Eli Lieb - Undone Lyrics

All is undone
On to another
Holding the same face for months
Rip you off and sew me up
The wounds will heal in time
Eruptions now are calming down to the clearing sky

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Eli Lieb Undone Comments
  1. francis magnago

    Cantores dos cantores encantadores que encanta o Brasil e o mundo inteiro e rei forever Eli lieb 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  2. davidmtgregorio

    Is there any way to buy your first album from 2011?

  3. Sandra Snyder

    Perfect as always!

  4. Frank Romero

    Wow, esto es fantástico!!

  5. conwaysuccess

    This is my favorite of all of your songs. So good!

  6. Bennie Leaphart

    Eli, This sounds great to me . I love it. Ben

  7. Alfredo Ochoa

    this reminds me of the season finale of the old show The O.C. when Kirstens father died. such a sad sad song. Thank you so much for this. first time actually listening to your music even though I've been subbed for a while. beautiful

  8. Lucky Lane

    I have listen to this over and over, I love it. Thank you for another beautiful song.

  9. Ramses Arguello

    its a beautiful song 😍😍

  10. John Deacon

    how are you not more popular you are so amazing and encouraging thank you for doing this stuff

  11. Blue Frost

    so beautiful

  12. Maksym

    You inspire me, thank you for that)

  13. MattBlack L.F.Novara

    I like more this song because there is a lot of love and talent

  14. MattBlack L.F.Novara

    I like more this song

  15. Hermy San Rafael

    Beautiful song, love it and all of your work!

  16. Lovely Flower

    I think your voice is amazing. I just listened to "Look Away" made me cry.

    Hank F.

    Lovely Flower me too 😢😭

  17. Prisci1483 18

    You know what ? This song is really amazing ! It really helped me to go through this really bad period of my life, thanks for that, really.

  18. Ianus

    The beginning kind of reminds me of Death Cab for Cutie. I like the vibe of this.

  19. DorEnErnil


  20. C’est Bon

    Great song! beautiful simplicity. your lyrics always inspire me.

  21. Lena Zubareva

    Hey Eli, please please do the "Hozier - Take Me To Church". I believe your voice can do awesomeness with this song. Also: Bandit - Don't let me go; Broken Bells - Control; Zero 7 - Distractions; Imogen Heap - The Moment I Said It... Even some of Muse songs!

  22. Cecilie Rangå

    Nice.. ;) Chill out.. perfect . & Thank You Eli Lieb. ♡ =)

  23. Nayah

    Love this kind of songs where u can just forgot about real world and just listen to singer voice.
    P.S. sry for terrible english

  24. Mạnh Tuấn Nguyễn

    I really feel it. This is better than your covers before . This is so amazing! Great song. Keep it up.

  25. Tran Nghi

    I would love love to hear you sing "A jar of hearts" . Just desperately want to hear it so bad :(

  26. Драгомир Димиторв

    Even though the lyrics are really .. well a few, the song is really nice.

  27. wahyu mahardhika

    love this song, much much much... love from Indonesia 👍👍👍👍

  28. DaneSmith2003

    Will this one be making it to iTunes anytime soon? :-)

  29. Arielelian Delunari

    Mimu gloves? Love it!

  30. Olivier Noor

    hi Eli. i'm a french fan... i like all your covers. can you make a cover in french ?????😃😁

  31. Micha Hogan

    Choreographing to this IMMEDIATELY!!!! <3 <3

  32. Jason Martinez

    I cry when I listen to this song because it reminds me when I was very emotionally scared from my very long term relationship

  33. Noah Yaworowski

    I had a few puffs of some oil out of my pipe and this song made me feel more high💚

  34. Jasen Langaber

    I love it ever so !!!

  35. Kevin Jones

    Eli Lieb - Thank you for your music. You are a great singer/songwriter. Please keep up the great work. Is this single going to be available on Amazon digital? I love your music. -Kevin

  36. Tecnosun01

    OMG! So beautiful!

  37. Ranbogas Channel

    perfect Sing ...

  38. LightningTune

    don't like that autotune sound with your voice.. you have such an amazing voice and this just sounds like there's something wrong with the audio

  39. Danny Shu

    Just wondering are you gonna releasing new album recently?? Your songs are always in my playlist :)

  40. Kelby Bauder

    Are you going to put this back on iTunes?

  41. Paul Tacoma

    Gave it a like because I love your voice. Didn't care too much for the computer harmonics, but that's just me.

  42. Jorge Riccelli

    Eli Lieb please come to Brazil, I never asked for anything

  43. Gabriel Souza

    Loved how distorted your voice sounds! Like a soul mutilated by sadness. The lyrics speak to me in the sense that it's okay to be sad and depressed, because that's the way to heal, and better times are coming. Thank you so much for this song

  44. oren digga

    it's so f... unfair that shittubers and pop cu.. get so many views and subs and people like you are less famous(i dont mean it's bad,but...).I hope ur star will shine as bright as it possible:))

  45. um R

    I'm Korean so can't express all of my appreciation, but I just love your song and voice. Your song heals me and your voice impress me. I want to hear your song ever.

  46. A_F

    Aff, tão gato.

