Ekali - Babylon (Josh Pan & X&G Remix) Lyrics

Everyone actin' so frivolous
I can read it with telepathy
You making me sick
You making me sick
I might run up on a nigga and

Run up on a nigga and Click
Run up on a nigga and Click
Run up on a nigga and Click

It is the ultimate Myrmidon
From the land, which is the city of Babylon
Dreads in my hairs, don't confuse me for Cinnamon
I'm one of a kind, as I grow like a Digimon
When I'm evolving, not many books
Many revolvers, no problem solving
Illegal tendencies, infinite symphonies
Illustrate misery, living on infamy
Infamous Lord
If you come back from the dead, you will go back to the morgue
I'll hunt you like senzu, so better be humble
Don't make me, I'm Wesley in the Art of War
Soar, sin and then you will be flying
Truth, ad hominem, I won't be lying
Bruh, ain't no hakuna matata
'Cause, you shouldn't fuck with a lion

Everyone actin' so frivolous
I can read it with telepathy
You making me sick
You making me sick
I might run up on a nigga and
Run up

Run up on a nigga and
Run up on a nigga and

It is the ultimate test
Strategize now, it's the ultimate flex
So I'm doing my thing without breaking a sweat
Got a list full of names and I'm all about checks
Like an assassin, I'm everlasting
Go like a gadget, you can imagine
When I get rachet, Clank on me
Ain't no containing me, comparing me
Vision impaired, you should prepare to die
Never been scared to try
I got the feel of a burning sensation
My nation believe I can walk on the sky
Anakin, analyst, and highly dangerous
Must be an alien, that pray to amethyst
My style is cancerous, up in the cannabis
ULT anarchist

Everyone actin' so frivolous
I can read it with telepathy
You making me sick
You making me sick
I might run up on a nigga and

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Ekali Babylon (Josh Pan & X&G Remix) Comments
  1. NTRL FG

    Very minimalistic. Unique !

  2. Robin An.


  3. SpicyDorito

    This is.... awful

  4. dron dradus

    Me encantan tus cansiones babylon

  5. Dope Nation


  6. JustJinxIt

    that "drop" sound is just.......LEGENDARY!

  7. Gabriel Huachez

    wakanda forever

  8. Randy Angel


  9. Dier Di

    Красивый саунд дизайн в дропе 👍🏿

  10. Manish

    The drop is so unique!!!

  11. MrBen4853

    Love the drop. It's so hypnotizing.

  12. dk 27

    im not hating, but how was this the best possible idea that those two producers (both of them hugely intelligent and successful) could come up with?

    lau egg

    *a l t e r n a t i v e e d m*

  13. chipilin2000-

    What the fuck is this "drop?"

  14. xclerison

    see my remix of this music on my channel

  15. iwant myprivacy

    Actually like this way more than Skrill's remix, fuckin' FRESH <3

  16. peachy dragon


  17. Sive7K

    E R R O R

  18. Kereil Tutt

    That ending...😰😫

  19. Soham Sarkar

    My man Denzel getting sum respec

  20. Xa'ا

    So Sexy & Minimalistic!!

  21. l want die

    Love the song but the drop is kind of gay

  22. all-in Javi Méndez

    imo the best remix of the three and on par with the original. FUCKING AMAZING THANKS FOR THIS

  23. Xarlable

    Fucking x&g always coming in with the weird ass clean beats I love it


    Xarlable ayeee thanks dude

  24. Gage Taylor

    This is soooooo bad🤢


    Gage Taylor sry bruv :/


    Gage Taylor its all good dude :) the original is so good. just stoked we gotta flip it in a weird way lol

  25. Yayan Permana

    So dope!!

  26. SØDIØ

    What is this

  27. Ayabuza

    So cool, unique ❤️

  28. Nybz

    josh pan is so fucking magic, god damn his 3rd eye.

  29. Adam

    i mean. you have to expect the unexpected and nothing else from josh pan

  30. VEXUS

    mind blowing

  31. ok lol

    Visuals are beautiful. :)

  32. Votch27

    thats the weirdest drop ive ever heard and i love it


    hey thanks

    The Bad Guy

    Votch27 i guess you dont know um.. then

  33. KCMasea

    ¿y se supone que esto es bueno?

  34. RazzerRaw

    Dude I love this and the visuals are really dope

  35. Ashlyn

    video reminds me of 88s freestyle setup

  36. Manuel Calquín

    Que wea las pelotas de ping pong xDDDdDDDD

  37. Velcyfer Chill

    I love this new shit

  38. Umanand

    0:20 Snare roll from the electric mantis sample pack in case anyone was looking for it. Its one of my fav snares to use, adds nice texture.


    i think ur totally right. love that dude

  39. Vollka Putt

    Very smart and unique

  40. Gilson Vladmir

    Much better than skrillex remix

  41. Alterpath

    Can we talk about how cool OWSLA's visuals are for their releases compared to other labels?!? SO DOPE!!!!

