Easton, Sheena - Half A Heart Lyrics

Endless nights
All alone
Days turn to weeks and I wait
But you never show
Those tender words
You whisper near
They promised so much
Did I hear what I want to hear?
All the love that we made
Was it just a charade
You're tearing my world apart

Anyone with half a heart
Would never start me believing
Then hurt me by leaving
Anyone with half a heart
Would never start and then end it
They way you pretended oh, no, no

Give me all your live
I don't need half a heart

You give it up
For your man
But comes a time when
A girl's got to
Take a stand
You put me through
All your moves
I've taken so much
That I've got
Nothing left to lose

Everybody could see
Everybody but me
Believing was the hardest part


I need to find a man
Someone who understands
I'm worth the time and then
I'll give him all my heart
Don't need someone
Who will hit and then run
When he's done making love to me
Won't let you tear me apart


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