Electric Light Orchestra - Midnight Blue Lyrics

I see the lonely road that leads so far away,
I see the distant lights that left behind the day
But what I see is so much more than I can say
And I see you midnight blue.

I see you cryin' now you've found a lot of pain,
And what you're searchin' for can never be the same,
But what's the difference cos' they say what's in a name.
And I see you midnight blue.

I will love you tonight,and I will stay
By your side,lovin' you,I'm feelin' midnight blue.

I see you standing there far out along the way,
I want to touch you but the night becomes the day,
I count the words that I am never gonna say
And I see you midnight blue.

[Repeat Chorus]

Can't you feel the love that I'm offering you,
Can't you see how it's meant to be,
Can't you hear the words that I'm saying to you,
Can't you believe like I believe,
It's only one and one it's true
Still I see you midnight blue.

I see beautiful days and I feel beautiful ways
Of loving you,everything's midnight blue.

[Repeat Chorus]

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Electric Light Orchestra Midnight Blue Comments
  1. Raul Castro

    Hoy tengo 52 abriles y esta música me transporta a mi niñez cuando vivía en el campo no sabia nada de grupos musicales pero si Elo me trae recuerdos de mi querido sur de chile 2020 aun los escucho desde mi Chile amado gracias elo 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  2. rik wall

    DISCOVERY what a briiliant album from a brilliant group

  3. Paul Gabolinscy

    Love this

  4. Virginia Nightigale

    my No# 1 favourite Song in the 80's till now I Used to sing this to my Husband it makes me Cry when ever I Lessened to this Song X X

  5. Александр Замаруев

    Волшебная музыка. Спасибо, Жеф!

  6. Antonio Peña Peña

    Obra Maestra.

  7. Bonnie Hicks

    The first time I heard ELO they were the opening band for Deep Purple. I thought they were fantastic, and will become very popular. I'm so glad that I was right. I'm so glad they are still preforming and writing wonderful music!!

  8. Wendel Madriaga

    I love that song,🥰

  9. Sangwook Son

    I’m 47. When I feel the heavyweight of my life, this “midnight blue” sends me back to the past when i needed to put a cassette tape into the player to listen my favorite songs and pushed “rewind” button several times to listen that song again.

  10. roberto rodriguez

    Que buen grupo, me recuerdo los hermosos 70's, grandes canciones, grandes temas, a veces injustamente olvidados como este, con bastante poca difusión. ELO muy buenos interpretes.

  11. Marce Blues

    genial temazo temon

  12. LeBron James-Taco Tuesday in China

    Damn, this song is just.....too good. AH~~~

  13. Paul Outdoors


  14. Андрей Водяшкин

    Впервые услышал Electric Light Orchestra с альбомом Discovery, с тех пор обожаю Э.Л.О,собрал на виниле почти все.Великая группа!!! Jeff Lynne ГЕНИЙ!!!Здоровья Вам Jeff!!!

  15. Albin Bryzek

    i love them.Still,I did not expect so much interest

  16. 임해권

    I have that album... This recall my young... goooood music..

  17. Sergey Postnov

    Живая...., вечная классика, никто не повторит, все любят, кто понимает..... дышит, кто поймет... завидую! Living...., eternal classic, nobody will repeat, everyone loves, who understands..... breathes, who will understand... I envy!

  18. yourmom705

    massive head bang 2:35

  19. Paul McCharmly

    this is so fucking true

  20. Q's Stores

    I seem to appreciate this song so much more when I listen to it at night.

    Paul McCharmly

    Feeling midnight blue?


    Remember my uncle jorge....

  22. jonathan bender

    Jeff Lynne is the best song writer since Lennon and McCartney.

  23. Lorraine Hall

    My Scottish penfriend Audrey played this song on a tape she sent to me in the mail.. My first time hearing.. And i loved it..

