Eazy-E - Only If You Want It Lyrics

Only if you want it
Yes I really want it

Can I get an eye open up
Eazy locin' up
Smokin' up
Much dust like a nut what
Give it up for the real stuff
Shut the what up
Back the shut up what
Hustler from the hood hoe
Hopin' and mud rub
The finishin' touches
Would sure went rubbers
Comin' in bunches
Could serve like lunches
Hold ya horses here's where the source is
Not very tall but never took a short kid
With a clip to claw
Wouldn't draw Mcgraw
I trick a law before all and all I'm raw
A naughty shorty, sporty with a forty
A laddy takin' tours, just to plan an orgy
A nasty critter, any hoe hitter
Hated my babysitter cause she wouldn't let me hit her
Now get up on it, on and on get on it
And I will pump it, only if you want it.

Only if you want it
Yes I really want it

Here's something from the ding dong cause
I really care how long ya been strong grown
Here comes the switch dome chrome
Couldn't hang with the king
Out the rudder but I call for a yes y'all toots
My style is just as fresh as a dusch bush
I face ya fact throw a heck just like woody wooder
And if I left that means I should of booger
Here's a new track, for all the jacks
I'm kickin' it the hardest so gimmie my shoes back
So I live when I step it's the pimp
And I rep so make a right and get left quick
So try to play strong and long gone
The flow is kinda funky but far from Armstrong
Get up on it, on and on get on it
And I will pump it, only if you want it.

Only if you want it
Yes I really want it

Ooooooh a new jack! a new jack!

Kid I swear I saw a puddy cat
Back back smack, here comes a witty black
Endin' in a skull high I'm bout to show why
Eazy's fillin' caps cause my gat's in the low ride
Bang when the gat sneaks, two in the back seat
My homie rides shotgun waitin' to spot one
Duh is a fool who don't ride to slide to a ride
I'm shudder shakin' the place when I start hey
So don't butter, Eazy-E but a park hey
The only thing to flow these now to be fly is a feather
I see the smilin' faces of while they sick
Ya know me better, hard Rodney kid
Gettin' Cali kid, now ya know it boy
Left up in the alley dead
Now get up on it, on and on get on it
And I will pump it, only if you want it.

Only if you want it
Yes I really want it

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Eazy-E Only If You Want It Comments
  1. Jorgue luis Mendoza chavez

    Like x él morro tumbado!😎

  2. Niki Mitrovic


  3. Niki Mitrovic


  4. TyRhey Jones

    Awwww his son lil Eazy in his video

  5. E2CM

    So this is what Ryder do when he's not in a mission. *INTERESTING*

  6. Evgene Alimpiev


  7. Boner Stoner

    This was garbage then, this garbage now

  8. breemichelle kelly

    2:15 what was that

  9. Niki Mitrovic


  10. dollasign mwp

    RIP Eazy-E

  11. Kane Parker


  12. Stanka Mitrovic


  13. youtaejp 13

    that chics are grandmaas now... shit. they where hot

  14. Marzzyy 77

    Showed this too to grass

    I mean its still grass but when I play it, it wavesss

  15. Mikayla

    When the girls went: 🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟

  16. Stanka Mitrovic


  17. Russian Assassin Pro

    Remember if you listen to Eazy-E in 2020

    Damn man your music tastes are great

  18. killTheWabbit

    Is it just me or is the audio a little messed up?

  19. John Short


  20. Hossam Medhat

    I wanna know what is the kind of that car that jumping in her place

  21. its yo boy epic

    Just the kid getting twerked on

  22. caua games

    rydar gta sa

  23. scarecrow dixon

    Straight gangsta E

  24. Oceans808

    Cube, Dre, Snoop....fake gangsters.

  25. Gustavo Gonzalez

    Where he at in hip hop evolution? Talking about wack snoop

  26. Felipe Ferraz

    28 janeiro 2020 , love lowrider

  27. Big Lez

    Those girls are about thirtys to sixtys

  28. голова

    гладко стелит

  29. rich rich

    he’s better than da baby

  30. gio merebashvili

    R.I.P Kobe 🖤

  31. Carlos Ghosn's Mexican brother

    I still can't believe he was gay tho.

    The Barbaric Ram

    He neva was Bitch

  32. Shiggy Shi

    Yo the baby boy has the realest vibe...

    Carlos Ghosn's Mexican brother

    He a grown ass man now.

  33. M A C M I L L E R F A N

    I researched and Google told me he died for HIV actually i'm like " really can somebody dies for HIV " because I thought the HIV don't kill you just make you weak , maybe he was murdered or he got sick

    Carlos Ghosn's Mexican brother

    If Suge Night is involved, you can die from anything. But only if he want it.

  34. MR 53R1U5

    Tha hip hop thugsta

  35. Aceof SPADES

    Nick Shetler set this surge off 🧨

    Aceof SPADES

    With help

  36. Aceof SPADES


  37. Anthony Cardona

    When your mom wont leave until you put something on cuz its cold outside.

