Electric Light Orchestra - Just For Love Lyrics

Falling through the endless sky
The signals dance upon the twilight
Calling out to reach someone
Who waits there in the lonely night

Just for love
Just for love

Soon beyond the melting clouds
The light will shine on everyone
That waits there in the silver rain
To meet the golden sun

Just for love
Just for love
Just for love
Just for love

I came a long way 'cross the water
Came a long way to get here
Round and round in great big circles tryin' to ease my fear
Out in all the mysteries and distant new tomorrows
There goes another one don't know which way the wind blows

Just for love
Just for love
Just for love
Just for love

Love... we're gonna get it right
Just for love
We're gonna get it together
We're gonna get it right
Just for love
We're gonna get it together
We're gonna get it right

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Electric Light Orchestra Just For Love Comments
  1. Iona Magee

    an absolute gem of a song from a criminally underrated album

  2. geoff JONES

    beautiful song

  3. mjobermeyer09

    This song sounds like it could have been on Discovery especially when you listen to the chord progressions.

  4. Kolbey Cam

    Wish I wrote this album

  5. John Gowan

    Outstanding music for the the love of it.💗💗♥️♥️♥️💗🌹🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Ola Pi

    I love this song. Poland❤

  7. Nico XSi

    Sonido Beatle 100% garcias por tanto Jeff!!!!!!

  8. claramb01

    I need more people to listen to this

  9. Baryonyx Fischkralle


  10. pinkrudy

    best track on this album.

    GOTHAM #1

    pinkrudy nice Floyd album pfp

  11. John Walter

    Amazing  Arrangement and Sound

  12. Spud Johnsonn

    It's amazing how he recaptured the 70's sound In this song !

  13. Nils Olav Kilen

    This is easily my favorite from that album.

  14. robert glenn

    Oh, see we have a solitary imbecile up in the like or not column

  15. Bernie Crackers

    That echo bit after he sings "wind blows" MAGICAL!

  16. Sylvia Gernitz



    Jeff Lynne es el 5º Beatle, sin duda.. FANTÁSTICO!!

  18. Adam

    Just for loveeeeeeeee

    Epameinondas Triantafyllou

    Just for loooooove

  19. James D. Wheeler

    easily one of his best and its good to know that he is still putting out Quality and staying true to the Elo sound!

  20. Bart Gori


  21. Ohiohillbilly80

    This song reminds me of "Alone Again" + "Uncle Albert" = Good Stuff !!!!

  22. ronnie ragona

    When Jeff writes any love song its f'n beautiful.. Grabs ya by the heartstrings and takes right into the tune .. This is a perfect example of a song that should be well known ..the guy is a legend

    Stephen Naccarelli

    Agreed :D


    +ronnie ragona I have been an ELO fan since I heard their first stateside top 40 hit "Roll over Beethoven". ELO catalog is deep and fans always have their favorite cuts and this is one for me also.

  23. farbkasten1

    ELO - ZOOM studio

  24. Evan H

    WHY isn't this album on spotify??

    William Hester

    It is now!

  25. yaniv levy

    i love it !!!!!!!

  26. Fortune Days

    @PharaohArcus Yes, i'm uploading the full album now! and i'll try my best to fix that song =)