Electric Light Orchestra - For The Love Of A Woman Lyrics

No one could say
How she caught my eyes
To this day,
I don't know why
Oh well her eyes
So much like diamonds,
And her heart
So much like gold

I knew that I'd
Win her in time,
When I felt her heart
Beat close to mine
And once in her arms,
Then I knew anything I would do,
Just for the love of a woman,
Just for the love of a woman
I prayed that I'd never have to walk alone
I'd have a love of my own

I thank my stars,
I found an angel
Never again
Will I walk alone
She brought a light
Into my heart,
Like the brightest star,
That's ever shone

Money and gold
To a king,
When you're alone,
Don't mean a thing
And once in her arms
Then I know anything I would do,
Just for the love of a woman,
Just for the love of a woman,
I prayed that I'd never have to walk alone.
I have a love of my own

I could paint a masterpiece,
I could walk through fire
I could shout it from the roof,
From the smallest flame to a fire this love has grown,
Just for the love of a woman,
Money and gold mean nothing
Never again will I have to walk alone,
I have a love of my own
Now I have a love of my own
Just for the love of a woman,
Just for the love of a woman,
Just for the love of a woman

(Love of my own, love of my own
I can't face this world all alone)...

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Electric Light Orchestra For The Love Of A Woman Comments
  1. Guillermo Cadiz

    Beatiful awsome song

  2. Eleuterio Franco

    Is like a song from the album "a new world record". Eric Troyer, with the spirit of Lynne from the 70´s

  3. Sergioux sergiou

    Great song!

  4. Valeria Albarrán

    I miss Jeff's voice. Sorry for you guys (part two fans) but Elo without Jeff is not the same...


    Eh . Oh I LOVE Ole JEFF .. but this Album is Just PURE GOLD .... It's like FLOYD without WATERS .... Hell .. I play DIVISION BELL .. more than Any other Floyd Album ! ......
    Sure the Older stuff is Awesome . but when there is THAT MUCH Talent .. ya know it's gonna be Great Still !!

  5. subby111

    this one and "the night has a thousand eyes" are the really top songs of elo 2...

  6. Bruce Warninger

    Now that ELO is in the Rock and Roll hall of fame it is time to recognize the rest of this group. Jeff Lynne is great!! But the rest of ELO is great on its own (sorry Jeff). ELO part II or Orchestra or whatever you want to call it is very worthy of the RRHOF. This is great stuff!!

  7. Dziadek Leśny

    Sometimes listening to music gives you more than a good feeling. It brings you happiness and fulfilment. And that’s what I get listening to some of ELO / ELO II songs. Incredible.


    I wish that these additional GUYS were in the band with JEFF, man oh man would of taken the PRESSURE off of him... THE SHED !

  9. TralfazConstruction

    I've looked for this song for twenty years. I only had a lyric fragment to go on. The context for wanting, needing this song is gone like last winter's snow but hearing it again has affected me.

    Steve Taylor

    Same here! On two occasions, I heard this song while dining in a restaurant. It sounded like Electric Light Orchestra and I remember the phrase "I have a love of my own". Finally found the song!!!!


    @Steve Taylor I had "...just for the love of a woman." to go on. I went down so many 'blind alleys' searching for it. When I finally did find it it felt like it had been in plain sight the whole time.

    Steve Taylor

    @TralfazConstruction do you know if this was released as a single or just a song off an album? The reason I ask is because this is a song that I can never recall hearing on the radio, like a top 40 song...


    @Steve Taylor I'm not certain that it was ever a single. I _do_ remember having heard this song on the radio in March of 1997 and then not being able to find it anywhere at the time. How did I not know that it was ELO? That's stumped me for a few years now since I have secured it. Since then I've come to find out it was released in 1991 which makes it much older than I had originally thought.

  10. Ponyboy Curtis

    also after this and moment of truth album the went on as just The Orchestra

  11. tuneman45

    One of the best love songs of all time. Right?


    If love and romance itself were to be embodied in a song, this would be it

  12. brocktown

    I LOVE this song!

  13. Robert DesVeaux

    One of my fav ELO's songs!! Terrific!

  14. Goofus KAC

    I have loved this song for-flipping-EVER...  shame there's no official video, I have it all mapped out in my head...  quite fantastic!

  15. booh12469

    interesting, there's a two step type rhythm here - great production and vocals, love the sweeping, swirling strings of old! Thanks for posting ;-)

  16. Danny penfold

    Sounds like a Roy Orbison song. 


    Danny penfold 100% right!!!

  17. Rob Chiles

    I heard this song on muzak YEARS ago and its stuck in my head... I knew it was Kelly and thought it was on some rare/exotic record I would never find. Turns out I had the CD all along in my collection. I applaud the ELO part 2 effort but I didnt care much for this record and obviously didnt listen to it all. May have to try it again and give it a chance.

    Phil Waller

    I walked into a Supermarket....and was BLOWN AWAY by this song! Tried to find it, and couldn't. A guy at a local music store argued with me. I said this song, called, (I think) "There was a woman... had an ELO sound. He told me that he knew EVERY ELO song, and that I was wrong. Took me 3 years, but....after hearing it on Muzak, a few more times...I had to track it down. Wow. Glad I did.

  18. kaledmasterme

    I wish Jeff hadn't been so hostile, if they had worked together they both would have done a lot better. Mind you it saddens me to think that Zoom didn't do very well when it's miles ahead of the so-so Balance of Power. At least it makes for a much better final album (even though Lynn is the only thing ELO about it!)

    It reminds me of my other favourite band Pink Floyd, when Roger Waters claimed that the band had no more to do and left, then fought them over the name which he had no rights to.

  19. McKenzie McKenzie

    anybody kinda agree?

  20. McKenzie McKenzie

    kinda sounds like a mainstream Roy Orbison track


    McKenzie McKenzie 100%

  21. taaudoloran

    Truelly underrated group and song. Some of their best stuff was their non-ELO songs like this. Eric Troyer was awesome.

  22. Jack Frost


  23. NCHoldsworth

    I think this song is as good as most of the original ELO stuff. Its the first time I've heard the ELO II material and I'm now going to buy their albums. thanks for posting.

  24. allaboard70

    Thank's for the ELO 2 stuff. A lot of really good songs, like this, and it sounds fresh and original in a good way. Excellent work!

  25. elusivealbums

    @FinnMove Personally, I feel as though ELO Part II was able to produce its best work after changing its name to "The Orchestra," where the last tied to Jeff Lynn could be proudly severed.

  26. FinnMove

    They really had a good try sound ELO in a bit different way. This album really contains some good songs like this.

  27. elusivealbums

    @elusivealbums Oh, and I'm going to start uploading some material by "The Orchestra" tonight, which is, if you didn't know, what ELO Part II changed its name to when Jeff Lynn came out with "Zoom." It actually has a lot more orchestra in it than Jeff Lynn in Zoom. Kind of a funny reversal :)

  28. elusivealbums

    @LUVMEN21 Well, ELO Part II did strive to go back to the mid 1970's ELO sound. Past the album "Discovery," Jeff Lynn really sort of lost the "orchestra" part of "Electric Light Orchestra." I was very glad when I found out much effort Bev Bevan took to reestablish the orchestra as a primary sound.

  29. elusivealbums

    @LUVMEN21 You're welcome! I was looking everywhere for ELO Part II material everywhere too, until I realized there really wasn't any around on YouTube other than the occasional single. So I decided to take it upon myself to fill in the niche :)