  24. Hugo Sady Ayala Ayala

    ....los recuerdos

  25. Pedro Plasencia

    02:35 Bee Gee's moment

    leopoldo batz


  26. SMN Vo

    I love their song “ I need her love”, sweet lyrics.

  27. SMN Vo

    It was in the 80’s and I lived in California, I knew the music of ELO then...

  28. Noelia Belen Campo.

    Que lindo !!!...❤️

  29. Juan Carlos López

    hay melodias, hay canciones que son como las estrellas del cielo, como los arboles del bosque. me llenan el corazon de amor y ganas de levantarme para que juntos nos movamos y salvemos las maravillas que nos rodean y que nunca pidieron que les hagamos tanto mal hay refranes asi que me ponen melancolico y me dan ganas de ser positivo El dia que me valla quiero que queden los pajaros, las flores el mar la nieve los elefantes y los leones los ninos los arco iris los musicos los pezes hombres y mujeres palmeras ..........y mucho amor

  30. David Maholchic

    Love love love dust off this jem

  31. 만주벌판

    명곡! 페미 국회의원 낙마

  32. Gahra Khoren

    Quisiera que vengan a Perú

  33. peter podstanický

    it is amazing forever

  34. Mario Bahlin

    I really want to listen to these kind of music with the one I love.

  35. Rob Ricci

    Paul McCartney once said that if The Beatles continued they would sound like ELO.

    Linda Anderson

    Nooo I doubt that. Paul died back in the 60's I believe. I've always said Hey! Will the real Paul Please stand up?!

  36. gennaro sergio eros

    This is good music,masterpiece 🤗😊🙂🌹🌹🌹

  37. Carmencita Urzua

    Uno de los mejores grupos, si no el mejor,según mi preferencia.

  38. Consuelo Velazquez

    ELO 😍

  39. Marco antonio Rodriguez

    Descubriendo lo de e.l.o!

  40. Carlomario Morales

    Escuché por primera vez Electric Light Orchestra en 1980 a los 3 años.Hoy a mis 42 mi hijo de 12 lo disfruta tanto como yo.

  41. HGST

    Can't you feel the love that I'm offering you?
    Can't you see how it's meant to be?
    Can't you hear the words that I'm saying to you?
    Can't you believe like I believe?
    It's only one and one, it's true
    Still I see you in midnight blue

  42. scissors65

    2 great songs from the 70s with this title.


    Melissa Manchester

  43. Alqueeneeeo zzz

    this song provokes a feeling on me that brings me back in past wherein i wasnt born on

  44. Black Venom

    🎶🎵 🎧

  45. giancarlo beidda

    Semplicemente stupenda mi fa ancora sognare

  46. Beto Prado

    I will....

  47. Magical Moments

    Midnight blue

  48. Anna Serrano

    *In a British accent, "That was a bloddy good song!!"


    'bloody'. ;)


    @crowhillian58 stop beehin sow picky

  49. Melinda Grosch

    This song seems to have a message about being present, ever aware. I think...yes I think thats right.

  50. kipp carver

    I kinda forgot the massive amounts of hits they had....and even more surprised about all the lyrics I remembered. THIS band.... and The Eagles.....are my all time favorites and..... I know again WHY!

  51. Serotonine Dopamine

    Love this album !

  52. Roger Cugley

    Still listening to this amazing song and artist in April 2019

  53. diMwaNagin Sulaiman

    this is a unique song during those time its just my opinion
    since iwas born in 1999 idont know why i enjoy listening to 80s and to this type of music 🕰

    Paul Outdoors

    Because it is great, timeless.... 😊

  54. philip tucci

    Magnificent Masterpiece from the legendary Jeff Lynne & ELO

  55. alma andres

    Monster Radio RX 93.1

  56. alma andres

    99.5 Play FM!

  57. Marco Latapiatt Vasquez

    Que recuerdos mas bellos......pero sin tristeza .

