Eli Lieb - Until You've Fallen Down Lyrics

I've seen the darkest kinda night
Where you can't even see the sky
I've walked these streets a million times
Blindfolded looking for a sign

You can't strike lightning
Without a thunderstorm
You can't rush nights end
Waiting on the new dawn
And if you're lost
You will be found
Sometimes you can't get up
Until you've fallen down
You can't get up
Until you've fallen down

Do you ever feel like giving up
Like your best just ain't enough
You find it hard to give your trust
You get so tired of playing tough

You can't strike lightning
Without a thunderstorm
You can't rush nights end
Waiting on the new dawn
And if you're lost
You will be found
Sometimes you can't get up
Until you've fallen down
You can't get up
Until you've fallen down

(Until you've fallen down)

You can't strike lightning
Without a thunderstorm
You can't rush nights end
Waiting on the new dawn
And if you're lost
You will be found
Sometimes you can't get up
Until you've fallen down
You can't get up
Until you've fallen down
You can't get up
Until you've fallen down

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Eli Lieb Until You've Fallen Down Comments
  1. francis magnago

    Deus sempre te abençoe e te dê muita saúde paz,alegria rei Eli lieb e muitos sucessos você é o melhor cantor e compositor que conheci por video do youtube e Facebook até hoje você é o rei dos reis da musica 👑🇧🇷💐

  2. oana b carmen

    Listening to this song while in my country some stupid minds organize a referendum so that gay people can not marry. No more poverty, no more crime, we need to stop people from marrying just because they are gay. Idiots.

  3. Musicellaneous

    Fantastic!! :)

  4. Sandra Snyder

    I love the emotion in your voice. You will be found.

  5. fluffybunnies00

    good lord his original work is SO GOOD thank you so much for releasing such heartfelt music T_T

  6. Michael Sawyer

    Thank you Eli.

  7. Megan Hall

    ow my god. it's so cute and just perfect

  8. Moon in Wolf's

    Знай тебя слушает много Россиян

  9. Moon in Wolf's

    ПриветСупер поешь

  10. Richard Dillon

    Needed the words to this song, at a time like this in my life! Was out, went back in, long story. Out now and free. Thanks so much. Really depressed and hurting , this song gives hope! Keep up the wonderful lyrics and keep the songs coming!

  11. J Pierre

    This helps a lot Eli! I fell apart Nov 9th.. I'm finally getting help ..this song is perfect ..uplifting and uniting. Great voice

  12. -GZU -MCSR

    beautiful song,handsome singer and perfect mix I feel good 😍❤

  13. Joshua Watts

    Can't wait until these songs will be made available to purchase and download!

  14. Keiner Marsiglia Acuña

    es una canción verdaderamente hermosa :3 great job

  15. Chester t Hawkins

    beautiful song and beautiful man!

  16. Michael W Bishop

    I'm wishing you all the best,one loves your music,
    I'm from the uk and can't get over the election results, I'm rather baffled.
    Waiting to see if trump actually gets into the White House.
    Onwards and be positive,
    Oh a bit about me, I've just got engaged to the most beautiful man who proposed to me at trevi in Rome, I'm so in love. Michael

  17. KatalysstClub

    This guys talent is above and beyond 99% of the garbage being pushed by the record labels and pop music industry these days. He scares the crap out of them because he requires no additional songrwiters, producers, hired guns and add ons. He's the real deal. And its so sad he's not being exposed to larger crowds of people.

  18. parkway811

    Please release a new CD with this song + Zeppelin + other new material. Thanks.

  19. 박준희

    i don't know what you're saying since I'm not good at English but i think it's good song...

  20. Franky DeAbreu

    Thanks for adding sunshine to my day. 🌞

  21. Caroline Smith TV

    first impression of you and I love your voice so much. Keep singing love!! :)

  22. Slingblade87

    In times like these, thank God we have talented and compassionate people like Eli Lieb to be a beacon of light and give us hope.

  23. Pol Subanajouy

    "Chin up, it will get better."

