Ekali - Babylon (Sober Rob & Oshi Remix) Lyrics

Everyone actin' so frivolous
I can read it with telepathy
You making me sick
You making me sick
I might run up on a nigga and

It is the ultimate test
Strategize now, it's the ultimate flex
So I'm doing my thing without breaking a sweat
Got a list full of names and I'm all about checks
Like an assassin, I'm everlasting
Go like a gadget, you can imagine
When I get rachet, Clank on me
Ain't no containing me, comparing me
Vision impaired, you should prepare to die
Never been scared to try
I got the feel of a burning sensation
My nation believe I can walk on the sky
Anakin, analyst, and highly dangerous
Must be an alien, that pray to amethyst
My style is cancerous, up in the cannabis
ULT anarchist

Everyone actin' so frivolous
I can read it with telepathy
You making me sick
You making me sick
I might run up on a nigga and

Everyone actin' so frivolous
I can read it with telepathy
You making me sick
You making me sick
I might run up on a nigga and
I might run up on a nigga and
I might run up on a nigga and
I might run up on a nigga and

Everyone actin' so frivolous
I can read it with telepathy
You making me sick
You making me sick
I might run up on a nigga and

It is the ultimate Myrmidon
From the land, which is the city of Babylon
Dreads in my hairs, don't confuse me for Cinnamon
I'm one of a kind, as I grow like a Digimon
When I'm evolving, not many books
Many revolvers, no problem solving
Illegal tendencies, infinite symphonies
Illustrate misery, living on infamy
Infamous Lord
If you come back from the dead, you will go back to the morgue
I'll hunt you like senzu, so better be humble
Don't make me, I'm Wesley in the Art of War
Soar, sin and then you will be flying
Truth, ad hominem, I won't be lying
Bruh, ain't no hakuna matata
'Cause, you shouldn't fuck with a lion

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Ekali Babylon (Sober Rob & Oshi Remix) Comments
  1. Venus Official

    I happened to be a musician and I happened to be inspired by the OWLSA and Ekali videos and the Venus Official you tube cheak

  2. Niki Mauricio


  3. DenZel Zhi Xuan

    another one! i click

  4. 1000 subscribers with no shame

    I like how there’s like twenty different Babylon songs but all have the same thing in common

    Denzel Curry

  5. Ibrahima Diarra


  6. jerry fenny NDREMISY


  7. Dr Nemik


  8. Julienne By

    this drop is insane

  9. Jin Pennly - JnJn28

    I love these remixes... All the same song in different moods, this one i feel is a sad version of feeling high... sorry i cant come up with a proper term :/

    Jin Pennly - JnJn28

    I got it: a depressing drug trip

  10. IndigoBeats

    Best remix ever !!!

  11. Divinity2x

    This is my favorite remix

  12. Luigi

    Some should make this beat on a lil xan song

  13. Bryan DeCamps

    Good shiz

  14. Jonathan Magalhães

    essa musica é bacana demais pra ficar deboa!!!!

  15. BioSmito

    this is fucking fire man u are soooooooo goooooodddddd

  16. Josef Antonio


  17. Ahza Syahmi

    Are there any music that has this kind of beat ?

  18. Frag

    The beat is similar to Oh Wonder - Body Gold (Louis the Child Remix)

  19. Grim Reaper

    How many times i hear this song .... can't stop to get that click.....

  20. Randy Angel


  21. Dier Di

    Ремикс похож на несколько работ от JWLS, но все же очень приятный ремикс🖤

  22. Bass Universe

    This remix feels a little emotional tho tbh idk why either

  23. Tmeus Carmine


  24. Dylan

    This remix is breaking my brain. DENZEL CURRY IS AN ULTIMATE BEAST

  25. Mr.Skeleton

    Nice visuals!

  26. Da Bossman

    Ehh I don't like this one

  27. Full Record

    Rapaziada do Brasil🇧quem puder me dar Uma força acabou de sair meu primeiro video official com Minha Nova musica 🇷 #HybridTrap

  28. bobthakiller

    great song i love it

  29. farissaifuddin

    oh shit

  30. super pan

    Your mum is great!

