Electric Light Orchestra - I'm Alive Lyrics

I'm alive - and the world shines for me today
I'm alive - suddenly I am here today
Seems like forever (and a day), thought I could never (feel this way)
Is this really me? I'm alive, I'm alive

I'm alive - and the dawn breaks across the sky
I'm alive - and the sun rises up so high
Lost in another world (far away), never another word (till today)
But what can I say? I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

[Instrumental break]

Suddenly came the dawn (from the night), suddenly I was born (into light)
How can it be real? I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

I'm alive - and the world shines for me today
I'm alive - suddenly I am here today
Seems like forever (and a day), thought I could never (feel this way)
Is this really me? I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

[Instrumental break]

I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

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Electric Light Orchestra I'm Alive Comments
  1. Lorraine Wilson


  2. Cultura e Vendas 2015

    Mágica pura!
    Minha infância total!!!!!

  3. Mark Thomas

    Sandal Bergman along with Ann
    Reinking we're the best dancers of their generation. Here's S.B. in her early prime.

  4. timthelamb

    Nice ending to the video.

  5. mike stubbs

    Super top number from ELO!!

  6. Валерий Щукин

    ЭЛО лучший рок н рол.

  7. E.W. "SquErl" Tiffin -E3PercussionPRO

    The one lady was doing something very similar to a tai'chi movement.

  8. Nik Lel

    Such a beautiful ode to life!

  9. LicocoS

    Tuve este disco en vinilo y sonaba muy bien.

  10. Lauren Kirley

    I was 12 when I first saw this. My Dad bought me the soundtrack for Christmas in 2006 and I listened to that before I saw the movie. I got the movie and it’s one of my favourites. I’m now 24 and this movie and my Dad introduced me to a great band: ELO.

  11. Patrick Brown

    Sounds like a collaboration between George Harrison & Brian Wilson. Excellent!

  12. n9wff

    From the Xanadu movie soundtrack, released summer 1980. Other hits included All Over the World by ELO, Xanadu and Magic, both sung by Olivia Newton-John, back up by ELO.
    Joke is the first ten albums sold beat the money made in theaters.

  13. Arcenia Ibarra

    La mejor banda...

  14. Kung Fury

    Как то жутко все это выглядит)

  15. Rogelio Cuellar

    Sandahl Bergman so beautiful wow♥️

  16. Trey Wax

    2nd chick is hot

  17. Rick Garcia

    I hated when ELO went disco! Aaaaaffgggghhhh!! I'm outta here.

  18. Suelynn Russell

    I Remember Seeing This At my local cinema back then and I did of chores and Yard Work to Raise enough money just to buy this Soundtrack and I still have it to this Day, I'll Always love it.😍🤘🏻🤘🏻

  19. RedLP5000S

    Olivia Newton John, the most beautiful woman that God has ever created.

  20. Carlos Daniel Alegre

    ELO! Grande entre los mejores!!

  21. Gar Lowe

    Ultimately that turned out much better than the last time he was hit by somebody on roller skates

  22. Amado Olvera

    Como me recuerda a una estación de radio,universal 107.3,fm,la escuchaba en sueños y aveces en las tardes,saludos desde Xochimilco Ciudad de México.

  23. Геннадий П


  24. Ser Willians El grito

    1.- Pon pausa y "Mute".
    2.- Abre otra pestaña con esto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV0_-IB0MrE
    3.- Ahora vuelve a iniciar el video de este canal.

  25. Drobium77

    amazing what Ready Brek can do

  26. Alberto Chirinos

    ...best song to wake up and start the day....

  27. hiphoptelahmati fatumbrutumamorfati

    akibat RCTI ku kesini...

  28. Davey Givens

    3:21 That girl does a 360 spin running up stairs. Think about that.

  29. Emiliano Landavazo

    Enero 2020 Xanadú ..lo mejor para mí elo..no me canso de ver la película..

