Earle, Steve - You Broke My Heart Lyrics

This evening when the sun goes down
And you're pain'ted up and gone to town
Won't be walkin' up and down and wonderin' where you are
Used to sit up waitin' by the door
I don't worry 'bout that anymore
Like I used to 'cause it was before you broke my heart

I used to be a happy guy
Not too sad and never cry
But then every lie you ever told me did it's part
Then you come around and make amends
Can you promise not to stray again
And I always took you back and then you broke my heart

I should have known you would never change
My poor heart won't ever be the same
All I can do is blame it on the moon again
For a memory that never ends
Of one evening gone forever when you broke my heart

Days will pass, seasons come and go
I expect no less than nothin' so
I got nothin' left that I can
Show for all my tears and pain
But the emptiness it still remain
And I'll never love again because you broke my heart

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Earle, Steve You Broke My Heart Comments
  1. Nick Landry

    Pure Texas tune straight outta Bob Wills/Hank. Terrific. This album just keeps getting better every time I listen to it!

  2. Mark Chaney

    Just Great.

  3. John Lauber

    Nice song Steve!