Eli Lieb - Call It A Day Lyrics

Did you call me baby
Did you say I was yours
Where's that ring that you gave me
Where's that home that was ours

But now that you're gone I'm better alone
And I'll find my way
I've been down too long and the sirens are gone
Can I call it a day
And lay my head and fall to sleep
The only sound is the rustle of the sheets

Did you say that you loved me
Did you hear me say it too
Did you hear my cry for mercy
Did you see me look just like a fool

But now that you're gone I'm better alone
And I'll find my way
I've been down too long and the sirens are gone
Can I call it a day
And lay my head and fall to sleep
The only sound is the rustle of the sheets

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Eli Lieb Call It A Day Comments
  1. Nemesis- Q

    Im not gay but i like this song so much


    The best song i ever head until now i loved this song and the lyrics. Cause i meet a person when i was 22 and till now we have a good communication 🥰

  3. francis magnago

    Amo demais sua voz e suas músicas você é nosso rei dos cantores 👑🇧🇷 e será nosso rei aqui no Brasil também parabéns você só transmite positividade em suas músicas e clipes.
    Um super abraço e saudação do Brasil a você é sua equipe meu rei 🇧🇷💐👑

  4. topherlarkin

    Still here even 6 years later xoxoxo

  5. Vincent Ludacka

    Country gay men myself are sincerely lovable and compassionately caring.

    Vincent Ludacka

    I'm from Chicago but raised in Arkansas. With two gay dad's in a. Gay culture

    Vincent Ludacka

    Brandon you r cute

  6. jackson bryan

    Just discovered this for the first time.. what a rollercoaster of emotions! Beautiful video, beautiful story.. bless you for this gift my man! Thank you!!

  7. Constantin Lambert Zapp

    Don't believe anymore in love. I hate love. Love is pain. Make me almost suicide. For me love don't exist anymore. Only sad life.

  8. The Husbands Toches

    Nov 2019. Anyone else???

  9. XIAOHAI24 24

    More songs please

  10. Ari Saputra

    Hii sweetie

  11. Chibiandy Ü

    2019!! I had forgotten this existed and how much I liked it 😍

  12. Theo Salas

    Thanks for a piece of art that most people will never undeterred. For me it was contagious.

  13. GavinA13

    oh god i remember watching this when I was like thirteen wow

  14. alex cooper

    Watched this 4 years ago when i was 17, i was so obsessed and since then i believe that in my age of 22 i Will meet someone and living my life just like this song...

  15. 1OfTheLost

    I've had this song stuck in my head over a year now and I finally found!!!!!!

  16. Daniel Pra

    Big Fan from South East Asia

  17. swarnava karan

    Are gays not accepted in India? Can't we be the passenger of light?

  18. Albern Sultan


  19. Keneth Cuddam

    Bitch ass bitchy bitch...gay ass

  20. See You Then?

    *my inner supper gay self*


  21. Kiwi

    Wish we had lgbt music videos like this when I was a teenager.

  22. Clare

    Omg. Heard this after 5 years 😍 The memories.

  23. Armando Suniga


  24. Emma Sund

    FBI and girly jaylaaaaaaaaa x razzia z benxlily loves DVt

  25. Asad Ali

    LOL, I have just turned 22, and now I am waiting for my future someone to hold my hand 😍😍😍

  26. Nemanja Živojinović

    winner 2012?

  27. Jaime M.

    cc in english or spanish will be fantastic.

  28. Carles Royce

    Forgotten but not lost!

  29. Francoise Installe


  30. Я Натурал

    oh my! amazing

  31. Pearl Vang

    finally found this song

  32. sparkers70

    Eli is so cute.. and has wonderful taste in guys. :D

  33. Ren Gogo

    he's from that gay movie

  34. A Chen

    I've loves this song for at least 3 years now.

  35. coraltuber

    Great production. Love the guitars and voice. Keep going Eli!

  36. Latino Venezolano

    Hi Eli, can you sing more music but in spanish? Grettings from *Venezuela*

  37. Gilvan Narciso


  38. GRIZZLY bear

    ... thanks Eli.

  39. sean kelley

    I love this song and I just want let everyone know there are gay christians because I am one god bless you all and thank for this wonderful song it’s one the few non country or Disney or anime songs I actually like let alone love

  40. Game オタク, food is life


  41. Jimmy John

    Awesome video an song. Love his voice!

  42. Charlie Lai

    Best song and music video EVER ❤️❤️❤️

  43. casual crisis

    trans guy dating a trans guy, both FtM, and it's amazing. he understands me and takes care of me and i know he'll stay by my side for the rest of our lives. i plan on proposing sometime next year around june. i can't wait to marry him. we're truly in love. <3 5/24/19

  44. Harley Parsons

    geo and eli aaaaaaahh

  45. amal Mar

    lovely singer and gorgeous song

  46. Napasnun Sukree

    I like this song

  47. Tesko91

    Dear lord he is attractive!