  30. Gloria Pedraza

    Woow 👍😍 yo tenía 9 añitos y siempre escucho está canción en Radio Universal FM , muchos recuerdos de mí mi niñez 😘😍👍👌👏👏👏👏

  31. Monica Bocchiardo


  32. Laura Viveros

    Aqui faltó el ballet de Karen Connolly

  33. HoldenSurfer Girl

    This makes me want to be eight years old again and roller skating in Sydney .. now at forty six it still sings to my Soul, and makes me dream ❤️❤️❤️

  34. kernriver1967

    Great band...sad they had short life..

  35. TheRubberStudiosASMR

    this song makes you feel good to be alive

  36. Patrick Bartolotto

    oh this is from the movie xanadu.

  37. David Jay


  38. Anthony Ryan Angie

    The Chez Rocker mix on YouTube

  39. Pury Ibacache

    Por esta canción me gustaba esta película 🤩🤗😎.

  40. Ev Washington

    Someone is following me. . .Haha

  41. Anthony Coca

    I’ve always loved the movie Xanadu, but I especially love the soundtrack with it being the first album I ever bought when I was just 10 years old. Over the years I have watched this scene countless times, but only today noticed that Olivia is barely moving about and dancing far less than the other muses joyfully spinning and leaping all around her, giving her “aliveness” the dulled appearance of merely being awake.....

  42. Claudio alejandro Santis lara


  43. John Mendoza

    Gotta love the lste 70's early 80's cause I'm alive.😳😃👍😁🕺🕺


    1980 :-p

  44. Flower Girl

    Love the choreography!

  45. Malcolm Watt

    79 was the year I was murdered in a Pentecostal Church. Wish I had gone to Xanadu instead.

    Davey Givens


    Malcolm Watt

    @Davey Givens The PC murder was a major conspiratorial event and Xanadu is a fantasy. The fantasy would have been better.

  46. SeanP7195

    1979-1980 Los Angeles, most people there had not a care in the world and it was a great time to be alive. If they only knew how good they had it.

  47. Ruben Perez

    That's Sandahl Bergman from the 'Conan the Babarian' movie dancing as one of the muses, don't ya know!

    Trip Six

    yep 4th to wake up DAMN she had some legs!

  48. hernan bustamante

    Eléctric Light Orchestra logro en ese año su más alta calidad de sonido orquestal

  49. Jose Carlos Ramos Maturano

    2020, I'm Alive...!!!

  50. ternitamas

    Omg when I was little I had roller skates and remember thinking if I smashed myself against a wall maybe I would "enter" Xanadu 🤦‍♂️😂 lucky I didn't try it...

  51. bigraviolees

    Xanadu and Cats, dble feature when u need a nap

  52. Katerina Wearne

    am i the only one that LOVES the is this really me bit towards the end

  53. Milna Ortega

    I am still Alive...lol

  54. MrHeisemberg 2

    Simple but beautiful song ✌✌✌

  55. Brian

    I wish to put my penis in all the muses except the black one. I like pretty girls.

  56. Claudio Rivera

    Con esta banda me acuerdo de

  57. Lorraine Wilson


  58. Lorraine Wilson


  59. Cin Burllaile


  60. BayuDesu


  61. overcloth

    why does she have a dick on top of her head at 1:05 ?

  62. Ross Meldrum

    ELO, Olivia Newton John and Sandahl Bergman on the big screen with surround sound , I was 25 years old and madly in love for a while.

  63. Starteller

    For people who don't know the Muse #1 0:43 1:54 2:21 2:29 2:46 is Sandahl Bergman (Conan, Red Sonja) https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000922/

  64. Sergio Ferrando

    ....che tempi....avevo 18 anni......ricordi indelebili.....

  65. Gerron Marquel


  66. Cullan Shine

    1677: Bach. 1977: this. 2017: Taylor Swift. Time to wiped the planet clean again, God.

  67. Пётр Солнцев


  68. Michael Bowie

    Is he going have to repaint that?

