Eddy Arnold - My Sweet Lord Lyrics

My sweet Lord, my sweet Lord how, my, my Lord
I really want to see you, really want to feel you
Really want to see you, Lord, but it takes so long, my Lord
My sweet Lord, my, my, my Lord, my sweet Lord

I really want to know you, really want to go with you
Really want to show you, Lord, that it won't take long, my Lord
My sweet Lord, mhm, my Lord, my sweet Lord

I really want to see you, really want to see you
Really want to see you, Lord, really want to see you, Lord
But it takes so long, my Lord, my sweet Lord, my, my
My Lord, my sweet Lord

I really want to know you, really want to go with you
Really want to show you, Lord, that it won't take long, my Lord
My sweet Lord, mhm, my Lord, my sweet Lord

My sweet Lord, my, my, my Lord, my sweet Lord
Mhm, my Lord...
I really want to see you...

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Eddy Arnold My Sweet Lord Comments
  1. Alex Ricci_guitar

    One of the most beautiful message in a song... everyone of us should be our brother!

  2. No War

    Vixi mano...ôxi!!

  3. Charlooot

    do lang do lang do lang

  4. Cruz Knight Templar

    Merry Christmas to you all 2020

  5. Emilson jose da silva

    trop beau

  6. Sandeep Singla

    My Sweat George Harrison , I really miss u.......

  7. Oscar Miño

    George un grande fue y sera

  8. Gavril Balan


  9. Stephen Craig

    Hare Krishna

  10. Bread_Outlaw

    I don't know why but this song hits different while doing homework.

  11. Child Of The King

    Sad truth is the Lord he is referring to is Hari Krishna and not Jesus Christ the true Lord, The Messiah, The Savior of the world. There is no other way. Hari Krishna could save no one. I hope he learned the truth before his death. John 3:16, John 14:6, Romans 10:9-10

    fiZ Anthony

    Jesus did not teach you to judge others. George is a blessed soul, just enjoy the music. Silence is Golden

  12. david jockusch

    He is singing of KRISHNA

  13. Kevin Barton

    Song !


  14. Harley

    Such a beautiful song from a beautiful soul

  15. Xavier Antillon

    It's too listen good music like George Harrison rip

  16. Curtis Schmidt

    Overlooking the beach at Riviera Maya listening, and reflecting...definitely the most underrated Beatle...

  17. R P

    Elvis' principal guru was Jesus. He was aware of Krsna and Buddha and the reason why they came into the world.

  18. R P

    Don't forget Elvis was also a deeply spiritual man. He was very humble and generous.

  19. Benedito Pires

    Meu Deus que saudades dos meu tempos

  20. viktor syvyryn


  21. Kevin Barton

    Good song .

    Enjoy .

  22. Luiz Kowalski

    Merry Crhristmas my Friends. My swet Lord

  23. Georgina Coffey

    Great tune😀

  24. ron schraper

    one of the best songs ever, even if you are a non believer

  25. Sandeep Singla

    Wow u r Worthy......

  26. Teddolf !!!

    Guys it’s not taking about god it’s talking about hati Cristina idk how to say it but I think it’s like that but it’s a cult

  27. Lindy Primo

    I really wanted to see you
    you WEREN'T ready for me
    yet, so till then...
    "2020" time will tell!

  28. Lindy Primo

    GOOD morning starshine
    My SWEET Lord came thru AGAIN!!...😍🔔😇

  29. Givanildo soares

    Feliz ano novo para todos!

  30. Bishop Fuller

    Merry Christmas 2019

  31. Terry Martin 9

    12k idiots don’t like this song 🤷‍♂️ must be deaf

  32. Bruno Porro

    Dove sei mio Dolce Signore 1970-2019

  33. Maria Moreira

    Amei sempre linda através dos tempos

  34. Fernanda F.

    Man, what kind of prayer is that? I wanna to reaxh Lord.with body and soul. And George is the road for ir.

  35. Pete Feriozzi

    If you want to go to heaven here's how to get there have you ever seen a parade in your life when you're watching a parade you do not see the whole thing all at once do you you only see each band go by but God is like a helicopter pilot he looks down and he can see the whole parade all at one time that's the way he sees your life you seize the day you were born in the day you will die anything you have done wrong in your whole life that would put you in out or keep you from heaven God took all of our sin and he put it on Jesus it's already been paid for..the second you believe this fact you can KNOW you are going to heaven...

  36. Françoise Coeurdelouve

    Cette chanson me donne des frissons à chaque écoute. ✨💖✨

  37. Desde otra perspectiva.

    Feliz nuevo ciclo solar con la ayuda de todos los dioses y diosas de paz, equilibrio y amor.