  31. Demilade Olaleye

    R A W . S A U C E

    Neon Crayon

    J U S T . S A U C E
    skrrra phup phup

  32. Mona Lisa

    Haz una canción en español, por favor

  33. arroz con leche

    This is fucking babylon yeah

  34. DJ ELL JAY

    This video is so fucking scary on acid.

  35. Josef Gerke

    its so awesome

  36. Fer Valencia


  37. DubstepParadise


  38. d4rk_mickey

    I don't get why this guy's has always the same flow

  39. ツJaqueline

    Grupo brasileiro de música eletrônica no WhatsApp, falamos sobre todos os DJ's, toque no link para participar: https://chat.whatsapp.com/8Rt8Bpw4jQe9eKTAkK3geV

  40. Shranay Shahane

    Will you promote this?
    Please don't pass on it without listening.

  41. BassX t.me/bassx

    too chill

  42. Vincenzo Castrovilli

    hey guys if the video you liked do not forget to switch from our huovo channel that we just created

  43. RoshyFX

    Ekali? Denzel Curry? and Oshi? This song can't get better

  44. Dead Talent

    Un millón ... OWSLA

  45. Alexxc16

    is best music❤✨

  46. SØDIØ

    Who knows the music scale of this song?

  47. Ined

    It's Relaxing time and imagining u walkn down street with full slowmo

  48. Zillastorm

    They flawlessly pulled off the mood change. 👌

  49. Yuvraj Singh

    Aye people need to stop sleeping on Denzel 🔥

  50. Gutter step

    3D music!

  51. Parth Wadhwa

    Nothing greater than the skrillex remix.

  52. Sam Nickolds

    lovin it as it's epic

  53. Saitama

    Needed this

  54. hadakajime tengu


  55. Dipankar Bhargav

    Fckn high

  56. Caleb Bennett


  57. Soham Sarkar

    Denzel run that hoe

  58. helostcontroll

    Oshi is everything tbh

  59. aER4EAU

    lmao there is a rendering text at 1:17

  60. m a n a a i m j e a i f f

    Visualiser is rad man

  61. orkun onal

    Pla check my new demo on sound cloud thx! https://soundcloud.com/the_r00kie/emergency-under-construction

  62. lima limão


  63. Irvin Josue Morales

    I Like this song

  64. Nybz

    Bless Ableton.

  65. Natalia Moore

    Genial 👍❣️


    sii >.>

  66. Isaac Cedeno

    Oshi is a genius

    Maroš V.

    No credits to Sober Rob ? Dude that's bad.

    Noa Meresz

    hearing mostly sober here too zzz


    Isaac Cedeno true man

  67. SØDIØ



    SODIO en el Trap


    A rei le gusto la recomendacion 0.o

  68. Acure Official


  69. Fatnar Elmimouni

    Waiting for skrillex remix

  70. killa icy

    owsla is life

  71. Umanand

    This shit smacks but its also got depth. Well done

  72. Abhishek Simgekar

    Give me more.

  73. Misael Juarez


  74. Paul Rodriguez

    You're making me THICC

    Sam Jones

    I love you

  75. Connected

    Snake! 🐍

  76. OhJynxy

    I Like Snakes.


    Owsla! Answer my comment pleaaase🙏🙏💓

  78. 1 1 2 3 5 8 13

    This reminds me to 'Bad and Boujee' mash up with 'Something About Us' of Daft Punk

    Bueno en realidad más que Daft Punk, parece algo de Slushii xD

  79. Manh Duc

    Beautiful !

  80. jjjEEEnnnEEE MMMeeeLLLeee

    original is better

  81. Boheman Beats

    My Owsla tattoo gets more meaningful all the time

  82. Anthony de Leo

    mix so clean

  83. Opulense Design

    Sickest 👌🔥👐

  84. Erick Valdez

    Es alucinante lo bien que se escucha ❤ □¬□

  85. Name Name


    I expected a lot more from Oshi and Sober Rob on this.

  86. Pluto Wah

    Que ves?, es solo un comentario en español, sigue bajando :u


    BAILA AHRRE <3 :v

  87. NeiDroid G

    Oh shit,sober my producer fav <3

  88. EDSONA

    Boooooom!!!!! 😎🤘


    When is the skrillex remix

  90. Alemán Music