Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Walk Away Lyrics

Why do I say, don't walk away
You'll be the way you were before, when you don't want me anymore

Don't turn around, don't ever leave, a lonely room where empty days
Are gathering to meet me when you're gone, gone
How in the world will I go on

(Don't walk away) all you gotta do is stay
(Don't walk away) all you gotta do is stay (don't walk away)

Don't walk away (don't walk away), don't say goodbye (don't say goodbye)
Don't turn around (don't turn around), don't let it die (don't let it die)
When shadows fall (when shadows fall), when day is done (when day is done)
All through the night (all through the night), all of my life (all of my life)
Don't walk away

Is it a dream, when will it end
When everything we've ever known has ended and I'm all alone

Where will I go, where will I be, the feelings that I've never shown
Maybe I'll find the answer when you're gone, gone
How in the world will I go on

(Don't walk away) all you gotta do is stay
(Don't walk away) all you gotta do is stay (don't walk away)

[chorus repeats 3x]

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Electric Light Orchestra Don't Walk Away Comments
  1. Victor Azofeifa

    2020 still takes my breath away!!!!

  2. Arcenia Ibarra

    Una de las mejores rolas de Jeff linne...para mí el quinto monstruo...junto con Freddy...

  3. kdo chce vidí


  4. Alberto Martinez

    Great Elo track

  5. Connie Maros

    My youth is gone. I still have ELO to make me smile!

  6. Shelly Williamson

    a beautiful song

  7. Pixie Ninja

    ELO is my childhood!!

  8. ronald phillips

    Oh my god never heard this till now it`s struck like a lightening bolt

    Pixie Ninja

    ELO was one of the best groups of the 70's and 80's. Its pure nostalgia for me!

  9. Alan Tafuri

    Wonderful video and song!

  10. henrry churampi aquino

    Hermosa cancion

  11. Jean Nicklas

    He’s a poet.

  12. Mike Crites

    The second woman in this video is also in the video I'm not in love by will to power.

  13. Françoise Lesage

    Shees beautifull.....for ever and ever

  14. Jussi Tarponen

    not a typical ELO song
    but Jeff Lynne shows his singing talent here

  15. Tomasz Mrowiec

    To som piosenki moich lat

  16. Alejandro Celani

    ELO...forever !!!!

  17. Celacanto abisal

    Canción preciosa. Gracias Jeff Lynne,eres un genio musical.

  18. Karen Griffin

    I used to listen to this song on 8 track! It would pause to move on to the next tape! Ha!

  19. Mr Blue Sky

    Love Jeff and Kelly's harmonising, so beautiful.

  20. Shirley Kelce

    My nephew told me about this recording and I couldn't believe I had never heard it before!
    Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. By the way, I'm 80
    years old..............

  21. רוברט ויינגר

    Reminds me when I was young and fall in love with music and women, ELO contributed some slow songs, which became slow and close dancing with women at parties, it was a romantic era, I never saw the movie but I was listening to the album and danced to it extra hours, fantastic time in my own life

  22. Hugo Sady Ayala Ayala


  23. rhurhu13

    krásně se to poslouchá

  24. Leiza Jayne

    How heartbreaking :(

  25. Gary Westfall

    This would have been perfect for one of those popular slow dances back in the.days of sock hops.

  26. mel farrer

    I lost my first dog when I was 13 and I played this song to death, im 50 now and have just lost my beautiful rhodesian ridgeback and once again I turn to this song , God bless and thankyou my friends, Skippy, Simba and Kipling xxx

  27. Cynthia Whitaker

    I like this song

  28. Xaraxania, Wight Gold

    i've always loved ELO but can you believe i've never heard this until today! :O another one to love

  29. Artie Gloucester

    What a coral vocals...i'd like to listen this song with only vocal tracks in separaté way

  30. Thierry Podevin

    Brillant !!!

  31. Ivan 900


  32. Robert Hill

    brill! thank you YouTube

  33. Alejandro Celani

    Shine ELO... forever !!!

  34. Roy H

    goooood music

  35. littlecorgi

    I love this ELO song more than I can say, both musically and lyrically. I've kept my Xanadu soundtrack primarily to keep this song. I keep imagining it as a duet w the Bee Gees and it works so beautifully!

    Artie Gloucester

    Wow would be the best of the best

  36. zeze do bone

    Sorry girl, but... I walked away already! A while ago, and you know that.... next time be a bit wiser, because you might lost the 'chance of your life'!!!
    And your friends lost the big chance to get rid of me by the easy way!!!!
    Now I will stay in this country for many many years.... unless they want to arrange the payment of 2,5 million, in that case I am authorised to leave...

  37. Guillermo Hoffmann

    Fantastic song!... it's even great to listen while is fading at the end ...I wish I could even turn up the volume to enjoy the very last part of it... Great one Jeff!

  38. Alexis VDF

    Uno de los más bellos falsetes rockeros que he oído en mi ya larga vida lo hace este señor cantante, productor, compositor, multiinstrumentista, etc. llamado Jeff Lynne

    Artie Gloucester

    Para mí , el mejor falsete después del de Barry Gibb

  39. Joanna Arendarczyk


  40. Marcel Versteeg

    Chris de Burgh!

  41. Marcel Versteeg

    this sounds a lot like as if it would be a song from Chris De Burgh

  42. Maria Barteczka


  43. jim

    goosebumps everytime i hear this

  44. John Gowan

    Jeff Lynne’s the magic man of song writers.I’ve listened to this song over and still won’t to listen to it again.☘️☘️☘️💕💕💕💓🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

  45. Evan West

    I will be alright..been here too many times...Never AGAIN HOWEVER

  46. Andres Pascual



    E.L.O. was my favorite band as a kid and this is one of the reasons why.

