Electric Light Orchestra - Thousand Eyes Lyrics

The night has a thousand eyes
And they're all on you
The night has a thousand ears

Listening to your cries
Let it work it's magic
Let it work it's magic
The night has a thousand eyes

You, you had to slip away
After all that spark
You, said all that you could say
And slipped into the dark
I could not let you go
Alone into the night
I had to let you know

The magic there, in the night air

The night has a thousand eyes
And they're all on you
The night has a thousand ears

Listening to your cries
Let it work it's magic
Let it work it's magic
The night has a thousand eyes

You, somewhere out in the dark
Runs a wounded heart
You, stumbling in the night
In the air of after light
You take along the fears
Did you waste these years
And did they warn you
Of the night zone all alone

Sometimes it takes a fight
To keep everything on track,
And sometimes it takes a starry night
To bring the magic back
This was the time
And this was the place
With starlight on your face
And the moon on the rise
The night has a thousand eyes

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Electric Light Orchestra Thousand Eyes Comments
  1. Eleuterio Franco

    Honest boys

  2. Gusseisern

    best song of the album hands down

  3. Travis Durand

    The amazing Eric Troyer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KIHdeZn0y0

  4. Ivan Dias

    É incrível a voz de Eric Troyer!!!

  5. Mari Ann Ferranti

    Elo part two sounded just like Elo in the 70's. I bought this CD in Frankfurt Germany. Just whish the original band could get back togather


    Not nearly as good. Good, but not amazing.

  6. Celtic Man


  7. Павел Журавлев

    Пожалуй лучшая песня с альбома.

  8. BK007

    Another Troyer composition , I think the sound is more like Yes than ELO 

    Admiral Adama

    I agree. 

  9. Alan Galloway

    Alot of you seem to forget that Jeff was a cofounder of ELO and the best song writer of the group.Knock him all you want for him leaving,but he grew tired of touring and had other projects he wanted to do.And I'm gld he did or their would've never been a Traveling Wilburys period.I like ELO2 also,especially this album,but stop being a dumbass and hating on Lynne because he left.

  10. gremmiehodad

    Is it ELO with Jeff? No, it's different. But I think ELO PT II as wel as Orkestra retained enough elements of ELO that I love it all!

  11. Mike Towner

    ELO did not end when Jeff left.

  12. Sameh Strauch

    @ELOFTW I am in my 50s, so do not class 1991 as old.

  13. Mikkel

    @bunchie1966 If you call 1991 old, then yes.

  14. allaboard70

    This is a superb ELO Part II song. I think the sound is excellent, also with not Jeff Lynne in the band.

  15. Dave Milton

    @FinnMove Love it, but lacks the Jeff Lynne Vocal I'm afraid

  16. Sameh Strauch

    Is this old?

  17. FinnMove

    I think Jeff Lynne should say something about ELO part two. OK it was not equal to the original ELO. But they had some magical songs in thier own way which we didn´t hear in that ELO in which Jeff Lynne was the boss.

  18. FinnMove

    I think this song is the highlight in this album, maybe. The very beautiful album cover and this song belong together, absolutely !

  19. elusivealbums

    When you say this is one of the most beautiful covers, do you mean that ELO Part II is simply performing a song that another band wrote? The only other artist with a song "Thousand Eyes" that I can find is Bobby Vee, and his version is not at all the same.

    Or do you mean the image on the album cover?

  20. FinnMove

    Maybe one of the most beautiful covers in the albums ever. I think this song describes it well.

  21. elusivealbums

    @FinnMove I definitely agree with the "Jeff Lynn forgot about the orchestra" part. That late in ELO's lifetime, I think he wanted to try and get away from the name, but was bound by contract to stick with it.

    I don't know why he put Zoom under the ELO name and not Armchair Theatre, his solo project.

  22. FinnMove

    Yes, it is quite difficult because most of the ELO- fans ignore ELO part two and the Orchestra. I think ELO in Jeff days went in the later days in his rules too far and it was forgotten it was Electric Light Orchestra, though, of course Jeff wrote and produced all their material. Yes, very hard to rate what was correct.

  23. Dave Milton

    This is great, who is the singer, I saw a DVD by them a couple of years ago, on the DVD the singer was the Ex-lead singer of a group call Trixter (Can't remember his name, I saw them live supporting ELO (The Original Band) in 1978. At the show Trixter did a fantastic version of "Live & Let Die" by Wings.

    Mark Wilson

    Dave Milton This is legendary session vocalist Eric Troyer, who has sang on albums with artists such as John Lennon, Meatloaf, Billy Joel, and more! Phil Bates is the lead singer guitarist from Trixster - who bling ELO Part Ii on the 2nd album... "Moment of Truth"

    Travis Durand

    Eric Troyer released an incredible song that was to be included on his self titled album that never happened... one of my favorites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KIHdeZn0y0