Edenbridge - Winter Winds Lyrics

The fallen leaps are withered
The cycle of the seasons takes it's turn
The northwinds blowin' over the land
The heart of spring is waiting to return
And the glacial winds are breathing one more time
For the birds of passage now the hours chime

The winter winds are leaving
Desolation seems to have a meanwhile end
By a long forgotten feeling I believe
In the dream of a summer's eve

The snow-capped mountains gleaming
Like the ocean in aurora fades away
The sunlight's streamin' over the land
To the rays of sunshine flowers like to sway
Birds of springtime catch a rainbow in the night
Hear 'em whisper from the trees that yearn for light

The winter winds are leaving
Desolation seems to have a meanwhile end
By a long forgotten feeling I believe
In the dream of a summer's eve

The summer's eve is there
There's magic in the air
And the neverending story of the seasons will go on
In the tears of autumn rain
Leaves are falling in the lane
To announce the soon return
Of glacial winter winds

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Edenbridge Winter Winds Comments
  1. Arnaldo Andrés

    ¡Sublíme! preciosa canción. :)

  2. Ale vega diaz

    Love for this song

  3. packaflex

    Oh my good, i love this song. Its absoluth amazing and perfect song, with amazing lead vocal. I love Sheena.

  4. Joshua Galipeau

    fuck, i thought it was mumford and sons.....

  5. jezkn

    Who's he hitting with that stick at 0.38 (sound like he's knocking in nails)

  6. TearisShatteredMoon

    @sneasalmaster Yes some bands are multiple genre's, I am just saying technically they aren't the same but they do compliment each other

  7. sneasalmaster

    @TearisShatteredMoon Somewhat. But a lot of symphonic bands are also technically power, Dragonland and Rhapsody (of fire) being the prime examples. The vast majority of symphonic metal bands are just light power metal with orchestras, so symphonic metal to me is just a subgenre of power metal. They're kind of like early death and thrash in their difference- some call it a different genre, others a subgenre of the latter.

  8. TearisShatteredMoon

    @sneasalmaster No technically they are not the same, although they use alot of the same elements the designing style is different. Symphonic is based on a cross of operatic and cultural musics crossed with metal, speed and power metal are about fast wild and untamed playing and quick strange riffs.

    They cross well together but aren't the same much as horror, sci fi, and sci fan are nto the same but compliment each other nicely

  9. sneasalmaster

    @TearisShatteredMoon saying symphonic is not power is like saying Oi! is not punk.

  10. TearisShatteredMoon

    @brawl5ever Yes they are metal, not power but symphonic but they ARE metal.
    Why do you assume they are not? Ballads are as much a part of metal and rock as headbanging is.

  11. KittyWoman1212

    @brawl5ever - this is classified as symphonic metal.

  12. vern1961

    Most albums have several but my particular favourites are "Arcana", "The Grand Design" and Winter Winds (obviously!). I've not really come across another band with a guitarist quite like Lanvall - Visions of Atlantis have some good bits and I've recently started listening to Krypteria but none can match the particular harmonics and style that Edenbridge achieve.

  13. IfYouPlayThisGameBackwardsShow

    Hey, can you name the songs with the "cadenza" moment? I'm looking for songs like the ones on "Live earth dream" in older albums. I love songs like Paramount, Shadowplay, Whale Rider, "My earth dream" "Remember me" etc.

  14. CheckAgain

    LOVE the lyrics.

  15. SacredHeroV2

    Really epic music
    the beginning i love a LOT!!!

  16. vern1961

    The guitar solo which kicks in around 3:13 on this track is awesome - a real "stairway" moment. There are many examples of this type of cadenza throughout the Edenbridge music collection but this one is a real spine tingler!