  58. Axl Heisenberg

    that Bee Gees-style break at 2:35 ❤️

  59. Im only happy when it rains

    this song gives me shivers. discovery is my fav album. have lots of memories listening to this as a 13 year old

  60. Adrian


  61. samira zarate

    this song I like to listen to it when it's night seeing the stars in my window

  62. Silvina Farra

    midnight blue & confusión. ..adoro 2019

  63. leomen

    Wonderful song... ELO Great band !!!

  64. Hippie Kid

    My mom and dad both grew up to this band, and now I am ❤❤

    Paul Outdoors

    Impeccable taste 😊👍

  65. BL Ranch

    I was 9 when this album came out. I’ve dug it ever since.

  66. Bipbop66

    "I count the words that I am never going to say" 😔

  67. J.P Catipayalamparo


  68. claudia beatriz rodriguez

    Gracias por subir el album!!! Yo lo tuve en vinilo y en C D y perdi' los dos !!!!!😍👍💕💕

  69. TheTanthius

    In 1979 I was 15 yrs old. My dad heard this and instantly fell in love with it!! He became an ELO fan. My own kids love this band also. Timeless and excellent.

  70. Tony Klimavicius

    Thank You, thank You so much-beautiful indeed. You overstand something in early 80st-Whoom🚀🎆7️⃣for7️⃣Thanks

  71. Ana Clara

    I Love this song😍😍

  72. Javier Schwindt

    There's no longer music like this

  73. Jon Gowan

    I m 73 years old.ya that old. This song is fantastic and amazing I’ve been around as long as E.L.O.has been sing I truly love 💕 Jeff Lynne’s music.his magic music and voice.ya none other.

    Youngsik Oh

    We have same taste for music.. wish you keep healthy

    Mamabuzi 2

    We're lucky growing up in an era that had the best of the best! <3

    Richard Marin

    I am 34 and I prefer music from 70s and 80s, ELO is one of my favorites bands

  74. andrew anderson

    I actually almost died several time's , I actually heard music in stereo as I went through my trauma in near death experiences. My doctors at the time told me I was about to cross over. I seen that the light of day seemed 10 times brighter than usual, And It was beautiful.😊

    andrew anderson

    Music is very therapeutic😊

  75. Mack Sarnie

    This album was good but it was too short

  76. Maria Ortiz

    Used to listen to this song over and over again. Love the music, lyrics, everything about it!!

  77. Lori MacBeth

    ELO is magical...

  78. inspirationjane69

    Beautiful song.
    Soulful and powerful voice.
    前幾天看音樂劇「Hedwig and the Angry Inch」

  79. Bruno Spandonari


  80. Emy Navarro

    Maravilloso mis mejores recuerdos de juventud

  81. njdkidd1231

    Traffic has a song called Evening Blue. Just as beautiful as this one. Winwood and Lynne, both living legends still performing at age 70.

  82. Joaquín José Martínez Pérez

    con la elo las noches siempre son azules

  83. Milena Romanini

    Beautiful song but 😭

  84. Bill Wellington

    Let's start a petition to get Jeff Lynne knighted.

  85. Narc Rivera

    my favorite,someone can remember me to this song,,,,

  86. Rjss

    My god I cannot forget.

  87. David Ahn

    Miss my old LP

  88. Joanna Kuraszkiewicz

    Magic! 😃

  89. violeta eleonora

    So beautiful!

  90. philip tucci

    Hall of Fame music from Jeff Lynne & ELO

  91. fran h

    a certified bop 😔😔

  92. Juan Luis Sanchez


  93. Miguel Nievas

    Espectacular hermoso tema que épocas de Argentina saludos

  94. Miss Nic

    The voice...just incredible, perhaps Roy Orbison could be in the running, but surly no one else. Does anyone know if Lynn had formal training?

  95. Music Lover


  96. Manos Mastorakos

    Nostalgic youth memories,Athens, Christmas late '70s, listening this song.

  97. 홍천기

    그냥 천재.....