Elisa - I Never Came Lyrics

When you say it's dead and gone
I know you're wrong
Cut and slash, sharpest knife
It won't die, no
Poison cup, drank it up
It won't die, no
No fire, no gun, no rope, no stone
It won't die, oh

Why you gotta shove it in my face
As if you put me in my place
'Cause I don't care
If you or me is wrong or right
Ain't gonna spend another night,
In your bed
In your bed

Laws of man, are just pretend
They ain't mine
Love so good, love so bad
It won't die
Some talk too long, they know it all
I just smile and move on
Words ain't free, like you and me
I don't mind

Why'd you have to be so mean and cruel,
The dogs are loose I'm on to you
You ball and...
Chained together from the dawn to dusk,
Can't call it leavin, cause it's just

I never came
I never came
I never came

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Elisa I Never Came Comments
  1. sifodias69

    belle reprise des Queens Of the Stone Age........

  2. Monica Iglesias

    Disfruto tu música, toca fibras sensibles de mi ser.

  3. billy vassi

    Again, back to the cave troll.

  4. billy vassi

    Doug your a troll, go back to your cave and stay meloncholy. I have the lyrics to this song on my chest, so let me tell you. Your taking this too seriously.

  5. billy vassi

    Yeah because Doug said so....lmao Jesus man get a life

  6. dpcefc

    It doesn't matter if you or anyone else dislikes this song. Josh Homme likes it and that's all that matters!!

  7. The Boundless Emptiness

    because it's a touching and beautiful reinterpretation...
    and because she's a well-respected artist (and a superstar) here in Italy

  8. Doug Robertson

    I wasn't disputing it's originality, but the fact of the matter is that it is a cover, and she changed the chord voicings, hence changing the song and its overall musical (not lyrical) intention.

  9. a baby

    it's a fine cover, and it's open to the artist's interpretation. and i think it works fine. If anything i think the song hints some kind of redemption after being depressed at the end of a relationship. Like Josh found his own closure by telling her that he never really committed fully anyway.

  10. Doug Robertson

    Correct, but what I was trying to point out before you decided to be a smart ass was that the version is far less melancholy than the original, not just in timbre, but in the whole way that it's voiced, which thereby makes it a bad cover.

  11. a baby

    I have heard the original, and listen to it often. It's not so much sad as it is kind of angry. and it isn't severely depressing at all. If anything, it's a bit of a boogie. this is actually more melancholy than the original. but the original does have a melancholy overtone, as does the majority of Lullabies, with the exception of maybe medication and little sister.

  12. Doug Robertson

    The meaning of the song is open to interpretation. Josh Homme is a notoriously ambiguous wordsmith, which only adds to his appeal. In any case, though, this is clearly a sad song. I was trying to point out that this cover completely changed the mood of the song with different chord voicings, thereby taking away from the overall effect of the song in terms of lyrics and accompaniment. Try to understand the song before you jump to name calling next time. Listen to the original, you total twat.

  13. Doug Robertson

    This song is supposed to be severely depressing. Next time you do a cover please dont change the chord voicings. It effects the overall effect of the song.

  14. isai cubias

    que por queriiaaaaaaa!!!

  15. a baby

    I just have to point out: everyone does know that this is a cover of QOTSA, right? but a damn good one, this lady is special.

  16. a baby

    @NeeIsKla no, thats what she said.

  17. Marcodirimini

    Gradevole e delicata ma preferisco la versione originale, forte e romantica dei Queens of the stone age

  18. deeleave

    cover dei "queens of the stone age" per chi arriva a conclusioni affrettate.. :)
    parere personale: a me elisa piace ed è una bravissima cantante, ma questo brano rende di più suonato dalla band statunitense..

  19. aniela23176

    semplicemente...ELISA... SEI GRANDE!!!Questa canzone mi ha cambiato la giornata...è bellissima...

  20. getsorry

    great, simply great!