Elohim - Half Love Lyrics

I wanna be your enemy
I wanna be your friend
I wanna give you everything
Then take it back again

Let me run to you
Let me break down your walls
Let me melt into you
'Til there's nothing left at all

Grab me, take me, love me all the way
Wake me, chase me, embrace me all the way

Don't half love me, love me all the way
Don't you half love me, love me all the way
Don't half love me, love me all the way
Love me all the way, love me all the way
Love, love, love, love me all the way

I'm running out of patience
It's getting hard to cope
I'm screaming out for silence
I'm running out of rope

Let me get to you
I need some wind in my sails
I would crawl to you
With blood under my nails, yeah

Grab me, take me, love me all the way
Wake me, chase me, embrace me all the way

Don't half love me, love me all the way
Don't you half love me, love me all the way (don't!)
Don't half love me, love me all the way
Love me all the way, love me all the way
Love, love, love, love me all the way

I'll take the first step, I don't care
Follow your heart, I'll meet you there
We'll make a circle, stop and stare
Right through the dark

Don't half love me, love me all the way
Don't you half love me, love me all the way (don't!)
Don't half love me, love me all the way
Love me all the way, love me all the way
Love, love, love, love me all the way

Don't half love me
Love, love, love me all the way

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Elohim Half Love Comments
  1. tony budri

    Found her by GoDaddy 🎈❤️

  2. null machine

    That fuckin' horn though.

  3. Mathilda Muceba


  4. EriK ViNsOn

    "WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised."

  5. 51MontyPython

    This isn't necessarily my style/genre of music, but, this is good; catchy, and I love the sax. It's funny, I've been finding more and better music on YT than I ever seem to hear on the radio these days.

  6. PvtTucker22

    Love you all the way<3 You are beautiful.

  7. Sam Rios

    Why can we see your eyes and your cool and amazing and ooo :3 i even dont know your like :3 evrithing im impresed *me* crying wow amazing songs you have ritet woooooooooow and heres a game its starting in 123 456 noww!!!

  8. Dean Song

    how does such a great song like this not top the charts???

  9. Casinoman

    Man I'm 57 years old and I love this song.

  10. a pebblebutt

    christ have they set up a clinic for this song yet??? i swear i feel physical withdrawal if this doesn't cycle thru my playlist at least like four times a day. since i discovered it. two summers ago. help.

  11. senorbeckon

    If you insist.

  12. Francisco Ubeda

    This song deserves 4B of views... Whatever, im happy to meet with this, it is so epic c:

  13. elizabeth garland

    How dare she call her self elohim and dont sing his praises.. Wow

    mayo EEE

    It's not that deep, boomer

    elizabeth garland

    @mayo EEE it actually is

    MyFlorida 101!!!

    It's blasphemy/mockery

  14. Dream Hollow

    She deserves more recognition.

    I just hope if she gets it, she stays exactly as great as she is right now.

  15. Andres Sarmiento

    never hear of her until I saw her live at redrocks and it grew on me, pretty cool to have experienced some of her tracks live

  16. Jonathan P

    i love the way that she move 'sexy'

  17. YourFriendIzzy

    When I heard the sax I was like, "so we going off, then?"

  18. Brian Santchez

    Whenever you think about wanting to keep an artist a secret or too yourself remember how much it would mean to the artist to have more people love their music

  19. Mariah Mariee

    Im Tripping balls and this song is def on repeat

  20. Jimbo Jankerson

    Just came across you. Beautiful voice and music. Really digging it!

  21. hudmond

    We *DO* love you all the way Elohim :)

  22. SoieLuvs MonstaX2NE1AteezLittleMix

    this is so good the beat got me, Elohim is def. a new fav artist of mine

  23. Pieces of the sun

    This song means a lot to me because I grew up watching people (family) love each other half way.

  24. bellaboo

    i like her better with the mask

  25. MrKOLOBOK06

    The same room with mirrors as in the music video "Banks - Drowning"))

  26. Yna Johanne

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! I was closing my eyes and then upon hearing this, i literally got up and ran to my laptop because the music was so freaking good oh my god 3am youtube discovery, shes perfect omggggg im a new fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Sara Fiedler

    Te amo :3

  28. Calluna Vulgaris

    I’m surprised this isn’t on the radio right now.

  29. Alvin Christy

    epilepsy warning

  30. Steven Casteel

    Your dance is cute and the chorus is really effective.

  31. Toby Fox

    I've been dancing like this for 2 days now. Tomorrow will be day 3.

