Eli Lieb - All I Wanted Lyrics

Lately I've been looking for you
Cross my fingers that you'll stay awake for me
Hold my breath I'm falling
Underneath I'm dying
And you're closing in on me
I wanna take you I wanna break you

Falling down this black hole road again
There's no way out
I'm naked shaking blood is pounding
You tear me down
You're all I wanted
All I wanted
All I wanted
All I wanted

Lately I've been running circles
Hoping that you'll see me crying out for you
Wait for me I'm crawling
On my knees I'm begging
That you'll stay awake for me
I wanna take you I wanna break you

Falling down this black hole road again
There's no way out
I'm naked shaking blood is pounding
You tear me down
You're all I wanted
All I wanted
All I wanted
All I wanted

I'll close my eyes I'll wait for you
I know you'll hear me crying out
I'll close my eyes I'll wait for you
I know you'll hear me crying out

Falling down this black hole road again
There's no way out
I'm naked shaking blood is pounding
You tear me down
You're all I wanted
All I wanted
All I wanted
All I wanted

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Eli Lieb All I Wanted Comments
  1. Borofono Ingl

    Happy St Valentine's Day! Eli Lieb 😍😘❤️

  2. Julio Cesar Benitez Guerrero

    Always waiting for a feeling like this! Love you Eli! thanks for the music

  3. Aurko Faihan

    It's so so beautiful

  4. Alfalon 000

    İlham sın bizim için 🇹🇷🏳️‍🌈🇹🇷🏳️‍🌈🇹🇷🏳️‍🌈🤗

  5. francis magnago

    King Eli lieb you will surpass Rihanna lady gaga,by 2020 I wish you endless successes you and king of singers your voice delights the world 👑👑👑👑🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💐💐💐💐 #REIELILIEBFOREVER 👑👑👑👑

  6. ras613pa

    Song so great / Vid so good - especially mixing in the footage of others.

  7. Samson Wai

    Thanks Eli. I have been a bit depressed about not having someone in my life... Your story is saying it's possible to find someone eventually... Have been feeling something is missing without a boyfriend...

  8. Ramón Cuelllar


  9. Borofono Ingl

    Hey Eli, when does a new piece of art of yours come out? I can't wait! ☺️❤️

  10. Lalo Rodríguez

    Sweet 🤓

  11. TheMoreton87


  12. TheMoreton87

    Quando vem para o Brasil em São Paulo ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  13. TheMoreton87

    Adorei essa musica !!! 😍

  14. Harris mike Avellano


  15. lewis beldock

    Your video is so great.

  16. Pam Fugate

    Listen every day, all day long. It is so fun and sweet. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and part of your life with the world.

  17. Татьяна Сырлыбаева

    Голос класс да и сам красавчик

  18. Avery Martin

    I love this song and your voice it's Similar to mine. Greetings from Texas

  19. Aldo M

    Sounds like Charlie Puth stole your song on Mother.

  20. Dinh To

    I ❤ it :))

  21. Chester t Hawkins

    love this and love YOU!!!


    Puerto Vallarta? Really? Is in ritmos de la noche, wonderdul

  23. Schnazzy Bear

    The feels are strong 💪

  24. Alpha Wolf_god

    Please do a cover of heal me by lady Gaga from a star is born. I have a feeling you’d kill that song

  25. Peter Joseph O'Brien

    Have it all Eli. From a long time fan, I'm not a fan of the video. Your boyfriend is cute of course. All the best sir.

  26. Anahola Makai

    My husband and I loved seeing our island in a gay video. Glad you two enjoyed visiting Kauai

  27. Jaylon M

    You two are adorable 🥰

  28. A Chen

    This song is half-adorable, half-fun-heartedly soothing, 100% pleasant to listen to. =)


  29. 홍미미

    beautiful SONG ❤
    hello from South korea.🇰🇷

  30. 廖燕滨

    im your big fan from china. Your song is with me in my most difficult times,love you very much.

  31. Jangle brangles

    This so beautiful. The chemistry, the way all of this is put together reminds me of someone special to me. You made a new fan dear. Hope to see many more. I'm addicted to this BTW. Such good beat

  32. Jimmy Real del Castillo

    wooow estuviste en Puerto Vallarta???

  33. Maverick Ang

    I wish you both happiness n love forever.

  34. Toby

    This is so cute!

  35. Pedro M-12013

    My god wait I was just listening very closley at the very beginning when it's like in insert effect you can kind of hear Eli's voice singing 😄✌️

  36. Jzzalf

    Maravilloso. 💜💛 💚 💙.
    Included in my Youtube Canal: PLAYGAY, playlist Nº 424 (visit & subscribe, THX)

  37. ESC FanForever

    Your voice is special and so captivating! Keep making music.
    Much love🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  38. christa

    I just wanna say you two look so sweet <3

  39. lewis beldock

    I am so glad you found your love

  40. Benjamin Lee

    OMG you two are so lovely!!! Greetings from Taiwan & Japan. 🇹🇼🇯🇵🇹🇼🇯🇵

  41. Demon Stone

    As a young gay I aspire to be like you. 💙💯 Keep being a role model for those who aren't so confident much love 💙

  42. Enrique Romero

    I enjoyed every second, surely it was quite a journey in many aspects. Much appreciated that you share it with all of us, thank you lovely Eli and congrats on you being so happy! Hugs.