  48. Darrell Baty

    One of my favorite bands, Jeff Lynne is a genius for sure! this is such a beautiful song. I have been an ELO fan since the early '70s.

  49. leonardo cortes miranda

    Excelente tema

  50. Michael Climer

    For Trudy...💖

  51. Sarah McPherson

    The year is 1983, I'm 16 years old. Laying on my boyfriend's bed with headphones on my ears, listening to.his Eldorado, A New World Record, Discovery, Out of the Blue, albums start to finish, sides 1,2,3 & 4. Over and over again. everydat. Memorizing every word to every song.
    Oh how I long for the summer of 83 again.

  52. Buzz Houle

    This is such a hauntingly beautiful song. I am completely mesmerized by its melody. Mr. Lynne you are a genius

  53. Michael Climer

    For Trudy...dont walk away.💓💝💖

  54. Ginette Trudel

    Still one of my favorite songs ever!! 👍

  55. Jon Gowan

    Jeff Lynne’s.is the only singer that can you won’t to cry.with his songs.and friend this is the best song that Jeff has written.he is the master.of love songs.💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕🌷🌷🌹🌹❤️❤️♥️

    elly barria

    Lo.mejor ¡¡morí!!

  56. Karla Castillo


  57. Flavia Vassallo


  58. Ali

    From Xzandu the film, love this xxxx

  59. Israel Soares

    Alguém do Brasil aqui?

  60. Jon Gowan

    It’s just impossible to listen to this song with out tearing up.with a glass of wild Krishna rose in hand you might be able to walk away.🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌺🥀💐

  61. Buzz Houle

    I had this 45 when I was a little boy. I'm 47 now and this song STILL gives me the goosebumps !

  62. Peter Henderson

    Such magic im so pleased i found ELO as a child and 45+ years later they still make me so happy.

    Paul Outdoors

    Same here Peter 😊👍

  63. Ali

    If you love someone let then go ,if they come back it's meant to be . love this song xxxx

  64. Arne Henriksen

    Elsker denne sangen!

  65. Jon Gowan

    Jeff Lynne’s is the only singer that can touch your heart with a song that you’re going to love 💗 from the first word.

  66. Françoise Lesage

    Superb, Xanadu movie.....

  67. LisFayte

    This song made me fall in love with Jeff Lynne! ❤️

  68. Neil Holland

    One of the most underrated bands in their home country, shame

  69. Jorge Diaz

    Para mi la cancion mas Bella del mundo

  70. The Giant Killers

    My wife's life will be complete the night one of the good dancers on strictly come dancing does a routine to this song.

  71. Antonio Fombuena Vidal

    Vivan La E.L.O....."O.L.E"....

  72. Antonio Fombuena Vidal

    Me encanta...

  73. Scorpion Sword

    👍Electric Dreams Video with an Unicorn

  74. Trace

    Never ever tire of listening to this!

  75. alfredo black serpa

    Hermosa canción la escuhe cuando vi la película xxanadu. Y fue lo que mas me gusto de la película que ni recuerdo de que trataba la peli. Pero la canción magistral hasta el día de hoy la escucho.

  76. Margarita Cárdenas

    Los escuché, los escucho y los seguiré escuchando, siempre será mi orquesta preferida por todos los tiempos.....

  77. Kassandra Rodriguez

    That music it's so beautiful 😀❤️🌟

  78. Crunchy Taco

    Xanadu baby :)

  79. Anita Huie

    Happy 71st you beautiful genius.

  80. ImagineJohnLennon

    Looking forward to see this great artist in Atlanta in 2019! !! 🎵 🎸 🌹 😎💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    J Sowders

    You are so lucky!

  81. Shari Crocker

    Because, we are one entity.

  82. Shari Crocker

    y do you think that you know me?

  83. Shari Crocker

    Hugs Clyde,love you.

  84. Shari Crocker

    I love you, clyde!

  85. Mark Hall

    True romantics on this post. I was listening to this heart pounding music while reading your thoughts and before i knew it tears hit my cheeks.

  86. happyas harry

    Still knocks me out...pure artistry. Thank-you ELO. My lovely Brummie Boys.

  87. vee kay

    Jeff's voice.

  88. Shari Crocker

    Stuffed, green peppers?😉

  89. bondoly66


  90. ImagineJohnLennon

    Jeff Lynne July 5 2019 Atlanta Ga! !! 💙 🎵 🌹 I will let you know how great the concert is. Fan forever!


    I was there...It was great!!!!! Check one off the bucket list.

  91. Donald Matthew

    Amazing song from the old Brummie. Well done Jeff.

    Kim Warlick

    Donald Matthew I was there...it was beyond Amazing!!!

  92. Danny Lee

    Elo, greatist band ever!!!

  93. winnstarr


  94. luis marcelo leyes

    E.L.O excelente la musica de los 70 80 no hay en la actualidad algo que lo iguale solo volver a escuchar los viejos temas para los que entendemos un poco de inglés una bonita canción de alguien que le pide a su amor que no se vaya que lo que debe hacer es volver

  95. bex1036

    Gives me chills everytime

  96. Flavia Vassallo


  97. J F


  98. Dick Carlsson

    My God, love ELO and I have totally missed this one!! Saw them in Copenhagen 2 months ago and it was just brilliant!!! This one brings a tear........you think about them who have left us and how much you miss them!! Thanks Jeff!!!!!

  99. Dani Claass

    So much sentiment