  24. asdasd asdasd

    i love u <3

  25. Genuinely Gage

    I just came across your videos and I must say you are EXTREMELY talented!!! You're voice is flawless!! You made me cry (good tears of course)!!! Keep up the great work Eli :)

  26. Evan Fossen

    Beautiful. Thank you for that <3

  27. Matt Martin


  28. dub4ccf

    I literally cried. Thank you for writing and singing this song.

  29. Rick Gill

    You have assisted me in beginning to regain even a little happiness and hope since the election. Don't know if I can ever support this President Elect!
    You are one beautiful human being-inside and out.

  30. Kinga Dal

    Eli!! I'm fan of your voice:* if I can wish sth I wish hear you in "all of me". This can be my best song...

  31. Matias Mendez

    love u man

  32. Chaz Harris

    Eli Lieb I don't know how you write songs so quickly with such visceral emotion, but damn! I need to collab with you one day (I'm a filmmaker not a songwriter) but we're making www.promisedland-book.com xx

  33. Анастасия Сергеевна

    Just amazing! 😍

  34. Juan's Jams

    Beautiful words

  35. ItsMery

    Wow! You're song is beautiful!! I'm not from America but I feel the same as you. Cheer up!

  36. 2007AMAURY

    Thanks for this beautiful song :-)

  37. sarthak bhagat


  38. Jeremy Mergoud

    Keep hope in your heart. He can be a good President...
    See you next time you'll be in France for a show (my hope ^^) !

  39. Ingela Bjorklund

    Thank you ! I love you !

  40. Neil Munro

    Thanks for this song. its content and your voice makes it , Your voice fits it like a glove. Your work is an insperation.


    Neil ( Lochness Scottish Highlands )

  41. Vin Cent

    wow, (sorry for my bad english level) i love all your songs, continue it ! when i listen i have chills *0*

  42. Julie Webster

    I just can't fathom how he won... I just cant understand how a potential rapist and sexist man is the face of our country. stay safe and stay great, eli! we all love you

  43. 134Eeyore

    Thank you so much for this song. I am not an American but I have so many friends over there I call my family. I am scared for them and all of us. XOXO

  44. Justin Schieck

    Every song you bring out brightens our days, I found your music through your pulse video after the tragedy of the pulse shootings. You should go to something like x factor or something just to get your name out there. I could see you getting so far and even some big labels if you dont already have a label and stuff.

  45. Tan Phaik Kuan

    Aww,thank you.I was so sad few days ago.When your music comes,I feel much better now.Loved you,xoxo

  46. Oh miss Believer21

    Eli You always makes me feel better with your singing and songs. I hope everything will be alright❤️

  47. SWWills

    No dislikes, perfect ❤️

  48. Dracio Adrastus

    what has me so down is not the election but the way my family and some of my close friends disowned me when I came out as gay and joined the U.S. Navy. This song has touched a deep part of my heart.

  49. Leoni Waltert

    I love your voice. 😍😍😭

  50. Justin

    Beautiful song.

  51. Eisha Smith

    A lot people needed this now, me included. So thank you, Eli. Thank you so much. I will still believe.

  52. Anton Wilkins

    Thank you for this, Eli. It's hard to find hope or feel even a tiny bit of happiness after what happened last night. I feel nothing but sadness and despair at the moment.

  53. Rikky Skyy

    Thank you so much Eli 💙

  54. PEPSIMAX2020

    cute hebrew prince he never talked to me but i still admire his gay passion

  55. Froggy Does

    I'll definitely buy this song when it hit's iTunes. I might wait for the full album though.

  56. оз волшк


  57. Jared Yu

    Such a beautiful song! Thanks for sharing :)

  58. Eliaz Collado

    That song, your voice, you, my heart is melting 🙈🙈

  59. C.L. Miles

    This was so beautiful. Thank you, Eli!

  60. Calinica Calyx

    I love that you can just come up with lyrics and make a song out of your emotions :D

  61. Igor Patzlaff Macêdo

    OMG I'm ended with this song, wheres the studio version?

    Eli Lieb

    I will make it soon enough! :)

    D K

    Eli Lieb Soon enough better be within the week. I want to blast it from my car when I park next to the protests, the rallies, and those who are fighting back the anguishing fear that is gripping many of us.