  38. Anveksha rai

    Hare Krishna 🙏📿

  39. Linda Hlad

    I love the Beatles!

  40. Danny Boy


  41. jai mansinghnai

    Jesus -i am son of god no one can beat me
    Krishna - if you are bad then I am your dad

  42. jai mansinghnai

    This song is about hare Krishna not about jesus listen properly

    Sandeep Singla

    What do u want to say

    Herb of Grace Genetics

    Thus it is quite obvious that the singer believes in a singular, higher power. However, Mr. Harrison himself did not submit wholly to any particular religious doctrine. So even though the artist may have been studying Eastern religions at the time of this track’s release, he did not have an identifiable religion. As such, knowledgeable listeners will be able to ascertain that he uses terminology from both the Christian and Hindu faiths in “My Sweet Lord”.

  43. the diamond kid

    My grandma has listened to this song several times and I've never known what it was called or who sang it. Now from sheer luck about a george harrison, which mentioned this song, i realized that kinda sounded like the hook to the song my grandma plays. Wow, took me long enough

  44. keerat panwar


    Amit Bs

    = Mohammad not allah

  45. Nicolai Boensch

    Probably the best Krishna song written by a member of the Beatles...

  46. Kevin Barton

    Jeremiah 29:11 . George loves this bible verse I am sure .

  47. R. Fazor

    In several Top 500 list of the greatest songs of all time, this has hit #1 a few times. Stairway to Heaven, Light My Fire, Bohemian Rhapsody, Bridge Over Troubled Water and My Sweet Lord seem to take No. 1 at various times.

  48. Papa_Bonaire

    Lol Only heard about this song because it was plagiarized


    Really?? That's crazy. It's a great song. Glad he did it. 🤷‍♂️

    Deathkno dd

    Lol unless it was word for word, note for note off the chiffons song "he's so fine" it wasn't even close to being plagiarized. The chiffons just wanted to start shit.

  49. Matt

    No importa que tan ateo sean no podran rechazar esta pieza musical

  50. Alejandro Gutierrez

    The most beautiful written song to our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ. Thank you Mr. Harrison.


    Alejandro Gutierrez You’re kidding right? This has nothing to do with Jesus.

    GH was being deliberately deceptive in this song. He said as much in his autobiography.

  51. jardinero de jesus

    sr.gracias por aser sentir un bello amor al habrir mi corazon hacia ti.
    bendito sr.

  52. Hiro Filipinas

    George got in trouble with this song! Plagiarized "He's so fine" and paid $1.5 Million for copyright infringement.


    Dont matter 🤷‍♂️ glad he did then. Cause it's an amazing song.

  53. Jamel Ramseur

    I don't believe in Krishna, I believe in Christ. But this song makes me think of him every time I listen, so I'll keep this song on repeat.

  54. Herb of Grace Genetics

    really want to know you
    I really want to go with you
    Really want to show you, Lord
    That it won't take long, my Lord

    My sweet Lord
    Mm, my Lord
    My my my Lord

  55. Kevin Barton

    Hymn . Rock solid .


    Merry Christmas !

  56. Dean Viescas

    George carried the Beatles wrote and arranged all the music for Lennon and McCartney melodies but ever got credit for his music or arrangements without him the Beatles would have never made it

    Peter Davis

    Do I think that Georgia's contributions to the Beatles were vastly underrated, 100%, was he solely responsible for arranging Lennon and McCartney's compositions, it's hard to say, I do think that he wasn't credited enough for the work he did on their songs, I also think Paul McCartney frankly wasn't given enough credit for his role in keeping the band together, essentially leading it for the last 3 years and giving them some of their greatest hits..

    Peter Davis

    Doesn't take away from the fact that this is one of the greatest songs of all time!

    Joe Carter

    There seem to be some seriously mentally ill people on this thread.

    Peter Davis

    @Joe Carter I don't care too much about any of this... as far as I'm concerned, Paul McCartney brought George into the Beatles the same way Lindsey Buckingham brought Stevie Nicks into Fleetwood Mac.. in the end, they were the Beatles

  57. krill larios

    Waiting for a new year.. 2020 ..listening to eternity.

  58. Betsy Salcedo

    Sweet Lord. When you find the Lord. Celebration. Joy and Merry Christmas.🙏🐦

  59. Mike Moran

    Merry Christmas to all!

  60. Ramon Sanchez

    My lord you are the best.

  61. Maurício Bueno da Silva

    Linda música para curtir com uma linda mulher, entendi.

