Eli Lieb - Hollywood Lyrics

Driving alone on the 405 to nowhere
Stars in my eyes
Stars in my eyes
I'm talking to ghosts on the corner of Verne and Sunset
Blood in their eyes
Blood in their eyes

Do you ever wonder what it's like to be happy?
You're holding all these flowers but you can't smell a thing
And all the broken angels go
And wander around
The streets of LA
And take this tired halo
I've made up my mind
I know I can't stay
So I'm leaving for a life that's good
And I'm so fucking sick of Hollywood

All of the ghosts of Hollywood are coming
To eat you alive
Eat you alive
I'm tryin' to stop the city streets from burning
But no one survives
No one survives

Do you ever wonder what it's like to be happy?
You're holding all these flowers but you can't smell a thing
And all the broken angels go
And wander around
The streets of LA
And take this tired halo
I've made up my mind
I know I can't stay
So I'm leaving for a life that's good
And I'm so fucking sick of Hollywood

And all the broken angels go
And wander around
The streets of LA
And take this tired halo
I've made up my mind
I know I can't stay
So I'm leaving for a life that's good
And I'm so fucking sick of Hollywood

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Eli Lieb Hollywood Comments
  1. 2007AMAURY

    One of my favorite Eli's song ❤️🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷


    Good song

  3. Charla Chamberlain

    This is such a real and wonderful song. humble human authentic song writing. deep and shining light into the dark places. lifting up the moment of political and social corruption - "I'm leaving for a life that's good, i'm so effing sick of hollywood." I have this song on my work playlist for these moments feeling low.

  4. charles s. sturdivant

    GOOD Song.

  5. Harley Parsons

    Hey Elias you in glasses one is hot and two looks like my friend/neighboors daughters son

  6. Pete Sercer

    Goodness. Gracious. Glorious.


    Really good. Dont worry if you succeeded or not. Just do what you love and enjoy the journey . Do not worry about the destination. We love you .

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  9. Matthias Frank

    The first video I see Eli wearing glasses. Looks unsusal, but his new haircut is gorgeous!

  10. Federico Torre

    Magic Eli

  11. Rolly Hernanadez

    i always listen to this song again and again

  12. Johnny Young

    Simply amazing

  13. Jose Cabrera

    I’m loving this song 😘

  14. Micheal Osullivan

    Beautiful song well done yr so true in what y say in yr song..keep going ..and by the way u look so doper with the glasses on..I wear them couse I'm blind as as bat😎!!!!! Keep up with the good music regards Mick x ireland👍

  15. Anastasia Nemov

    It is amazing and very inspirationally. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

  16. Rex Watson

    "Do you ever wonder what's like to be happy? Holding on the flowers but you can't smell a thing." My favorite lyric of all Eli's songs.❤

  17. Robert Pieprzica

    Amazing song. I love the new album. You are an amazing artist, keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your songs with the world. Truly inspirational and heart felt.

  18. justin Case

    This is one of my favorites.. love this song and your voice and those glasses!


    Corrosion of Conformity t-shirt. Yes. haha.

  20. Michael Horodowicz

    I love the whole concept of the video.

  21. Alemao Braxton

    Mi vida apesta... Pero escuché esta canción y volé a otro mundo,escapando de la melancolía. hermosa canción

  22. Anthony McNab

    Why don't you go mainstream, your are an amazing talent! Keep being you...

  23. Pablo Gomez


  24. Jonathan Snowdowne

    Google play store has had a number of visits from me to get your singles.
    Your voice is amazing, keep making amazing music.
    Tons of love and respect from South Africa.

  25. Tales Okubo

    Eli's songs make me feel so good and happy, I can't explain it, but I just love them

  26. Line

    I love this Voice

  27. Douglas Carl

    I have poor English.But honestly,Eli,you encouraged me.😊😊😊

  28. Sandra Snyder

    I hope you did go back to your roots. I'm glad Hollywood didn't corupt you. You are our midwest angel!

  29. Books Friends

    I love yous songs so much..

  30. sebastian corvalan

    Que hermosa canción me encanto

  31. Scott Paul

    You are such a beautiful soulful human! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Your music has literally Saved My Life, I can’t imagine a greater compliment. I hope 2018 brings YOU all the Love, Laughter, Stillness, and Peace you so richly deserve. Thank you Eli👬👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  32. Abhinav Vats AV

    Don't give up on Hollywood. This is my prediction- you will make it! :-)
    A song for us all- https://youtu.be/T6wbugWrfLU

  33. Roberto Stancu

    Great song! Very folky. Love the look with glasses!

  34. Peter McLoughlin

    Stunning as always Mr. Lieb
    Feels it's been a great move to leave it behind.
    Best of luck and please keep the incredible music coming....it means so much to so many of us out here getting on with the daily drudge.
    Thanks for baring your beautiful soul.

  35. Brandon Barber

    Love this song

  36. Lukáš Václavík


  37. Andreas Saturna

    Sieht echt niedlich aus mit Brille, super Typ

  38. Salim

    i just love this song, Hug from Morocco ^^

  39. donunifesp

    Great !!!!