  62. Cristy Nicolaas

    i love this song❤

  63. Camilo Sebastián

    The final part OMG I'M DIED

  64. Azaki

    Awesome as always :3

  65. Cici Woods

    Beautiful. Please put this on iTunes.💜

  66. James Paulsen

    Thanks for making the pain less intolerable. I still believe that love will win!

  67. Paul McElwee

    your voice just makes me feel so relaxed

  68. Clayton Silva

    Come to Brasil pls

  69. rob cunningham

    Thank you. I love your music and message. Take care.

  70. christopher mary

    amazing song with a beautiful voice. and I smile every time I hear you sing, thank you for all the smiles that you give me. be strong and stay as you are, the better. and a big thank you

  71. RickyGallery

    thank you, this beautiful song came at the right moment!
    your sweet words at the end of this video made it personal!
    "for all your followers who lost their life's love and now alone truly understand falling down" Lv U

  72. Bill Cipher

    You are amazing😍💋 keep up the amazing work pretty blue eyes😅😊

  73. Mike Sawyer

    That was so cool... Thanks man... Love Love your music...

  74. xSevenDevilsx

    God damn I need a studio version of this!

    Eli Lieb

    I'll make one soon :)


    @Eli Lieb yay! :)

    Alexandre de Oliveira

    +Eli Lieb really? ♥-♥

    thegreat apeach

    Me Too!!!

  75. Stefani Banhete

    This was gorgeous, Eli! I love your voice and your lyrics! In this moment we have to stay strong, stay together and hope for the best!

  76. Tiffany S

    Love ya

  77. Alan Meyer

    Get better ? One can only hope. Thanks for the beautiful inspirational song.

  78. Brannon

    I needed this today. Thank you....

  79. J M.

    Thanks for your expressive lyrics in your songs.Go on like this.


    Happy to see there are no dislikes! :))

  81. Carlos GC

    I love your songs, Eli. Thanks. We'll keep hope :)

  82. Gui Rikardo

    Perfect 😍❤

  83. Itsumi

    Thank you Eli😭

  84. Freie Meinung

    Schönes Lied .

  85. JJ Baker

    thank you...I have been so disheartened today.

  86. wolfe storm

    Why are most gay men handsome?


    wolfe storm for real tho lol 😂

    Oscar Asso'o

    wolfe storm cause God took a lot of time to make us perfect

    alis wkate

    Also that my question 🤔

  87. ChrisVigilante

    Thank you for this. it's been a rough day for a lot of us. Seeing the support that is there is out there is really helping.Music has been a retreat for me today away from it all. Need to get through this day then go onto the next. Ready to fight for rights for people I care about even more than I was before.

  88. edwelty

    Thank you for the song, I cried!

  89. Luiz Carlos

    Your voice.. you.. thanks for it!!

  90. Charity Rich

    Wow that was so beautiful 👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Love your songs,they always encourage me😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  91. Ch As

    my fav fug


    Dude 😂😂😂

  92. MattBlack L.F.Novara

    amazing song

  93. Marcelo Kisen

    Great job Eli! ITunes please! 🕊🕊

  94. David Villalón

    Wow es genial, tu voz es excelente !!! Sigue así eres muy bueno !!! Saludos y un fuerte abrazo desde Argentina !!!

  95. Eli Lieb

    So many of us feel heartbroken today from the outcome of the US election. Broken but not destroyed. We will get up and show that love wins. I hope this song helps everyone that is feeling hurt, heal. Love to you all xoEli

    hemo kama1

    Eli Lieb I love you so much

    FUCKING CRAZY BELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eli Lieb - XOXO !!!!!!!!!!!! #fuckingcrazybelief

    Rick Peng

    I'm falling in love......

    KK Y

    Dear Eli, Trump is not like what you think or what media tells you he is. Do some research. Great song as always btw :)

    Simon Jay

    Chin up everyone! it'll get better.... Thanks for sharing your music Eli.

  96. Ksenya Duran

    Your music and your voice are those of the world's very few treasures - so pure and beautiful.