Easton, Sheena - All I Ask Of You Lyrics

Look in my eyes
There are no tears left to cry
Gone is the hurt deep inside
They said would heal with time, oh, oh
Look at my soul
I will bare all that you need to know
Though I'm scared
No I won't let it show
Cos I pray this love will never let me go

All I ask of you
Is to promise me that your love will be true
Even though it's such an easy thing to do
Don't break my heart in two
That's all I ask of you

Deep down inside I'm afraid
That someone will steal you away
Guess I still recall the pain, hey
You and I
Must be faithful whatever the price
Even though there may be sacrifice
Well our love will surely stand the test of time


High up in the sky
There is a star that shines
Just for you and I
Our love it burns so bright


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Easton, Sheena All I Ask Of You Comments
  1. patcharisma

    Please post "Dance Away The Blues".... - NOW!

  2. patcharisma

    Where is "Dancew Away The Blues" (from Album) - Hello??

  3. Jamie Lim

    One of my favourite song from My Cherie 👍🏻

  4. Udaynatha Chen

    My True Divine Love

  5. tadashi tezuka


  6. Mel Kel


  7. Sev Marano

    anybody knows who sang the male version of this song?

  8. ruth zaballero

    great song and lyrics, thank you so much Sheena Easton, love your song!