Electric Light Orchestra - On The Run Lyrics

Whatever I do,where-ever I go,the same afterglow
Is keepin' me low,don't wanna lose it,
But don't wanna stay here too long.

They see you go by,I tell you no lie,
You're up in the sky,make everyone cry,
Don't wanna lose it,but don't wanna stay around here.

I'm on the run again
But it's like what they say when it happens this way
You gotta do it again and again.

I hear them talkin' and they go on and on,they think that
Nothing is wrong,and so they just carry on about you,
Don't wanna lose it,but I gotta move out of here.

I see them waiting there for most of the day,I known
You asked them to stay but they just won't go away.
Don't wanna lose it,but I gotta do it again.

[Repeat Chorus]

I know it ain't real,but when you are near,
You're saying the things that I wanna hear.
Don't wanna lose it,but I gotta do it again.

[Repeat Chorus]

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Electric Light Orchestra On The Run Comments
  1. John Gowan

    I love this song it’s awesome and works well with any song in your mind.🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬

  2. Antonio Fombuena Vidal

    Me encantan estos tipos,q grandes son,Bravo Jeff...

  3. Vectrex DB

    Never understood the hate for this album within the ELO-fandom. It's a masterpiece and my favorite ELO-album.

  4. Nicholas Kovacs

    Aaahh yes another great tune from discovery....honourable mention to kels bass work😎😎😎

  5. Jigger2361

    let's get up and dance!!!!!!

    Paul Outdoors

    Oh... Go on then 😊

  6. Mike Ferrara

    love this music so much...

  7. KatZap

    This right here is why discovery is the best. ELO isn’t good cause of nostalgia, hell my dad was a kid when this stuff came out. ELO is good because it has catchy tunes and a distinct sound to it. No other artist has what ELO had. It’s amazing

  8. Brinkle Johnson

    Great end to a great album!

    Jack Peplow

    Great end to a great song, but this was not the last song on the album, Don't Bring Me Down was ;)

  9. 1pollox


  10. NightIsRight

    Would this song be considered disco

    Rudy Overlord

    NightIsRight Probably not, although it’s some great pop rock!

  11. Patrick McKenna

    tears in eyes. beautiful

  12. andrew clark

    Correction Aladdin was purportedly east Asian not “oriental”

  13. Aleksandra Zalewska

    Stay aiRRound..

  14. jasminne mcdonald

    Great song for running.

  15. Spike 32

    Hey guys, if you're ever driving and being directly chased by the police, you MUST play this song in the car. If you don't, well then... that would be the real crime here!

    mark s

    That comment right there just won you the internets son!

  16. James Farrell

    Run around

  17. Scorpion Sword


  18. Ruth Linington

    OMG the memories!

  19. 百田仁美



    the album Discovery the best of ELO



  21. Gintautas Jurgelevicius

    My favorite band in scool yers

  22. Ken Klein

    The end of the song absolutely made the tune: a great use of string! Sadly, Jeff was in the process of abandoning the strings, and on Discovery we hear the results as much of the album was sub par.


    It's all relative. There's plenty of great material on this LP and it was a pretty influential synth-pop record.

  23. Francesc Vidal

    Esta cancion mejoraria mucho cantada por Ana Torroja.

  24. Francesc Vidal

    Estos es la voz de los Beatles con el ritmo de Mecano.

  25. Pam Alexander

    Heard it on Pandora yesterday after decades!! So now Im here!

  26. jasminne mcdonald

    Wow! What instruments did they use for this song?


    Apart from the usual strings, Richard Tandy was behind his shiny new Yamaha CS-80 keyboard, state of the art at the time.

    rj zander

    @JBofBrisbane just said the drum Loop for the song is the same as in Don't Bring Me Down except he compress the hell out of it

    Rudy Overlord

    Jeff Lynne - Lead and backing vocals, Les Paul guitar, acoustic guitar
    Richard Tandy - Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer, piano
    Kelly Grocutt - backing vocals, bass guitar
    Bev Bevan - drums

    Mik Kaminski and company: string section

  27. Horst Bronk

    Jeff are one Genie !

  28. LOTW Studios

    One day I'm making an action movie and I'm going to fill it with ELO songs!

