Electric Light Orchestra - The Fall Lyrics

I see the early glow, I hear you say hello
I watch the shadows fall, I don't see you at all

It's a lie (I don't believe it's so), it's a lie

I see the autumn rain, falling on my window pane
I hear you say goodbye, I see a tear in your eye

It's a lie (I don't believe it's so), it's a lie
Our love couldn't go wrong, how could I know I was only dreaming
And now, now that you're gone, I will go on really believing
I take the fall

I see you slip away, into another day
There's no-one else around, I watch the sun go down


[Instrumental break]

I take the fall

I see you in a dream, you turn and start to go
I call to you once more, guess that I'm takin' the fall


Our love couldn't go wrong, how could I know I was only dreaming
And now, now that you're gone, I will go on really believing
I take the fall

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Electric Light Orchestra The Fall Comments
  1. Eduardo Miotto

    back in that days when a simple kiss in your high school sweetheart makes you feel the greatest man alive!

  2. Juggalo5588

    What a great song! ELO is the best!

  3. Noelle Patterson

    I am 19 years old... when I was little my mom showed me this movie and I was literally obsessed with it. I probably watched it once a week. I wanted to be Keira soooo bad. Listening to this is so nostalgic.

  4. heidi crosby

    loved this movie as a teenager, and looked at it last yr. still love it now @ 43. this and dont walk away were my 2 favourite songs.the movie is the great. makes u believe in love, and that dreams come true, though in reality it's different. RIP Gene kelly. you are missed.

  5. rklingsmithjr

    this is my favorite e.l.o. song. the movie was so so, but the soundtrack is amazing.....

  6. lobmo

    This movie was nothing more than the most underrated soundtrack in history. Jeff Lynne and John Farrar are musical Gods! But Kaffyboy is right, it's the closest thing to Angelic music I have ever heard....

  7. Zucca Xerfantes

    Love this movie and this is one of my favorite songs from it ^_^

  8. jeepgirlie70

    I loved this movie! : )

  9. Teva Bruce

    the power of this song is just incredible..specially at the instrumental break..it's dramatic & totally wonderful,thank you for uploading this..the accompanying photo & video capture montage is brilliant!

  10. deidra dimopoulos

    i was young. defined my life. parents divorced. met my new step mother to be. they dropped us off at the movie. and it was great, love the music love the movie.gives me oose bumps to this day. and im 43. goes to show the music has the power?

  11. artebizdemenzen

    play it, again, and again, and again..

  12. Sweetdream73

    ooh yeah! this is the song makes me sing most

  13. EL0phile

    jeff's got the best and most versatile voice - kelly and him seriously sound so good together on this song that it makes my brain go all fuzzy.

  14. insidehollowheart

    Finnally found this song, thanx 4 posting, ME LUV U LONG TYME ;D

  15. starladodge4

    @MrsWuwu I AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S MY #1 FAVORITE MOVIE AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I've seen it so many times!! I just saw it on the Ovation channel for the billion time!!!!!!!!!!

  16. starladodge4

    This is my favorite song out of the movie!!!!!!!!!! Xanadu is my favorite #1 movie!!!!!!!!!! I just got through watching it for the billion time on the Ovation channel!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dricalaz

    What a wonderful voice! What musicians !!!!! What movie !!!!! I love it!

  18. Kaffyboy

    This movei would have to be one of the most underrated films of all time. It was a huge flop, but the music sounds like it was produced in Heaven by Angels!

  19. shadowraven6

    I just love this movie and Elo they rock!!!!

  20. 36hcupsizeandgrowing

    @videopedestrian yes he rollerblades through the wall, but you have the heart to see the purpose.. anything for true love.....