Electric Light Orchestra - Alright Lyrics

The gold verandah in the dark has gone
Down to the metal man.
No better time to leave the ground
And maybe try to understand.

You gotta hold on to somethin' that you believe,
Hold on to somethin' that makes you feel alright.

And through the darkest times of your life
You always tried to be the one,
And now the times have made you wonder
If you ever knew what was goin' on.

You gotta hold on to somethin' that you believe,
Hold on to somethin' that makes you feel alright....
Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright.

[Background:] Alright ... alright ... alright

No use thinkin' about what you ain't got,
Just makes you bitter.
And as you speak, everything that you say
Goes out on the big transmitter.

You gotta hold on to somethin' that you believe,
Hold on to somethin' that makes you feel alright....
Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright.

You gotta hold on to somethin' that you believe,
Hold on to somethin' that makes you feel alright....
Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright.

Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright.

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Electric Light Orchestra Alright Comments
  1. NightIsRight

    I read somewhere that this whole album was a dig at previous members .Cause if you remember Jeff Lynne filed suit against Electric Light Orchestra part 2 .He also put an advertisement ban in in the Uk so ELO part 2 couldn’t promote any of there songs

  2. Barbara Daines

    Love, love, love this album.....and era of JL ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Aceystar 1

    If you like this song you'll probably like hold the line by toto

  4. John Gowan

    I’m truly alright with this game we are playing with our love affair

  5. Lope Molina Romero

    Great Jeff Lynne !!!

  6. Don Brandinelli

    great album- highly underrated. i bought it early- here's better news, the re-issue has the additional song- one day. fantastic!!

  7. Elaine R

    ELO picked up where the Beatles left off.

  8. Dolf Hakru

    I received this CD from my children when they were small in 2001, a while later I got divorced and I never saw my children again but I still miss them and still love them.

  9. Unknown Productions Casting Company

    The Beatles play on this! Except for John who was dead in 1980, Jeff Lynne was friends with George Harrison who took the band in to record with Jeff Lyne

    Luiz Marinho Lima

    In Brasil, loves Elo

  10. Aquarius Rising

    Great stuff!!!!

  11. Scorpion Sword


  12. No A.

    I bought Zoom CD at a CD shop in Kobe the other day.

    Werner Bednarzik

    Well done!

  13. Gianni Cavallo

    This is a kick ass song can't understand why he's not doing at least this song on his new world tour come on Jeff

  14. Chris Small

    This is the most solid album ever.

  15. Scott Johnson

    Already bought my tickets for the Nashville show in 2019!
    So stoked!
    I had the opportunity to see them in the very early 80's (not sure when), and gave my tickets to my brother who gave them to his ex-girlfriend.... dumbass moves by us both

  16. cody koenig

    Wait a minute....

    Read more

  17. Joe Jan

    Can,t belive this was replaced with rap???????????????????

  18. Raven Crow

    OMG! Jeff Lynne does such a great Rock Album!

  19. lisa holt

    Great album and songs Steves favourite group of all time

  20. Tom J

    Zoom is ELO's most underrated album. Some people say Time is, but that's an okay album and this is a classic album. ELO has two periods, the classic period up until Out of The Blue and everything from Discovery forward. This album belongs in their classic period.

  21. charles casco

    beatle song

  22. System11 YT

    Massively underrated album honestly. It's no Out Of The Blue, but it doesn't try to be.


    System11 YT He needs to top Out the blue

  23. Ken Lambert

    great song - cool guitar riff. jamming!

  24. Kevin Pearson


  25. Jeff Lynne's ELO 2020 Tour

    Jeff Lynne's ELO at Hyde Park 2014, Glastonbury 2016 and Wembley Stadium 2017 are right up there with the Zoom concert. I don't know many bands who are better in concerts than on their albums. This is the Case of Jeff Lynne's ELO...The very best Period!!! Can't wait to see them in 2018 on the World Tour.

    fullbolaa 20

    I saw them un London O2 in october!!!

  26. Виктор Молодянович

    Парни ! Я в шоке ,удалены самые крутые альбомы ELO из плейлиста .Что случилось ,неужели опять бизнес перешёл дорогу ? Ответьте кто-нибудь !!

  27. Fucknuts

    I didn't realize they released an album in the 2000's? Classic sound, great stuff!


    Jeff released another one in 2015 : Alone in the universe. Check it out!

  28. Rafael Bombassaro

    THE BEST! Great album!

  29. Serene Steen

    LOVE this whole album

  30. treguard1982

    Weird. I love ELO, but this doesn't sound like an ELO album. For me the worst thing is Jeff using autotune. I know they played around with effects on the voices back in the day, but autotune...really????