    Peter Frank

    I'd make any kinds of movie with ELO songs on its soundtrack.

  29. Jan Swancar

    "Discovery" die beste "Scheibe" von ELO ich liebe sie !!!! und selbstverständlich gehört noch "Time" dazu! <3

  30. Marvin Aviles

    This is so nice, feel like heaven when i listen to this Song..

  31. Richard Fairbairn

    Run around gotta go gotta run around.

    Shane's Trains57

    Run around gotta go gotta run

  32. ELPFAN Jahrling

    EPIC !!

  33. Francisco J. Rodríguez


  34. Lili Sempre

    Caminhando ate a escola ....tantos sonhos

  35. Irene Hebok


  36. Héctor Barrionuevo

    tremendo tema!!

  37. Ciudad

    Whatever I do, where-ever I go, the same afterglow Is keepin' me low, don't wanna lose it, But don't wanna stay here too long. They see you go by, I tell you no lie, You're up in the sky, make everyone cry, Don't wanna lose it, but don't wanna stay around here. [CHORUS] I'm on the run again But it's like what they say when it happens this way You gotta do it again and again. I hear them talkin' and they go on and on, they think that Nothing is wrong, and so they just carry on about you, Don't wanna lose it, but I gotta move out of here. I see them waiting there for most of the day, I known You asked them to stay but they just won't go away. Don't wanna lose it, but I gotta do it again. [Repeat Chorus] I know it ain't real, but when you are near, You're saying the things that I wanna hear. Don't wanna lose it, but I gotta do it again. [Repeat Chorus]

    rj zander

    Jeff said this is the same drum Loop for Don't Bring Me Down he just compressed it

  38. Dave Young

    Fantastic ending to this tune. Makes you want to play it time after time. ... run around got to go, got to run around Womannnnn .... love it

    James Farrell

    It is my favorite part.
    I play it again and again.

  39. Mario Domínguez

    ELO es simplemente fantástico, su música indiscutiblemente es arte en su mas alta expresión. Jeff eres el mejor.

    Alpha Will

    Dugez TV indeed

    Nombre de la cuenta de marca

    Richard Tandy ¡fantástico! El tecladista de la banda es una cosa fenomenal en este tema!!! Te recuerda a los sonidos de los Arcade Games. Richard junto a Jeff fueron un gran duo de tecladistas!!!

    La Mayonesa Elotera

    @Nombre de la cuenta de marca jeff es un genio para componer musica pero no pudo haberlo hecho sin richard ni los demas

  40. Ken Lambert

    memories - love it ! cool post. thx !

  41. Christopher Britt

    My fav ELO song from one of their best albums!

    rj zander

    Jeff Lynne said the drum Loop in this song is the same drum Loop in Don't Bring Me Down except he compressed it way down to change the sound and that he wrote and recorded the whole song by himself and the studio and he said he never said Bruce in the song it was groose just a word he made up as the time Mark in the song he was recording and then left it in as Bruce later due to powers that be

    Shane's Trains57

    It was also the first ELO song to not use strings

  42. andres van persie

    nice song

  43. Hugo Sady Ayala Ayala

    graphical mode of musically to say: running!

  44. Randy Gee

    my Favorite

  45. Van Halen

    I love the end of this song. The whole album was great, ELO is one of my favorite bands!

    Hugo Sady Ayala Ayala

    Van Halen 5151: Inside!

    Nombre de la cuenta de marca

    Yeah brother this song reminds you the arcade games for the sound.

  46. Dovahkiin

    This is great

  47. сергей бугаев

    видео 1979 года.давайте серьёзно кто это.

  48. genera28

    really gotta go and buy a needle for my old turntable


    no, not yet, will try first other options


    +Elderzeth Dear YouTube user, finally I got the needle for my 30-year-old turntable through a local store. It works really fine and omg the sound is like no other! Now I can listen to my old records again. I feel very happy and I wanted to share it with you and say thank you again, for taking the trouble to encourage me and try and give a helping hand. Some things take time :)


    Hah, you remembered this post!



    Otter's Vintage All-Sorts

    Cassete master race.

  49. Marcelo Lima

    Como jamás se hará... :-/

  50. David Yusti

    Que banda tan espectacular buena music