Elle Varner - WTF Lyrics

I was asleep when I heard the alarm
So I ran downstairs to see what's going on
Opened my door to unpleasantly find
Somebody really just broke in my ride

What the fuck? What the fuck?
(They stole my XM radio)
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!
(And a pack of gum)
What the fuck? What the fuck?
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!

So I called my boyfriend but he did not pick up (call me back)
He never misses my call so I stopped by
And when I walked in (hello?), could not comprehend (Honey?)
Found him in bed with (what the?) the male man

What the fuck? What the fuck?
(Aw God! Oh hell naw!)
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!
(What a way to find out!)
What the fuck? (Wow!) What the fuck?
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!

I decided to walk home and blow off some steam
I know it's late but I needed to breathe
Just when I thought that it could not get worse
This fool runs up on me like "Hey gimme your purse!"

What the fuck? What the fuck?
(Said: "You got to be fucking kidding me!")
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!
(He said: "Actually I'm not")
What the fuck? What the fuck?
("Ain't you ever been robbed?")
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!

Not quite, this just ain't right
If you knew what I've been through tonight
To begin, I just found my man and another man,
If you understand. He said: "Well I be damned"

What the fuck? What the fuck?
(Baby it's too bad)
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!
(But either way I'm still taking your bag)
What the fuck? What the fuck?
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!
(But he didn't know where I keep my cash)
What the fuck? What the fuck?
(And my phone is in my jacket pocket)
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!
(And I never put my cards back in my wallet)
What the fuck? What the fuck?
(So I hope you have a lot of fun with my raggedy bag)
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!
(And all that lip gloss in it)

For the first time of the night I was grinning
He thought he got me but he didn't
But that was of course…
I realized my keys were in the bag…

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Elle Varner WTF Comments
  1. Kristopher Kajun

    He said, “Actually I’m Not.” “Really it’s too bad, I’m still taking your bag” 😂😂😂😂

  2. Kristopher Kajun

    This song is still HILARIOUS 😂😂😂.

  3. Mitsuko Ewing

    This song will never cease to be hilarious

    Kristopher Kajun

    Mitsuko Ewing the background when she caught her boyfriend 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Skyla Shanell

    this mixtape was evvvverything

  5. Makeba Gray

    I love this song 😂😍

  6. Elerick Dawson


  7. Brianna Myers


    follow me on insta: bbbri_xo

  8. Harlem Sista soul

    love this song

  9. itsumbre

    i was so on her when she released this lol

    child bye

    me two I have not heard a song that I have not like from her

  10. Thina Zulu

    "Aint you never been robbed" lolll aaaah man!

  11. princessoflife868

    She's talking about the illuminati and how they tried to silence her by breaking into her ride and sending a robber to steal from her... And of course 90% of rappers and artists in Hollywood are gay so she found out her bf was gay. I can't believe I'm the only one who picked up the message she was giving out

    Queen Royal

    I notice it also!!!!


    Thank youuu! Finally someone who's eyes are open

    O. H.

    +princessoflife868 Where did you hear that?! I mean i heard the whole bf being gay, but I didn't get how you put two and two together and boom illuminati.

    Kevin Tardy

    +Ew No out her ass lol

    Candies Williams

    princessoflife868 its crazy how ppl post crazy shit and crazy ppl follow just because they want a reaction

  12. Dejanet Anderson

    The shit thoe

  13. A. Brytney Reaves

    so i hope u have a lot of fun wit my bag and all the lip gloss in it!!! lol classic

  14. Jebjess

    lyrics are so great

  15. Dorothee Alexander

    This Song Is 3

  16. Thabo Thema

    Beauty and Talent...Love you Elle

  17. tyreek edwards

    all of dat singing to realize dat her keys were in the bag love u elle

  18. king j

    Dis da ishh....love her

  19. Velvet

    Said ya Gotta be f*cking me ,
    he said : well actually Im not !
    aincha ever been robbed ?

  20. Toni Francis

    That laugh at the end tho :)

  21. Tiffany Tinsley

    Good song

  22. nedpYIG

    Love <3❤

  23. iPR0DUCE

    She needs so much more exposure and recognition! So so so underrated .

  24. nizzotheartist

    iM IN lOVE . lol

  25. modelactressiv

    This woman couldn't make a bad song if she tried too. She's the greatest.

  26. dehj


  27. Virginia Vigil

    My SHYTT!!

  28. monique babb

    A M A Z I N G :)

  29. Renaldo Frye

    This is ridiculously amazing and funny.

  30. kaniyah irwin

    She should have a video 2 this

  31. Embracethymelanin _

    Love this song !
    "Actually I'm not." Lmao

  32. Summer Tynell

    i love her!