  69. jaydavee

    I sure did hate being in first grade in 1979. What a way to ruin a childhood.

  70. xld98b16

    Увы , но это просто проходняк в творчестве очень любимой мной группы.

  71. TheBrabon1

    great song...terrible movie

  72. Lorraine Wilson


  73. Robert Wheeler

    I am a huge fan of free form dancing.

  74. Professor Fez

    James Bond tripping out.

  75. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    I thought that Xanadu was the best film ever made in 1979, and I found out that I was the only person alive then that thought that.

  76. TheDing1701

    It's a shame that some good songs are in this fucked up movie.


    @chloe devereaux Ha! No. I'm 49. I might have to check it out again. It's been about 30 years since I've watched it. I love Gene Kelly, Singing in the Rain and Brigadoon are two of my favorite musicals. The first time I watched Xanadu it was during the dawning days of HBO. I saw on acid a couple times in my 20's, maybe it wasn't as weird as I thought

    chloe devereaux

    @TheDing1701 my apologies :D yeah kelly was a great actor... xanadu's all about onj tho :D


    @chloe devereaux I think the video for "Physical" is when my crush on her started!


    Saw this movie on a school trip back when it first came out. We all hated it because it was so sugary and naff.
    One of the guys found a hard core porno magazine in the cinema toilets so the day wasn't a complete loss.


    @graphite I have a feeling of nostalgia for the "Pre-internet Porn "..

  77. S James

    Knowing how athletic of a dancer Gene Kelly was, I cannot help but wonder if there's lost-footage no-one will ever see of him working-out with all of these (then) modern-day 'interpretive' dancers, during the practice/choreography-sessions leading towards what we WOULD see on the finished-film. I'd have to think he did'nt spend much time 'hiding' in his trailer until he was needed...he likely got in, on as much as he could, if for no other reason, to 'stay limber & loosened-up' for the scenes where he WAS contracted to perform. I guess we'll never know unless someone digs into the archives & gets permission to put some of that 'lost-footage' together ?

  78. Music


  79. Thomas Crown

    Back when women were allowed to be beautiful and feminine.

    Matthew Estrada

    I agree this is one of the most sexist scenes in cinematic history, it just inspires like muse's should

  80. ArtyTEES London

    A great song and a great video related to the film

  81. Matthew Estrada

    I loved this scene when I was a kid, one of the most sexist scenes in cinematic history way underrated. Simply beautiful

  82. strange lee

    I think Hollywoods Muse must have passed away sometime in the last few years, and we never noticed.

  83. Charles Dahmital

    And these young ladies are all in their sixties now.

    strange lee

    Hehe well so am i. So i wouldn't say 'no'.

    chris Barnett

    With dried up roast beef

  84. Cake Buu

    Check out those aura effects!

  85. Juliovidela Garrido

    Musica eterna por siempre ¡¡¡ E.L.O Grandes entre los grandes de la musica ¡

  86. Travis j

    Oh Sandy

  87. Rita Cavalcanti

    I' m Alive...

  88. Donarudo Dakku

    too 70s

  89. Eoin Brennan

    Is this from Xanadu?

  90. YPO6

    Thumbs down, didn't like the video. Music is good.

    Julian Seabury

    The video is from the late 70s/early 80s. It was taken from the movie Xanadu.

  91. jaceclover

    Did I smoke too much meth again ? Ohh nope I'm good it's just 70's cheese .

    strange lee

    I'll take 70s cheese over today's cringe.

  92. Vril 1208

    Magic song...

  93. Silvio César

    Elo legends the rocks in roll


    Компьютерная графика в семидесятые?!😲👍

  95. Daniel GARANT



    There's something so pure and earnest in the spirit of this movie. This movie to me is my 8 year old memory of 1980 and how things felt, even if i know now as an adult it wasn't really true, some part of me still prefers to believe it was or at least it should have been. Maybe because everything since has grown dark, cynical and hyper fake. This movie has a very strong motivational message.

  97. чертог волка

    Супер группа