  62. Russell Gore

    Any other listeners on Christmas day of 2019?


    not Christmas Day, but today. oh, for sure today my friend. oh yes.

  63. Bow Tie

    Supersonic solo

  64. nishkarsha dawadi

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare !!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  65. Sandeep Singla

    Merry Christmas to all viewers......

  66. elvan ali

    Merry Christmas too you all <3

  67. emma la douce

    joyeux Noël à tous et toutes 🎄🤶😘💋🎉🎵💕🙏💞🍾🥂🎶😄💝🎄🍀🌻🎻💖🦁🌍🌎🌏🌐🗺️☀️ 🌝 bisous à tous 🤞💞💝💚💕💙☀️💪

  68. Chris k

    Thanks all yr kind replies , really cheared me up .

  69. Kim Senior

    She’s so fine my arse, all out to make a quick buck from a musical genius!

  70. David Tenhundfeld

    Thats where ol' George b up there with His Sweet Lord. See u soon🎸

  71. Ely Miguel

    Hare Krishna!!!

    keerat panwar

    This means you know everything about beatles

  72. Ely Miguel

    Feliz Natal mundo maravilhoso que amo de todo meu coração! Viva O Amor!!!

  73. Ely Miguel

    We Are One! We Love You! My Sweet Lord!

  74. Zach S

    Merry Christmas my sweet Lord.

  75. Melkin

    No es que crea demasiado en un ser celestial y que casualidad que me encanta esta canción 😢



  76. Dj.amarildo Wodan

    Eu aqui em pleno dia 24 de dezembro ouvindo essa linda canção do passado.vou ficar aqui nos anos 60/70/80/não quero nem ver 2019 passar...

    Cézar Guedes

    Perfeitamente. ..01,30 de 25 12 19...e feliz 2020 !!!

  77. Dale Harvey

    George Harrison was really good with the beatles.

  78. Cona Chimal

    Feliz navidad, a todo el mundo🌎 recordandocon está canción el nacimiento de un ser que trascendió hasta nuestro tiempo.

    Alejandro Bucefalo.

    Feliz Navidad y oremos por todos los seres vivos y la humanidad. Hoy se celebra el nacimiento de JESÚS DE NAZARET, EL CRISTO. SALUDOS.

    Carolanne lady

    You too

    Sabino Diaz

    Completame de acuerdo

  79. Saud Luís Saud Rodriguez

    Um Feliz Natal de Belo Horizonte para todos 24/12/2019

    Cézar Guedes

    Feliz 2020....falando de Uberlândia MG.

    Maria Eduarda Duda

    Feliz 2020 falando de São Paulo!

  80. M. M.

    RIP in Peace ! 2019

  81. Gwynaran

    I've just got shirt with George Harrison on christmas 😁 have a good time, peace ✌️

    Hamez sb

    Merry Christmas


    lucky you xxx

  82. anni deacs

    merry christmas

  83. mreille garcia


  84. Lucimar Lucia

    Amo ouvir!!

  85. Viictor

    I presented this as a kid at school, now listening to this brings all back

    marco antonio lofego lobo

    I was 13 when he released the album. 😆

  86. katt M

    I am listening!! ♥ ♥♥♥ MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL 😊

  87. Jack Black

    Merry Christmas word fuck you north korea

  88. Kevin Barton

    Good song .

  89. The Liverpool Propagandist

    Merry Christmas.

    I Am The Walrus

    Merry Christmas! <3

  90. Marisa helena Oliveira

    Dia.24Dezembro...2019...amo.ouvir 💖💖

  91. Tatiana R

    Did you guys realize that in some of this song is about wanting to die? I mean He says He wants to be with God but it takes so long, so to be with God in that way you must die.
    I'm shook, now that i see the lyrics, and I see them that way, I don't feel this song the same way, I think is sad now.

    Sandeep Singla

    Brother, GOD is Eternal n universal truth.

  92. Tatiana R

    Vengan ¿Se dan cuenta de que la letra en parte trata de desear morirse? Porque habla de querer estar con Dios pero que toma mucho tiempo, y para poder estar con Dios de esa forma uno tendría que morirse... 😮 No siento ya la canción de la misma forma...

  93. Lisa Kell

    Rest with the angels sweet angel George 😇Thank you for this song and you 😇

  94. Daniel fer

    Hoy 23 de diciembre acabo de fallecer un familiar que era un padre para mí y está era su canción favorita, dónde quieras que estés espero que estes bien, hasta siempre.

    asonal trabavaria

    Hare Krishna