Electric Light Orchestra - The Fox Lyrics

I wait till everyone's asleep
Then out into the night I creep
No one can see me now
Or hear me running, soundlessly

The moon's the only light I need
To search for food, young ones to feed
But as the dawn is drawing near the earth, my way's not clear
I'm trapped on the outside

Moonlight save me
Moonlight save me
Moonlight save me
Moonlight save me

Unearthly fear, it grips my skin
Unearthly sound, the hunt begins
I hear excited cries
But dare not look from where I'm hiding

The multi-coloured humans ride
Soon they will find me where I hide
The brown and white tormentors
Begin to howl and then I'm running

Moonlight save me

I cut across the trail I left five miles before
One chance to throw them off my scent but I'm not sure
An elder told me it had worked sometime before

My heart is beating like a drum
I make the ridge, but can't go on
I turn to face my death
But nothing comes to stop me breathing

Down in the clearing now I see
They're searching all around for me
Confusion everywhere
But I am safe up here, I've won, I've won, I've won, I've won, I've won!

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Electric Light Orchestra The Fox Comments
  1. GanarfGeorgie

    Simply beautiful, thank you for this.

  2. Mary Patricia Maughan-otten

    The fox anthem for me. x

  3. torben lyneborg eriksen

    Fox's are great and sweet dogs.

  4. Manuela Voss

    Kelly has song this in Sydney Australia 1995. I have the DVD from this concert. He was so great.

  5. Philip Doyle

    Why not just leave the fox alone ??

  6. tedibair

    Wish I could send this to the Royal Family!

  7. Bruce Warninger

    A great song by Kelly. His imagery on this is sooo gooood!!!! Also, I like how the foxes are the protagonist instead of the villain. (On a side note I think he sounds a little like Ringo. I would love to hear Ringo sing this song.) I think Jeff should have used Kelly more with ELO, both his voice and lyrics. (Side note two: why does anyone put a down vote on this tune??)

  8. smazuga

    good! very nice music! And... I like foxes! =)