Edenbridge - Arcana Lyrics

Here where the dream of Eden waits
The rivers running easy
In their valleys they are slumbering
There the mysteries reveal
By the clearness I can feel
And an island in the stream appears before my eyes
I am hunting lonesome traces in the sand
And someone speaks my name from far away
The ruins of yesterday will disappear
I will reach for the sources of light
As we are all finding our new hemisphere
I am turning just yearning to feel
Feel your dreams, don't toss them away

Ancient myth Arcana, Elysian seas of time
The stones of wisdom shine again, the moonlight hides the rhyme
In long gone days of yore, one thousand years before
The odyssey was in our dreams, Arcana we explore

Here I can feel the inner flame
Could forget what we became
And the false mirages can't deceive, deceive me no more
I am facing countless shadows in despair
But I won't follow them into the gloomy calm aside of light

Ancient myth Arcana, Elysian seas of time
The stones of wisdom shine again, the moonlight hides the rhyme
In long gone days of yore, one thousand years before
The odyssey was in our dreams, Arcana we explore

Thorns of roses that I feel, secrecy under the seal
Hear the tolling of the bell, bring me under your spell
See the mysteries in twilight they're turning away
From darkness to light (into infinity)

Here where the dreams of Eden's near
Leaving to a distant sphere
To Elysian seas of time we ride
I am longing for infinity
Arcana, Arcana

Tonight this journey seals my fate
Far beyond the open gate
To the secret places never seen before
For this final odyssey into
Arcana, Arcana

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Edenbridge Arcana Comments
  1. Xsvis

    November 2019? Anybody?

  2. Muhammad Shahjahann Nazaruddin

    SymphonikAlternativa Gothic Gothess Metal

  3. Michael Davidson

    Such a beautiful song.

  4. Bob Wood

    great band came across them 2 years ago check out empire of the sun great guitar

  5. naresh naresh

    Edenbridge and nightwish is similar to drug addiction cant stop listening to these magnificent peice of music and voice

  6. naresh naresh

    People have not discovered this band here in 2018 i am going to spread this band i am in love with arcana and sunrise in eden. Just like nightwish angelfall first ocean born these were 90s masterpeice

  7. babylon333

    Why has this song so few likes :'(

  8. rudbeckie1

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo! Thanks

  9. Manuel Cardoso

    J'ai découvert,et je trouve que J'aime beaucoup, la chanteuse a une belle voix, et la musique 🎶 excellent

  10. zapfanzapfan

    Amazing voice! Sometimes you find find absolute gems on youtube :-)

  11. SPower s

    I am the one who uploaded this video, somehow my hotmail associated with this account got terminated due to inactivity. Any tips? Thanks!


    Finally got my account back :)


    THAT'S GREAT NEWS ! I personally know these guys since 2010 and was an advisor for THE BONDING. I have gotten MANY die hard Pink Floyd fans into Edenbridge. This song is the one I tend to use for that purpose. Sabine may not be any Tarja Turunen, but in my opinion she doesnt have to be. Her voice is grand just as it is, and is becoming alomost legenday on its own merit! In fact Tarja did some songs with Sabine just a couple years back. A LIVETIME IN EDEN will always be a great concert for me. I am so glad to have lived in an age of fem/symphonic metal. Its changed my life.

    Arvo R

    @kgtmustang lets push it to reaction channels

  12. brian wilson

    thank you for this

  13. brian wilson


  14. Polaris Castillo

    Such a powerful song.

  15. paulo jose Silva

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D2k5jkLlKQ 2:48 beautiful voice of Sabine in the Angra band music....love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Contador Alberto

    It is very grand and fleeting
    Do not listen to without tears.

  17. j.c. wan damme

    Vomen vocals is good ,voice is sweet

  18. Dan Hoerle

    very pretty sweet voice

  19. T G Bråten

    This is very good..!!!

  20. canceralla fabian



    The best of Edenbridge

  21. Alexander Pataki

    I am in love with Sabine Edelsbacher! Austrian women are so gorgeous, smart and classy

  22. Eynar

    Very beautiful; I can imagine relaxing to this alone on a snowy Christmas Eve)) Well done!

    Victor Romero Vega

    Please Invite me

  23. Eynar

    Very beautiful; I can imagine relaxing to this alone on a snowy Christmas Eve)) Well done!

  24. David Smith

    Stunning from start to finish.Pretty much like everything Edenbridge do.Awesome.

  25. Enos Kevyn Araujo Vasconcelos

    I started to meet Edenbridge right now and I will put this song in my metal song collections ( Evanescence, Lacuna coil, Nightwish, After Forever, Visions of Atlantis, Krypteria, Within temptation, Skid Row,Sonata Arctica) xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zestful Zeitgeist

    Enos Kevyn Araujo Vasconcelos lol evanescence????

    Enos Kevyn Araujo Vasconcelos

    ofc dude Evanescence is Metal :)

    Zestful Zeitgeist

    @Enos Kevyn Araujo Vasconcelos no, they're not, they're just hard rock with some gothic elements. Evanescence fans just can't be delusional. They can never hold a candle against legit symphonic metal bands.

    Enos Kevyn Araujo Vasconcelos

    Well, just enjoy the music dude!! If you disagree that Evanescence is metal, for me it does not make any difference. Everyone has its opinions and points of view. Also, why are you the only one saying that? If more people say the same as you, maybe i would change my opinion.
    Greetings dude :)

  26. Julio Enriquez

    Wow!! It sucks not many people know of Edenbridge. This song is a masterpiece and it's on par with great bands such as Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and Epica.