  33. Lovelife 2

    This is like trapped in the closet lol

  34. C. H

    the mail man omg

  35. Gene Holland

    Elle varner is amazing

  36. Gene Holland

    I'm in love with this song

  37. fgd49v2

    You cheat on elle. Nigga you must be stupid

  38. Maya Tyler

    so have fun with my ragedy bag

  39. mona williams

    "he thought he got me but he didnt" lolol

  40. Constance Patterson

    I can't relate but this song is so funny her songs aways tell a story that's why I love her longlive Elle varner

  41. Shalondra Coleman

    Sawggen song

  42. michelle24961

    This song is off the chain. It's has a good beat and it got serious swag

  43. CharmaineScott1

    This is so cute!

  44. Nasia Rená

    omg my new fav elle varner song...hands down

  45. Annalise Springer

    Ain't yuh ever been robbed - lmao

  46. danielle hamilton

    She has that erykah badu swag

  47. Tay Lyndia

    hahaa this song is funny... i love it and she is amazing

  48. naneebaybee

    He said, " Uh, actually I'm not. Uhh ain't you ever been robbed?" lmaoo

  49. lilbrookmo

    "Said You gotta be fuckin kidding me" -my fav line lol

  50. mizzcobi

    every song she touches is amazing!

  51. shay davis

    Love dis song♥♥

  52. latonya young

    Luv luv luv her songs specially this one

  53. Dior Nashae

    my anthem yooo lol

  54. Shelby McFaddin

    Love love love

  55. Bec Elle

    Great song!

  56. fob199

    such a good song :)

  57. skYWeezy


  58. Chyna Ja'nelle

    LMAO song made my day i love it haha. ♥

  59. Alan Huguley

    Lmao... She was foolin... She looks like a better version of Alicia Keys but sounds like a renewed Chrisette Michele...

  60. charismars19


  61. L Williams

    That's to bad but I'm still taking your purse!LOL


    Lol..bad day she had

  63. Just Jaye’s

    He still took her purse, Lol !

  64. Just Jaye’s

    Love this song !

  65. Orin Van-Rossum

    My favorite song right now

  66. Edgar Shawn

    she is a fresh breath of real artist!!!!

  67. noooooooooooooooooo

    lol at this song

  68. Mister Davey Jones

    Elle!!! Thank you for being the breath of musical fresh air I needed ma. This is dope!!! Do your thing. -Jonesy

  69. 0hxparis

    LMFAO hahaa damn the robber still took her purse.

  70. TheMeatball

    "Ain't ya ever been robbed?" LOL

  71. Chanel90sBaby

    I loved Only Wanna Give It To You but I wasn't a fan of Refill, I'm glad I decided to look her up because I found some great music.

  72. taliah _lynn

    She's a 2000's Vivian Green !! <3 :)

  73. stephsan361

    I love Elle Varner!

  74. KingSnoopy2004

    This was my song yesterday!!!! Yes WTFPhoneCalls The Robber part was HILARIOUS!!!! "This fool runs up on me like Hey give me your bag lol....Well I'll be damned, really it's too bad, but either way I'm still taking yo bag" and the part where she says she hid all her stuff til the end of the song LMAO

  75. Davey

    Wow I was never a fan of Elle but I am now!!

  76. stuntdevil44


  77. aliyah marie

    i love this song its so cute! i love me some Elle Varner

  78. aliyah marie

    me gusta mucho

  79. Simplyimarii

    I love this song :D

  80. ericadenise93

    I'm going to listen to this song every time I have a bad day....lol

  81. kevin davis

    This should of been on her new album. What a great song

  82. Phalinda Jaxn

    I love how the thief's like "either way, I'm still takin your bag" xD

  83. Alexander williams

    nice elle real nice. lmfao

  84. prince

    Funniest part: "That was of course before I realized my keys were in the bag..." LOL

  85. prince

    Nine people had this actually happen to them...

  86. Jessica Hardeman

    The video for this would be hilarious.

  87. Naptural

    this is the best funniest song ive ever heard that i actually like :DDD

  88. Siani Henderson


  89. LighteningXT9

    I just found out that this song will not be included in her album Perfectly Imperfect! WTF Elle?!

  90. RxTou Reece

    lol i can sing along with this song i can laugh at it lol i love this song

  91. selena see

    Replayy :)

  92. Jocelyn Ivy

    Her laugh at the end just kills me haha love this song!

  93. betty boo

    i want this album!!!!!

  94. Ella VG

    replayed after the first verse haha

  95. Nissonya Banks

    Lol I love this song...

  96. peter panda

    888 likes only 8 dislikes :):):):)

  97. Kimana Rawr

    that sucks :(