Electric Light Orchestra - Second Time Around (Demo) Lyrics

I will light your way tonight
I'll love you a second time around
Come with me I'll show you all
I'll love you a second time around

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Electric Light Orchestra Second Time Around (Demo) Comments
  1. Joe Turner

    What a great song that should have been finished. What's really creepy is, I'm such the ELO fan that I can hear the entire arrangement, with Bev's big drums and the huge orchestral arrangement, that would have accompanied this track. More words (or verses), a bridge and we're all set.

  2. Recorderboy223

    This song resonates with me in ways that few things ever have. This song is somber and sad, while at the same time calming and nostalgic. The fact that this song is incomplete only adds to that feeling.

    The imagery that sticks with me is, for some unknown reason, death. Death can be scary and unknown, and we may fear it, but our time will come. And when it does, Death will be there to guide us, light our way, ease you into the next plane, whatever that may be. It's not scary, or painful, it's a gentle transition to the next phase, allowing you to reflect on your past life.

    Death is waiting at the door, patiently waiting for you to give your loved ones your final words. You reassure them that you will love them in the next phase of existence, or "The Second Time Around". No matter where, what, or when, you will find them in your second time around, and you will be together again.

    You have made your peace. Death takes you by the hand and gingerly leads you away into the night, lighting your way through the darkness. A somber, calming transition into your second time around.

    That's the imagery for me at least. A very beautiful, sad, and somber song, with warm, positive undertones. Shame this wasn't completed.

    Telegothika Telgothika

    Yep, i got that from this too. It's got a really creepy vibe to it. Which is odd as Discovery has no weird songs on it or ones with heavy themes. The darker vibe on this though is closer to songs like Fire On High. It's odd though as the actual tune and way its played is really warm and fuzzy, so theres no indication it should be received as something associated with darkness and such.


    @Telegothika Telgothika I always thought it had something to do with the overall sound of the vocals, and the unfinished raw vibe this song gives off. This song sounds rough around the edges to me due to the fact that it is unfinished. Their is also some dissonance in the harmony of the vocals, and the vocals sound "raw", probably because they didn't bother to mix, synthesize and equalize the music. Kinda gives off the same vibe as walking through an unfinished building. The song is also very short and quickly fades away into nothing, which can have a mysterious effect. The fact that I couldn't find any information on this piece online other than it was an unfinished track for Discovery adds to the mystery. Love the hell out of it, wish Jeff Lynne or some other musician would finish it.

  3. DudemanSwede

    Jeffrey goes Wilson! <3

  4. Jason Paul Elder

    I know that one band came before the other - but, this short, wonderful song sounds like something the band, Jellyfish, would have recorded for their Spilt Milk LP.

  5. WontedCurve232

    Electric Light Orchestra - Indian Queen (demo) album - Flashback

  6. Joseph Franc

    After many years of listening to this song and wondering why and what it was that kept it from ever being finished, my father took the liberty to finish it himself. Pretty damn good as well I think. Hopefully someone brings this up to Lynn in an interview


    Joseph Franc Maybe it could be uploaded to YouTube? I’d love to hear it!

    Joseph Franc

    Jaid Cortez Maybe we will. I'll bring it up to him


    @Joseph Franc you should definitely still upload it if youve got the file

    Joseph Franc

    @krefix We are still sitting on it. I'll see with him

    Joe Bailey

    @Joseph Franc Please upload it!! I'd love to hear it too

  7. Mario Domínguez

    Este tema pareciera que surge de otra realidad ajena a la nuestra, es maravilloso.

  8. Clarissa McPigeon

    Was this song ever finished? If so then please release the full version!

    Danny Drumplayer

    No it wasn't; what a pity.


    Is that definitely known? Or is it just kept somewhere in a vault?

    Dave France

    This song is complete
    It says it all really truth be told.....

  9. 佐藤明

    this song reminds me of my youth.

  10. Lorkhanable

    This along with Dark City deserves to be full songs, they are so short yet so sweet.

    Alexander Lowry

    Dark City is so haunting. I wish we had a full version.

    Zephram Foster

    I couldn't help but notice your profile pic and name. Morrowind is my all time favorite game, and ELO is my favorite band... Weird coincidence. Anyway, awesome stuff! Glad to find someone else with great taste lol

  11. frenly Neybur

    Why is it soo long?

  12. Mario alberto Domínguez Acosta

    Maravillosa. me embelesa tanto surrealismo.

  13. Telegothika Telgothika

    I find this track to be wonderfully creepy and warmly nostalgic. I love these whimsical song-fragments from the Discovery album.

    The sound and lyrics of this little song remind me of a chocolate-box style mid-19th century town, with a similarly dressed person holding a small lantern and beckoning passers-by into a mysterious alleyway next to an olde-worlde pub called The Second Time Around. What happens next could be charming or could be horrific. At least that's what I've filmed to appear with this track, for a music video. :-)

    "I will light your way tonight
    Oh second time around
    Come with me, I'll show you all
    Oh I want you second time around"


    *Oh i want you second time around".

    The Telegothika

    @Wakayama Ahhh, thanks!