  32. maya alexis

    my eyes hurt, but i love this song so much 💕😄

  33. PhiL lucker

    i pray for your rotting soul

  34. PhiL lucker

    satanic bitch

  35. Cameron Lercher

    I’m so excited to see her at Voodoo

  36. Mya Pointer

    Anyone else think of Helvetica from 'Shorts'? No? Just me?
    *It's on Netflix rn btw*
    Or maybe Demetria (not sure of the spelling) from Spy Kids 4

  37. kenchun24

    This lady be like Art3mis from "ReadyPlayerOne", hides her rightside face, says she isn't attractive...*then lifts hair TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL!

  38. Hakkim Ismail

    Gonna play it until i hate it..

  39. W41K3R #22058

    Here because Marshmello?

  40. David Carrillo

    Not here cus of planet fitness ;)

  41. Most Palone

    Question why do you call yourself god in Hebrew ? )אלוהים-Elohim)

  42. Hi I'm Bored

    OMFG YESSSS I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! I've heard this song play in SEVERAL stores and I'm like "this is so catchy" and I tried looking up "love me all the way song" but it didnt come up!!! So after more digging I landed here and I'm so happy! Wow, what an underrated singer, this us amazing. I can breathe knowing that I've finally found the song lol. I cant believe it isnt more popular!

  43. Ti ShatSka

    This lady knows cool.

  44. jiggly jones

    This was playing in five below and I couldnt stop singing along

  45. Lenneth Sylmeria

    This song deserves a million hit!!! I so so love this track <3

  46. David Rogers

    I don't know what it is about this song but I can't stop playing it.

  47. BerBer Knows


  48. athena christine music

    Kill it babe. This is great

  49. Chase Freidank

    Elohim, I'm sorry! I have to half love you considering YouTube only permitted a "like" button. I absolutely love this song, this video....you and everything you do! Don't hate me because they didn't allow me to express my hearts desires :/

  50. Daniel/S

    Wtf, IS AMAZING!!!!! :3

  51. Attila Wolfová

    Wolf howl😍

  52. Erika SweetBroshki

    If they don't play this at prom...

  53. Tia Jumps

    you are so underrated wtf

  54. Kleth

    THIS... ART! Literally saved me. A QUEEN !

  55. Marianne Johannessen

    awesome song and love the video xxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Better than all the shit we have actually!



  58. Al Whatley

    catalyst jacket

  59. Al Whatley

    blue surf

  60. xpromqueef ttv

    The Veronica's walked so Elohim could run.

  61. Franck Randall

    <|°_°|> \/ follow your heart.

  62. Al Whatley


  63. Al Whatley

    Sandra whatley

  64. DM_Artzt

    God she is gorgeous 😍

  65. Al Whatley

    Swallowing stone study guide

  66. Al Whatley


  67. Al Whatley

    Female president

  68. Al Whatley


  69. Al Whatley

    5 people and patron

  70. Al Whatley

    Blue Surf

  71. Al Whatley


  72. gycl

    Heard it from airasia airline

  73. Venus Subliminals

    I love the bass on this, also u hehe

  74. Shady Pikachu

    why am i just finding out about her

  75. Parth Saliya

    Music and lyrics 🔥 🔥

  76. Bit2Beat

    excellent track!

  77. jeniel cross

    Good song I love her

  78. Alita Divine

    You make me feel euphoric ❤️❤️

  79. Viktor Griever

    Jodidamente le ha dado en el clavo

  80. Mute Diver Music

    My hero.

  81. Y Q

    Can I give this video 1000000 likes?

  82. Chase Freidank

    The most beautiful thing I have ever experienced...wow <3

  83. Him La

    Soooo underated yet perfect 💯


    круто.качает бодро слушаю по кругу.давно подобного не было.

  85. Roger Martin

    How did i miss hearing this all this time wtf

  86. Jimmy Shaker

    This is such an underrated song! Her vocals are spot on! The lyrics are amazing too! 😊

  87. Earthensky

    on loop.

  88. Brandi H

    This song makes me excited about life

  89. A Quarius

    Elohim is God for jews. This is clearly antisemitic. Nazis were antisemitic. Very fascist nazi socialist.

    Why didn't you choose the name of another religion from middle east...? oh... because you could go to jail...

  90. annyeongha seoho

    how did i not know about this song omg

  91. VeNoM ShadowzzZ

    they play this at my job lol

  92. Austin Sillman

    This should have been Grammy nominated

  93. Commonlink Productions

    Monarch Mind-Control much?

  94. Justin f h

    Sexy music video.

  95. A D Y M C L A R I N

    she's got to have more songs than this and Hallucinating. Lile come on