  48. Rakesh Konthoujam

    Nice song my fav

  49. Marty Hutson

    the guy with the yellow tank top and black jeans is cute also and the guy with red hair and blue shorts and denium shirt is cute too

  50. aardvarkansaw

    This is a great music video and a great song. All the best Eli.

  51. Marty Hutson

    eli lieb and his boyfriend in the video and the moustache guy in the striped tank top and the white bow tie are the three hottest guys in this video

  52. Sahil Merchant

    I love you Eli

  53. Волынская Ольга

    Great video, great voice.❤❤❤love it very much.

  54. Thawichoke Phoemkamlangsub

    More emotion in 2019

  55. melodic symphos

    I thought i could never have a love like that ,five years ago i listen to this being allone and now the whole songs make more sense after having someone to love

    And feeling like i have found my lost puzzel piece.

  56. loard weard

    I’m 16 and now out of the closet, I have listened to this song for two years, this song has helped me through some times reminding me there is hope and it shows me that love story’s are for straight couples, thank you so much Eli

  57. Lisa

    Who is there in 2019?

    Stéphane Bain

    I am here in France listening to this great song! ;)


    I love revisiting this song !!

    Dennis McCain

    Fell in love with this song six years ago❤️

  58. keko kan

    I would like to find a lover who loves me🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  59. Dave

    I'm openly gay but, I like being alone and dont want a relationship I'm happy on my own!! ( the guys in the video are super cute though)

  60. William Zhao

    I wish I could turn gay.

  61. Luiz Henrique

    2019 🏳️‍🌈💕

  62. Nathaniel Essex

    1.9K are homophobic....

  63. Frostbite 29

    No one gonna mind the fact that he’s talking about a man

    Stephen Hitchens

    No one cares. Love is love.

    Frostbite 29

    I’m not saying it’s bad but I’m just asking does no body understand that he’s talking about another dude I’m not gay but I don’t fucking mind he’s gay it’s his life he can do what the fuck he wants

  64. Joshua Rosales

    2019 Anyone?

    Stéphane Bain

    I am here in France listening to this wonderful song! :)

  65. Henz Rae Salisbury

    I just discovered the video and I cried. This is amazing!

  66. alessandrosmartins

    Still love this song and the rock vibe of it.

  67. Christian Manuel

    I really love this video. This song. The message! Thank you. Ughhhh! ♥

  68. thunaung kyaw

    when I was young, I was taken to the dark very often. hehe

  69. naamū elric

    I stalked a random guy from the comments of another song cuz my gaydar sensed him now I'm more confident in my gaydar and with a great song in my playlist

  70. Raymond Voisine

    ld Read My Mindt💝🌿🌻🌷🌹😍💰ETERNALLY<3

  71. Aprikafel Gbp

    Sorry but I shocked you are a gay

  72. 이열인


  73. Imparfait

    This song it’s just a masterpiece for me !! 2019 !

  74. Hamada Gay Jordan

    Very sweet 🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈

  75. LJ Awkward

    This song would be huge now if he released this video in 2019

  76. Iago Acosta

    2019 and it's still one of my favorite songs.

  77. Etienne Rossouw

    You know you are on 8.4 mil. Brilliant song. What else can one say.

  78. Alejandro Esau

    Omg I'm 22 now 😱😱😨😢😏

  79. Appu Karthick Coorg

    Me from india..i love this song always...
    But am alone...noone love me y??

  80. Diamond's Creation

    HE sent me the song for the very first time...❤❤❤😢😢😢

  81. George James

    Who ever disliked this shame on you😊

  82. Oliver Downunder

    Loved this !! Great song great video! Thanks you’re very talented! 😘😘😘

  83. Lhumiere Leighton Diate

    it's 2019 and still love your song's

    love from Philippines 💗💙

  84. Sookraj Shiboo

    Wii nice
    Keep bro😍

  85. Jenifer Arisa

    5 years n I still sing it when Im alone without noticing LMAO

  86. Ivo Nentwich

    Finally a song about love between two men. Why so few? There are millions of songs about love between a man and a woman but so few about gay love. In my native language there is not even a single such song.

  87. Nina Riddle

    Man these guys rock...I d like to party with them 😎🙈

  88. Constantin Lambert Zapp

    Love is fake and pain.

  89. Moises Rodriguez

    I love this song!

  90. Максим Никоноров

    I love this song, very beautiful, listen to everyday!

  91. Max Ernst

    A Decade = 10 Years / A Century = 100 Years / A Millennium = 1000 Years / Together forever = 2 and a 1/2 months. Sad but true. Gay or Straight, doenst matter in these times.

  92. Charla Chamberlain

    8 million 387, 739 views! You are amazing!

  93. Matheus Figueiredo

    Eu amei obrigado por assa omenaje

  94. Douglas Ptacek

    Thank you for being an inspiration to my life.

  95. Apevish Jawa

    I like this song LGBT 🏳️‍🌈

  96. Daniel Puckmore

    Good guy...

  97. Fergie Fergie

    Your sound is gorgeous and unique,👍👍👍I love you!(Your fan from Uzbekistan))