    ...where exactly do you hear autotune?

    Joe N.

    The true artist that can create different sounds, beyond just tempos that Jeff mastered.

    Steve Foresman

    check your ears pal.

    mihali dellaportas

    There's no autotune anywhere, on earlier albums ELO used occasional vocodas, but never autotune! Jeff Lynne has a truly beautiful voice, and he is an all round genius!

    Colin Easton

    No autotune here. The man's a professional and been in the business since the mid 60'S. What you hear is what he sings.

  31. Matthew Johnson

    rockhall.com - go vote in ELO, first time they have been nominated which is truly rediculous

  32. Aurelio Moreira

    this song is awesome

  33. 1stSaintsFan

    I have been an ELO fan since "Roll over Beethoven" was their first US TOP 40 single and I went out and bought their 2nd LP...Everything Jeff Lynne is involved with I seem to like whether he is the performer or producer. Joe Walsh's "Analog Man" was just an amazing LP with Jeff playing and producing the record for Walsh. Love this LP.

  34. kleinabomber


    Gianni Cavallo

    I totally agree with your stent statement and too bad he's not playing anything from this amazing album on this new tour he needs a good advisor on his staff


    Not the way I look at it’s a dig at previous Electric Light Orchestra members

  35. trfesok

    Rather bluesy as far as ELO goes.. but then again, this is really a Jeff Lynne solo album. The closest ELO track to this is "No Way Out", from the "Secret Messages" sessions.Both are in my ELO playlist. Thanks for the upload!

    Lamar Galloway

    +trfesok Jeff's roots are in bluesy music....he didn't always hit that for commercial success but it is there in a LOT of their albums.


    and came through kloud and clear in the Wilboury's.... which did do well commercially.

  36. WildCountingDaysWithOurCanyonOnFire

    This was released in 2001? This sounds like Classic/Rock. :O I'm impressed.

    Larry Wilson

    @ThisIsGettingOutOfHand This actually sounds like it could have been recorded back when they made "A New World Record."

    It's a real shame "Zoom" bombed. It was definitely one of their better albums, even if it only had one other original member. And as for people accusing Jeff Lynne of slapping the ELO name on a solo album and trying to pass it off as ELO...Fuck 'em. Jeff Lynne IS ELO, more or less...

    carlos antonio

    because elo is more ancient than the 2000's -.-


    Larry Wilson The sad thing is I think if it weren’t for the band’s hiatus in the late 80s into the 90s, if this type of song were on there, I would bet the album would have done amazing

    Sarah Kinsey

    @Larry Wilson Jeff Lynne really is ELO, he wrote, produced, sang and played on every song!

    Maria Bland

    It was released the same month I was born. Maybe that's why I feel so connected to that classic Rock n Roll from ELO

  37. Veselin Katsarov

    This song makes me feel alright

    Rafael Bombassaro

    ehehehhe! yessss!

  38. livpool Smith

    1:22, though.

  39. Mike Paepke



  40. Mike Paepke



  41. Daniel Stienkeoway

    Braeden....shut up and go away.You wouldn't know talent if it slapped you in the face!!!!!!!!!

  42. Elad

    זה השיר הכי יפה בעולם

  43. silicon212

    I am totally obsessing over this song right now.

  44. Zefurin

    Electric Light Orchestra and Blue Öyster Cult : My 2 BBE !

  45. Joel

    The part at 1:21 is orgasmic!

  46. Braeden Van Asperen

    Sorry for being so direct, but you've been obese for a long time FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUudsigh\lkdgf ygfgfvjb m\yst bfv m jbbygd bvhv ELO is amazing fuck youtube ads

  47. labhunter1

    Everything he does is great. Lynne you rock!

  48. labhunter1

    You are correct Susan the best talent there is!

  49. Susan Keane


  50. Bogey Music


  51. 88hakusho

    Major props for this tune

  52. Hughbaloo

    This is such an amazing song

  53. Monalisa Cavalcante

    The coverart is just great! One of the best of their albuns... if you don't know Eletric Light Orchestra and their style, looking to this cover and the band name, you must think it's a Power/Symphonyc Metal group! lol
    I'm a metal fan, but this band is very good and I liked this album. Congratulatios for E.L.O. and thanks for posting!

  54. static1994

    Great album. where did you get it?

  55. Mordente73

    Gran canción!!!

  56. pause10two4

    just love this album, and this was a great opening track! one concert tour that should have been...!