  43. Александр

    You're beautiful couple. 😃😊👏🏻
    Hello from Russia. 👋🏻

  44. Vitya

    Jeez you always know how to warm my heart :)

  45. Eric Y

    Your voice helped me going through my darkest hours in life. Now I'm truly happy for you, Eli.

  46. ed conger

    Enjoy it while it lasts you're pretty boy looks you only get you so far and once your looks go then what will you have

    Eli Lieb

    ed conger I will have my good soul, my kindness, my positive outlook on life, my compassion for the world and for others, my desire to make this world a better place, and I will have love - love for myself and love for others. I will be who I am and have always been and I will be the same person that drew love into my life. I am who I am, not what I look like. Love is not about looks, love is found in the depths of a person. Looks only get you so far but it’s who you are on the inside that matters, and that will always stay the same.

  47. Abdullah Najjari

    so fresh and nice <3 I love your vocals

  48. MrFreak274

    GOD! This is a very confident song, love u!! <3 Greetings from Mexico.

  49. xadam2dudex

    First video in a while from Eli I've seen ...is this just a video for the song or a real boyfriend ?

  50. charles s. sturdivant

    Good for you & your Boyfrend & This Good Song.

  51. Jen Collins

    This was so beautiful!

  52. Kui Tashi

    So sweet❤️

  53. Bruce Chou

    it' s soooo sweet that make me fall in love again ❤❤❤

  54. Djan Maury YouTube Channel

    😄👏👏👏👏💓Greetings From Brazil 🙏

  55. Adrian Navas

    thanks for this song ^^ , very beutifull

  56. President Dotard

    Your friend (or bf) in the video is so awkwardly weird. It’s almost like he’s trying too hard to be fun. 😂

  57. Thomas C

    There’s so much happiness in your voice when you sing this song. I’m so happy for you, Eli 🥰

  58. Dale Burk Jr.

    OMG yasssss!!!! So happy for y'all!!! So cute!!! <3

  59. chris chamberlain

    Love everything about the video.

  60. dub4ccf

    sooo cute love song!

  61. Dream N

    🌻💛🌞💛🌼Love the first hook 🌼💛🌞💛🌻
    Your AWESOMENESS just amazes me, you are a great inspiration to alot of people, rekindling this passionate light in me to continue my love for art.

  62. Shun Ko

    I love this so much💕
    Voice is beautiful

  63. Jackie Wu

    This is such a lovely song, with adorable video! <3

  64. vincent zhang

    aaaaaaaa so happy for you!!!!!!!!!

  65. amal Mar

    Happy for you Eli ❤️, how Cute you are together



  67. Aphiwe Magaya

    😭😭😭 I feel jealous

  68. Paweł

    I fell in love with this song 🖤
    Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱

    Rafał Harasimiuk

    I thought I'm the only one from Poland here haha :D love that song too!


    @Rafał Harasimiuk Me too :-) 🇵🇱

    Daniel B.

    You're not the only Polish fan LoL :)

  69. Myk & Raffy


  70. fishyking003

    The hope that dreams do come true! It gives me faith that perhaps someday mine will

    Adam.J. Raja

    I live in hope that Dreams do come to... So Perhaps, someday, mine will too... 💕

  71. Blaine Joyce

    ...guy w/ glasses-super hot

  72. Mason Chan

    This music video makes me want to travel the world!! But I am poor AF. Also, you two are so cute together!!

  73. Keylan brunel

    Love your music Eli ; I WISH U ALL THE BEST. I hope you´ll get it all.

  74. Tony Pincham

    Brilliant... what more is there to say

  75. David Bristow

    I like that Song 😊

  76. Gelven Lucia

    You're so cute, I love you 😍😘😍👬

  77. Joseph S

    Wow...that didn't take very much production and that's what makes this video amazing.
    And the song! And his voice!
    Oh Boy...I was missing Eli.

  78. Andri Willy

    Hopefully I will

  79. Mouner and Nero

    I remember my ex boyfriend I’m crying 😢
    I feel hurts now but i like this song Thank Eli 🤗

  80. pilgrim1952

    All I can say is Amen! [And I'm envious of you both.]

  81. Mouner and Nero

    Yass. i love u eli

  82. elphau

    so happy for you!!! :-)

  83. 欧子豪

    Love your song,from🇨🇳

  84. Mayhi Chiu

    So happy to see u again✨

  85. Will FromC

    Is this love? I think so, yo~

  86. Jay

    Happy Pride Month Everyone!

  87. GRIZZLY bear

    ..very good, boys👍

  88. Ivan Eudin

    I’m the thousandth liker. Lol. Just saying.

  89. Night Walker


  90. Vinícius Augusto

    Aww... it is so sweet! It couldn't be more satisfying seeing your face of joy. I lost the count of how long I follow you and admire your work, and you, as human being. Wish you guys the best of life.

  91. anton enero


  92. Jamie G

    So sweet!!

  93. Lee L.

    Love the song!! It's very comfortable and sweet!! Keep going and so happy for you!!!!

  94. Peter Joseph O'Brien

    Eli, Good For You, Pulse and Young Love are just three songs I immediately think of when hearing I Want It All. Cheers.

  95. david cornej

    I love tour songs..!! It makes me feel good... I hope you be happy 4ever.. From Perú..!!

  96. Mike Sawyer

    Yes! Finally new Eli! I really love it.... your voice is music to my ears....

  97. Ang gnalikaD Komento

    My boyfriend and I loves to travel too and take random photos and videos together.

  98. Kaleb Faught

    Finally another video came out. It's been too long. I love your songs