  40. Mike Sawyer

    What you do right - vocals always rise above instrumentals. Every word vibrates with emotion. Love the glasses, but then you probably look good in everything :-)

  41. Patrick Fulton

    I love every song by him and if he ever does a concert; I am there. I think this song is my favorite by him!

  42. Matej Hargas

    I really enjoyed this one...

  43. collin Lopez lieb

    I like your last name😂

  44. Michael Horodowicz

    Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be happy? I love that and how it was sung.

  45. Steve Howe

    thank you for being part of my life, and at this chapter in my life, your music has been a life saver.

  46. Daniel


  47. Michael Horodowicz

    I like the beginning of this song so much.

  48. Matteo Di Sapio

    Oh God.... your voice <3

  49. Drew Gurbach




  51. Michael Horodowicz

    I really like this song.

  52. Michael D Horodowicz

    I love this song and the video is so cool in the beginning.  You and a guitar.  Perfect.

  53. Jaclyn Perry

    Beautiful voice!

  54. Dissily Mordentroge

    This has to be one of the best written, performed & recorded songs for a long long time.

  55. geral finz

    por favor alguien puede hacer una versión subtitulada al español... :´(

  56. David T. Reid

    Awesome Vibes!

  57. Lee Pennington

    I love this song but the intro for Lana Del Rey makes the song and it also has a bad ass finish....!

  58. Xicotencatl Otxoa

    Hi buddy.
    I congratulate you for your songs they're the best and I want you to know you have a faithful admirer in Mexico. I love you man you're the best.

  59. Pascal F. LeBlanc

    your music makes me feel good! than you...

  60. Jimholy Long

    Jesus Eli is too cute with glasses I just can't

  61. Busy Procrastinating

    You've got yourself a new fan.❤

  62. shan huang

    You have a good voice and a good face

  63. Mark Akridge

    Loved the song , the video is great. Keep up the great work

  64. Daniel Servaty

    Beautiful song, nice video, and I love that you're wearing a C.O.C. tshirt!

  65. Patrick Fulton

    You are seriously one of my favorite artists! I always look forward to hearing new stuff from you!

  66. Ho Yu Law

    glasses, guitar, sexy voice... I think I got orgasm from you video <3 You're amazing. Love you always

  67. Shy Stone

    I love your voice and this song is so relaxing **

  68. 2007AMAURY

    Très belle balade et toujours cette magnifique voix 🇫🇷

  69. Marian_pkp

    Super ładna muzyka. 😉😊

  70. TheDarkrainydays

    Love this guy and his songs!

  71. ninu

    I truly like your covers and your voice is simply amazing !!! I also have a lot of covers on my channel :D. I admire you for the music, you do not try to be commercial like other pop stars, you just concentrate on the beauty of the music and that is perfect !!! Keep producing and covering high quality songs !!!

  72. John Wright

    Love this song, would really love a full album of original work, his original songs are great!

  73. Jakkit Burakhon


  74. Mark Anthony Tan

    Nice song. Keep it up.

  75. Victor Emanoel

    Don't stop making your songs, they're beautiful and "Hollywood" has conquered me from the first moment I heard, seriously, it was magic. I loved it, I'm waiting for more original songs and original videos. You have a lot of talent. Do not ever stop making your music, it inspires many people. Bye, kisses.

  76. Let's Get Lyrics

    It's time Eli grew his hair 😜😜😀😀

  77. Kathi Amos


  78. Patrick Lelieveld


  79. Jared Miller

    I am noticing the corrosion Tshirt in a few videos I think it may be a lucky one,I like all the songs you have sang while wearing it ,,Thanks for te great music

  80. 100newkid

    hubby goals.... :)

  81. Chester t Hawkins

    Your talent and beauty are amazing!

  82. xadam2dudex

    first video from Eli I've heard in a long while...I see nobody has put a ring on his hand yet...I thought he had a bf ? was this an original song ? is it autobiographical ? moving away from the soul draining entertainment cabal of LA ?

  83. GinGe

    I have to say this... for me Eli you're the best songwriter I know... and I wanna thank you sooo much for every single liryc you've made. Your songs helps me alot when I'm down. Thank you once more... and keep on doing music... please never stop.

    Love from Poland

  84. Maryann Gestwicki

    Wow love this song!!

  85. 杜木


  86. Jakub JJL

    super barwa z lekką chrypką oj lubię lubię

  87. C.L. Miles

    That was an amazing song. I love your voice!

  88. Oliver James Swan

    i am straight but i'm shaking now , LMAO

  89. Jaiden Marie

    Love this song ❤️

  90. edson vazquez

    lust for Life lust for Life

  91. Barbora Strnadová

    i love music :-) Eli Lieb :-)

  92. Barbora Strnadová

    Love you music :-) cute

  93. lewis beldock

    What a wonderful song

  94. Guilherme Araujo

    My crush

  95. Trey Welty

    Iowa and Illinois are ready for you

  96. Wen Thang

    Hope that you're always in good health & conditions so you can continuously create amazing songs for us.

  97. Alechandro

    you should cover Lana Del Rey - Hollywood

  98. Demian Ds

    please continue to make beauiful music , i need your music... thank you so much Eli, love you