    Stanislas Salsinats

    FBM WOLV has awesome visuals for releases too


    Their production got some influence from vaporwave (as and underground art movement) recently as you can see why its different and has more quality than mainstream ones. its actually art

  42. aquinoguh

    *josh pan

  43. Roham

    Josh pan <3

  44. myles g.

    when fl doesnt completly download your shit

  45. Nocturniss

    A Denzel Curry song is on OWSLA I can die peacefully now

    Abdullah Jimmy

    Nocturniss its actually ekali

  46. Joshua Friedrich

    wtf this is so shit lol

  47. WhatTheFookiz

    whos Josh Pan?

    adit prthm

    your auntie

  48. Raul JTAUL

    Josh Pan style 😆

  49. KranxMusic

    dude what the fuck the artists on this Track title already has me excited

  50. Ram aZz

    We feel X&G drums, that's what I like.


    much love ram

  51. Ferit v.

    who are x&g ?


    just some randoms

    Ferit v.

    X&G Hey! I loved "gravity" thank you for making good music for us fans <3


    of course! much love

  52. Andres Juarez


  53. Official M.G.A*-*


    Gabriel Gomez

    STFU dude a will fucking laser you

  54. La Muerte Blanca

    uf que música mas mala yo también grabo el sonido de un grillo electrónico así cualquiera cada vez traen mas gente sin talento


    Es experimental, cabrones. La música electrónica no sólo es dubstep, Marshmello, Alan Walker, Martin Garrix o intros de minecraft. Hay cientos de subgéneros que salen de la musica electrónica. Para ustedes esto les parece malo y hasta ridículo, y no los culpo. Al principio a mí el Bass House (el "género" que hace Jauz) me parecía algo raro y sin sentido y hasta gracioso, después terminé creándole toda una playlist aquí en mi cuenta de YouTube. Es cuestión de abrirse a otros temas. Y si no les termina de convencer no hay nada de malo en ello.

    A D I E R W

    Carlos que tiene que ver que seas fan de skrillex? jajaja


    Amigo, se nota que no tienes ni idea de como controla de diseño de sonido josh pan

    Carlos Nieblas

    A D I E R W tiene que Owsla está aliado con Skrillex y Owsla hace música mas mala qué Skrillex

    A D I E R W

    De hecho si se que owsla fue creado por sonny, por eso este sello se volvio tan conocido estos ultimos años.
    pero skrillex no tiene nada que ver con las forma de producir de los artistas de este label.
    y si no conoces las producciones de josh pan deberias ir a su soundcloud y ver que sus producciones tienen mucho talento.

    pd. owsla no hace musica mala como dices,ya que owsla no es un productor

  55. Elmer theron

    Denzel Curry remixed by Josh pan ? lol shit's on fire yo

  56. Wecked Music

    amazing 👌👌😍

  57. Akame

    Error 404 Drop Not Found.

    Shére Khan

    really pointfull but its josh's style and its underground and horny as hell

    Dess DEFOIS

    X&G this is fucking dope! BTW Whiplash is a masterpiece


    much love :)

    Abdullah Jimmy

    Logan GaRner 〤 dont need drops to make dope music


    You weren't listening.

  58. diverse



    Skrillex served his version


    uhh sorry xd


    Sorry?? I was just informing you just in case you didn't realise lol
    Enjoy the tunes!! :D

    Abdullah Jimmy

    There is literally a skrillex remix of this


    you're an outdated fan of skrillex

  59. HYZAK

    primer comentario en español,
    dale like si te vale verga :v

  60. NotAReliableSource

    josh about to kill the person who capitalized his name in the title

    Unique Vibes

    lol hahaha


    lmaoo "Josh Pan" wrote like that kill my eyes


    Ay they fixed it!
    Good job guys


    Literally lol'd

  61. moaren


  62. Gibonich

    I don’t even understand if I like it or not

    Bruno M.

    Hard to know ...

  63. Marcos Rodríguez

    Waiting for the Skrillex Remix...


    It's already up tho


    Its been out xd

  64. Mirko Kondic

    Just give me a like

  65. dean

    i want sleep, but its a remix by josh pan and X&G.


    and X&G, true


    Kevin Mårtensson like dissect the track right? Would be way down to make some videos like that, we've been thinking about it. you'd watch?


    dean much love brah

    Kevin Mårtensson

    X&G Yeah i'd Love to watch! Platinum is one of My favorite tracks of all time Would be great to see mixing techniques sound design and such!

    Jin Pennly - JnJn28

    100th like

  66. HooVerb

    what the fuck is this?

    Optimus Grime

    No music elements? Lol ok


    just experimenting and having some fun yo


    Very experimental. It's growing on me though.


    like i said, this is reminiscent of big room. it might work live for a big crowd, but not in intimate settings. can't complain about people experimenting, though... so who am i to tell others what to enjoy. there is just an element to it that feels so thinned out like there is no meat

    The Bad Guy

    i pity everyone that cant enjoy this song