    Marc Moingeon

    That album I bought ages ago, at the time of release.I can't believe that Edenberidge is still going on while not being a bit more famous... success is elusive.. I guess they aren't aggressive enough for metal fans and the fact they're labelled  as metal deter the others to listen to them...  I had followed the works of Lanvall before this but had lost trace. Arcana  - the song - is really magnificent. It appeals to me more than most songs of the bands you mentioned.

    Lord Drewno

    The problem is that this album is the best they've done. Everything else is mediocre. Well, "Arcana" is truly masterpiece, it deserve to be known all over the world, IMO it's at the level of "Mother Earth" by Within Temptation, my favourite album of them.

  27. Drevilrodrigues

    I already knew EDenbridge when i started listened this song, but I didn't knew about this early albums... Then I started hearing it calmly and to my surprise i become attached to the lyrics, to the sound to the song, what a pleasant song... it's the kind of sound to put in the favourites and hear it again and again

  28. Cosmic Velociraptor

    Play it again! :D

  29. Tacobobo1

    Queen only have GOOD songs.

  30. Herrsupersmart

    I don't know of another band with that few bad songs.

  31. MrJappe81

    Angels Fall First had 9 tracks, and it was released 31.12.1996. Oceanborn was released 31.05.1998. Check their official website.

  32. brandonacskeen

    So kick ass!! Glad I found this great band!

  33. Herrsupersmart

    Angels Fall First had 9 tracks+2 bonustracks

  34. arenaskiez

    I have no idea why I thought your avatar was a penis.

  35. StArFX91

    Yup true dat.. Don't forget "Color My Sky"another awesome track from EB!!

  36. Herrsupersmart

    One of best song I ever have listen.

  37. bArb Llancaleo

    hermosa cancion

  38. Raul Cabral

    Voice of an angel!

  39. Basil II Macedonia

    She certainly is...

  40. Dhaat Dhood

    this is a great track!

  41. Crocs

    anyone playing LoL? intro reminds me on it.

  42. NoSoup4you

    Lanvall's masterpiece imo... This is the sound of an artist at the height of their inspiration.

  43. liodhan

    edenbridge is one of my favorite bands.
    But i didn´t like their last two albums =(

  44. canceralla fabian


  45. saltimbank021

    Great, sensual, poetic Music!
    So... you have an New Fan for long time ! I hope to see you one Day, stay yourself EDENBRIDGE !

  46. Warren Cash

    @inukikyo89 Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield

  47. Plop

    Does anyone know which kind of guitars which were used on this track, aside from the electrical guitar?

  48. Jakub Novák

    @mandowarrior123 thanks man, this is GREAT :) I really love this intro

  49. liodhan

    ahhhh, wish they returned to their old music of theirs, at least something a bit more similar. The new albums of edenbridge......=/

  50. Raul Cabral

    To elysian seas of time we ride, ohh! I am longing for infinity!

  51. luluMoonlight

    My new fave song! x)) <3

  52. Alice

    @mandownwarrior123 this tabs are excellent! thank you ;D

  53. Paul Rosbotham

    Sabine is so beautiful

  54. Warren Cash

    @luthienny333 uhh i will tab the string name when changing (hard to tab properly on here) and give you a bit of the intro: (^=bend / = slide)
    Let me know if it helps its not all the intro but i can do it if yu want. also ask if you need in another format.

  55. VAMPIRE3364

    this is my first time listening to them and i have to say they rock lovley lovley job :)

  56. TheLegendaryDreamer2

    @StarlitNox they're still together.

  57. Alice

    I can't find tabs of this song... Someone hepl me?

  58. Athos

    Guauuu!!! Que hermosa cancion!!!! Me mató la parte instrumental....una melodia muy linda!!!

  59. polgaranna

    Beautiful song. I still love My Earth Dream better - it was such a gorgeous album, but then I dont think there is an Edenbridge song I dislike - they're all fantastic :)

  60. Henry Lu17

    So amazing!!!

  61. babylon333

    Best song of Edenbride!!! Epic

  62. Pedro Miranda

    This song is really really good. Edenbridge is an underrated band, probably because they were put in the same bag as Nightwish clones, but they have very impressive and original songs. This one is the pinnacle of their career. IMHO

  63. Gordon Bell

    Sabine top 5 female voices.

  64. bellvadearbird

    10 minutes of Win! :D

  65. Eduardo Huerta Galindo

    I can´t tell what i feel when i listen this song . its come inside and let me a deep sensation of spiritual peace.

  66. babylon333

    yeah sure!!! :SSSS???

  67. empecinado1978

    Es una canción preciosa.

  68. TarjaSenpai

    I Iove this song so much

  69. LadyLetheSiren

    This is my first time listening to them. I must say this is lovely vocal work, and overall a very dreamy song. Thank you for the upload!

  70. TearisShatteredMoon

    love it thank you

  71. CheckAgain

    Love how it fades out at the end.

  72. BigPerkele

    Simply awesome...

  73. kocia mama

    najlepszy,epicki kawalek!
    co za energia i wokal

  74. Adam Szeptycki

    Piękny kawałek,anielski wokal.

  75. Raul Becek

    i loooovee this song!!

  76. damurx

    One of the best and beautifullest songs i've ever heard!

  77. Raul Becek

    i love this song...
    i loveeee

  78. Raul Becek

    amazing... i love that's song.... is inspiring

  79. Juan Cadavid

    It's so inspiring... it brings that sense of beauty of life you perceive not very often in life :)