop listening to it :D

  19. Cambria Weeden

    on the TRAIL WE BLAZE

  20. Pyro Blast

    This is my life in song form

  21. James Earl Holston

    I realy, realy Love this song. . !

  22. Steven Rivers

    it's a shame that movies like this and the prince of Egypt are dying out/ dead. they have some much more passion and beauty in them than some of the crap nowadays

    Pyro Blast

    Steven Rivers I still watch this and I'm 15 I love this movie

    David Mitchell

    tell me about it @Steven Rivers

    Davy Rockett

    I completely agree with you. The emperor's new groove and the prince of Egypt are my two favorite dreamworks movies.

    Davy Rockett

    Steven Rivers only thing I don't like about this movie is chel's outfit.

    Danny Cortes

    Davy Rockett the emperors new groove is a Disney film but both movies are the best

  23. Philip Lewis

    Love this song!

  24. austin nappier

    I love this movie

  25. TheBeaBop

    Honestly, the soundtrack, the imagery and the concept of this movie still fucking holds up to the stuff that's being made today.


    I totally agree this song rocks

    Mike Abler

    This movie definitely deserves more praise than it gets, I'm actually learning how to play this song on guitar right now

    Mic Drop

    TheBeaBop, the song is very good and I like the movie enough, but it's very underwhelming and could've been much more.

  26. May May

    going to college and putting this on a CD to listen to on the way there :D

  27. StellarGuard 1999

    4 people didn't make it to El Dorado. xD

    Paano, Joaquin

    A stack

  28. DuckMonsta

    This was my second favorite movie growing up. My first was Atlantis


    nice favorite movie mine is mulan


    Honorable mention goes to Treasure Planet

  29. Celine L


  30. Abby Brustad

    i love this song and the movie has become my most recent favorite movie.

  31. S B

    Archaeologist theme song

    invader Noon

    *lookes at Professor Layton* eyup

    Daniel Salvo

    And science fiction, fantasy writers!

    X Ypsilon

    A song that makes every trip more... exciting I think

  32. Pip

    I love this song and the movie ^_^

  33. KingNazaru

    Road to Eldorado is underrated.


    OMG, for real! It's great. Great story/plot, great soundtrack etc. Idk Why this movie wasn't more popular.


    @Hellish highlights klein Neither do I.

    Joseph McDonagh

    @Pompidou Not by me.

    Demetrios Anagnostopoulos

    You said it.

  34. Diakosa

    Fun to listen in the car with the windows down xD Just something for you to try c: It's an experience ^-^

    Abby Brustad



    :D You go! It'll make you feel so much better about life!

    Abby Brustad

    lol I will.....just as soon as i gets moneys to buy the song

  35. ChipmunkiousD

    I went and tried to sing the missing background vocals

  36. Ana Lui

    haha its dorado xDD

  37. kirikakirikakirika

    What child knows and understands these words and references? I mean, I did, but the majority didn't. We had to sing this in choir and it was such a mess because all the other kids kept messing up or forgetting the words...

  38. greenskiis

    There were a lot of differences aside from the beat. The instruments are different, the percussion is almost non-existent, and the female chorus has disappeared (which really gave the movie version that extra "oomph"). Still, I agree that the movie version is VASTLY superior.

  39. Steven Rojas

    In the film the beat is faster that's the only difference but I liked it better in the movie anyway

    Mic Drop

    Steven Rojas Well, it's unedited and you hear more of the instruments and Elton Johns raw voice, allowing this version to be more laid back compared to the movie version.

  40. triohead347

    Keep going...one the trail we blaze. Sorry couldn't resist ;)

  41. Christian Bloodeyes

    Great song. Makes me feel like im at philmont scout ranch, or like a cowboy on a trail.

  42. Itzel Rodriguez

    This song is awesome!

  43. greenskiis

    I remember buying the CD soundtrack for the movie because I loved the movie version of this song. It...wasn't what I paid for.

  44. Moongem

    i think i like the movie version better, thissoudns too wstern stll a great song though

  45. madwerewolf13

    my favorite song in the road to eldorado

  46. Starr Williams

    Makes me want to go adventuring <3