  38. Christian Cruz

    Real gangsta rap!!

  39. Giller TV

    No puede ser cierto que yo sea el único latino que escuche esto todos los malditos dia

  40. Jeremy's Joy

    Can you believe 1 million of the views are from me. 😏

  41. Annunaki

    It was his voice but lyrics from DOC Cube and Ren that really made him the godfather of gangsterrap, at least in my opinion.

  42. That Developer

    Only If you want it

  43. Luke3oneO

    Great editing

  44. blake ellis

    Is that his son with the shades on?
    I just saw that dude In a Vlad interview

  45. Peter F

    Eazy muthapukkin E tha hip-hop thugsta! R I P

  46. Adrian Garcia

    Showing love to the big beauties on 2:20

  47. Miguel Sotero

    Real gee shit.

  48. Ad Ad

    Rap 1980s late -1990s die #RealHipHopDie

  49. illegalTV

    when I look at pictures of people who died I have a bad feeling about it but this still makes me feel like he's alive on the inside by his words and his image as a real OG

  50. Aaron Davis

    Drake and lil whatever his name might be need to listen,THIS IS GENUINE GANGSTA RAP,no auto tune the beats although samples can still be performed live if the gig calls for it,Eazy is actually telling a story most likely relevant to his former life before the game,no dumb shit about how he has more money or a bigger chain,all the young kids in the rap game needs to honor where their genre came from,rap sucks these days


    И этот человек так и не озвучил гта сан андреас (

  52. Diego Anater


  53. J and k stop-motion Films

    Who listening in 2020🔥🔥


    Rider cuando traiciono a CJ y el barrio y se fue a san fierro

  55. Lewis Pusey


  56. Adlibs223 killsson

    eazy e will neva go outta style type shit

  57. RapSp2050

    Rap nacional 🇧🇷💬📀📀📀

  58. nimmy yousaf

    Porn 😂

  59. Axel Logic

    I’m 13 and no one at my school no who Eazy e is when I dressed up for him at my 90s dance

    Nick Gurr

    Axel Logic nobody cares kid, your taste in music isn’t something people care about


    Your costume probably just sucked


    the same, but i'm 15 and i'm from Argentina lol

    Ketsu - Aru

    @Geo even if it was good kids wouldn't know

    Blue Yoshi

    Same but I’m 12

  60. ᗯEՏLEγ

    Algum brasileiro? 🇧🇷

  61. WP_ Hicks

    God replaying this you never how god like his flow was

  62. WP_ Hicks

    Is that lil eazy e?

  63. MrSturonestro

    They cut something out ?
    Check 0:36


    2020 legendary song and legendary rapper eazy e! 😍i

  65. Axel Logic

    We not gon talk about that kids

    MacMcNerd pro GAMING

    we not gonna talk about the fortnte kid in the comment section of a gangta rap song

    Axel Logic

    MacMcNerd pro GAMING I can’t like gangsta rap I love easy e some of the new rap sucks

    Axel Logic

    MacMcNerd pro GAMING and how you know I’m not just a Fortnite kid

  66. Jose Eduardo Preciado Bernbe

    R.I.P Eazy E

  67. Tainan Rodrigues

    O MELHOR!!!eterno.

  68. Марат Дегенерат

    Modern Rappers: trying to be a gangster.
    Eazy-E: trying to be a rapper.


    Michael Tracy

    The trying to be a rapper phase was back when he rapped Boyz N The Hood, he's pretty much a rapper at this point in his career. Keep it movin' music noob.

    Марат Дегенерат

    @Michael Tracy Oh..
    Look. I even don't understand what he talks (only if i turn on subtitles, but still do not really understand). Cause i'm not enough good in English. In general in listening. Sorry

  69. Kott UA

    Eazy e = Raider
    Gta San Andreas

    Argentino Gamer

    Fack you

  70. Ngaphansing Zimik

    Anyone 2020✌

    Eric B

    Ngaphansing Zimik it on

  71. Beast Elise

    Only if ya want ittttt


    *2020* Cool

  73. Tashaun Thompson

    You can definitely tell that Treach wrote this lol

  74. marko radosavljevic

    2020 who still listens? :]

  75. Hoodrat Pat

    Who’s bumping Eazy in this new decade of 2020?!?!

  76. lil ik vevo



    mann bitches was bad asf back then🤷🏽‍♂️🤣

  78. Kamil

    YouTube 10 years later

  79. Jeff

    2020 & ive just found this.


    Me too!

  80. jonathan santos

    This is actual music and non of that mumble shit !!!

  81. Shana Wimbley

    Still my hubby


    This is pure authentic real hard core street rap......not these mumble raps that's out today that you can't understand what they are saying or never the less talking about.

  83. Llama

    who in 2020?

  84. Pani Anita

    Great song, great video

  85. el sorinho

    so hammer geil easy e s stimme

  86. fuck you

    It’s 2020 .........first comment of the year😎

  87. Amaleah Helton