  47. Diamond

    Thanks Eli. I love it. The song sounds really unusually and mesmerizingly))

  48. Andreas Rogulj Pedersen

    You have an incredible voice! And this song was relaxing :-) I feel the lyrics and the music and liked it a lot. I love listening to music and the music it self is like a therapy for me when I'm not in a good mood or feel sad. I also liked the song of you "can't look away" :-) greetings from norway!

  49. Kyle Jaworski

    Beautiful work again!

  50. Анастасия Ялымова


  51. Brad J

    ELI your music has been helping me through my deployment in the Middle East and through my 3 year relationship break up that happened a few weeks ago. Thank you again for your amazing music.

  52. Dean Shariif

    beautiful 😍😘

  53. Osvaldo Enrique

    A wounded heart never heal; it is just become easier to breath

  54. scarlettgeorgia

    too mych autotune! eli's voice is perfect without it

    Julian Doyle

    It's not autotune lol

  55. Paul McElwee

    love this song...your voice is incredible

  56. Sky Franta


  57. thomas walters

    I love your sound Eli. I hear alot of your heart in your music and look forward to hearing more from you in the years to come.

  58. Hussen Omran

    واو واو ... جميل ورائع ومدهش..

  59. pablopercu9

    Very very nice!!

  60. Scott Montroy

    One of my favorites from your CD! So glad you are re-releasing some of your older stuff.

  61. jace river

    I do like it.

  62. James Fischer

    Intense and tonal. What if you went back to your pain in the ass Mr. Grand and did something a little lighter? Look Away is incredible.

  63. kaathii B

    wow😍😞😳 great! i love it💖

  64. Axel Linares

    I have two days of being listen to your music and I have to say that I am in love with the whole YOU, amazing voice. You and Jon Bellion should make a duo . and I'm agree with most comments here .. why that effect on ur voice? you dont need it 😍😍😍👌 Greetings from Guatemala me and one of friends love your music 🙈❤

  65. Steven Enciso

    ¡Qué acabo de oír? La perfección :3

  66. Mahmoud Khalid

    OMG that's the first song I've ever heard that made me remember some sad things in my life which made me almost cry. It's the first song that spoke to my heart it's one of my bests now

  67. Cynix ix

    love it ♥♥

  68. Trevor Clark-Zamoider

    so relaxing. takes me to a good place and helps me forget my triggers.

  69. Mitsuko Renaud

    why did you use vocoder I totally dislike it... but I can't dislike the video cause I love the song and it's you...

  70. Ram Ramos

    What I love about you is that all your songs are full of emotions, it is so pure and i love it

  71. Ryan Boring

    Love your voice man. Would love to work with you one day.

  72. Jeffrey baits

    i love it when is it coming to itunes

  73. R Sch

    You are so perfect Eli Lieb. ❤❤

  74. Kelby Bauder

    This song speaks to me so much right now. Simply beautiful!

  75. Duricas

    Um...autotune much?

    Julian Doyle

    It's not autotune, it's just a filter (a vocoder i think???) similar to what Imogen Heap would've used for "Hide and Seek", even if there was autotune, there's enough evidence on this channel to prove he can sing very well.

  76. Álvaro PM

    Ohhh that's awesome, i love it 😍

  77. jilouli

    Beautiful song! Beautiful voice! Beautiful man! Thanks…

  78. VanityLumiere


  79. Ross

    This is one of my favourite songs from your album. Glad you re-released it on YouTube so I can add it to my YT playlist. :D

  80. Jonas Gasmi

    just woow but i dislike the autotune cuz ur voice is magic ;)

    Scott Montroy

    Except that it isn't autotuned. It is vocoder and he intended it to be that way for artistic reasons.

  81. Iziah Lockehart

    Serious "Hide And Seek" vibes, that's why I loved it so much. Thank you for reminding me how much I loved this. :3 (And late happy birthday Eli) <3

  82. Luis Ramirez

    I love it, I love all his songs 🙌🏻 i hope one day he come to Mexico

  83. MrJacobrabbit

    nice vocal harmony

  84. Sergio Bedoya

    Omg i love your voice and all your songs you're amaizing Eli! congratulation for this new single♡

  85. Tien Phan

    This reminds me of Hide and seek by Imogen Heap :)

  86. tim

    i want to swallow cum to this song

  87. Jay Jay

    Is this available for purchase

  88. K T

    you've got an awesome voice Eli...I'm sure you are tired of hearing that...glad I found your channel. Look Away is my absolute favorite...can't stop listening to it. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  89. Davide Ding

    I've always loved this song!!! And clearly still do :X
    It's so calming~

  90. ADAIR

    I love your music Eli! :) Ax

  91. Salim Zaara

    at the end that made me fall asleep x) gj Eli <3

  92. mostafa lotfy

    I can't get enough of your voice

  93. Bangtan_ Fanboy

    I am still wondering what the meaning behind the lyrics are.


    I think it's about getting over a person who cheated on you.

  94. Sakura Alden

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  95. Gladyson Lage

    Great !

  96. jaydawg_34

    Wow! This song does so many things (haunting, soothing, and more). Great job, Eli!!! :)

  97. Luci Skull

    love it! your songs always make me smile when I'm sad <3