Earl Sweatshirt - Wool Lyrics

[Vince Staples:]
Soon as I catch the vibe tell 'em to fetch the hearse
Shorty I’m pressin' lines lifting the Lauren shirt
Tell her to bless the girth if she with it
I’m in that kitchen, wrist water whippin'
Sike nigga, I don’t do that
Niggas get blue blacked and blown away
Wessons making Mexicans wetbacks like orale
Okay, I’m on to something
Momma should've told you it’d be days like this
It’s just a tale from the crip
I’m on my séance shit, I’m tryna' make a million dollars
Keep it hood while crossing over on some A.I. shit
I need a foreign baby momma to match a nigga model whip
Ramona Park made me from scratch
A lot of lotto picks lost in this game called rap
I be the underdog
Bullet hit his forehead, it exit out his under arm
Ain’t nobody bigger than my hood, my nigga, fuck a boss
Baby momma killer, you offended and I fuck her raw
Stretchy doin' federal time for bustin' at the law
And he gonna be a neighbor of mine, you played me for a pawn
Shorty I be swimmin' with sharks, your posse full of prawns
Pistols rip his body apart, now he afraid of dark alleyways
Niggas better listen to what the pastor say

[Earl Sweatshirt:]
It's golf on that.. bitch, it's golf on that ball cap
I guzzle the tall boy, Jehovah ain’t call back
And ya’ll still debating over Earl music
Troops got the group nationwide moving merch units crazy
Peanut butter to paisley, walking down the street
In the different color McGrady's, that first grader was me
Now my fist full of splifs and an old baker receipts
Bitches grip the stick and jerky like cold shanks of the beef, dry
I’m taking purses like they chances in the evening
Pick your pants up, boy, you dancing with a demon
On my momma I been limiting my features
Filling swishers up with reefer
Bitch, it's difficult to beat him like a soft dick
Golf clique deep and we don't hit the streets passive
That nigga Sweaty got the gas and Shreddy k brought the matches
Put your body down in water like a Lipton tea bag is
Switch to different fucking whip to let them piggies speed passed em
It's the rats, try and get the cheese
What it do? Rap like I'm mincing meat
Call me Lou, if I'm on a track niggas skip to me
Niggas want to fade me, bitches feel some type of way for me
50's in my pocket falling out like fucking baby teeth
Vince be with the rocket, he gone pop it when it’s danger round
Fingertips to tapers, now, salute us when you face us
Give a fuck about the moves all these loser niggas making now

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Earl Sweatshirt Wool Comments
  1. Justin LionTree

    Ladies and gentlemen Earl is as good as any rapper Ever.... On GOD

  2. N3K Cyclone

    Anyone listening in 2020?

  3. Matthews Santos

    Whip whip

  4. Gerry Fernandez

    how tf you go from this and doris to feet of clay😐 like come on earl, like ik his dad died but i wanna see earl fulfill his potential

  5. Ahsan Euese

    I'll give this a 2

  6. Cato Mine

    I dont like shit is the album form of bipolar

  7. Michael Garcia

    Earl's flow is so complex I love it
    Crazy rhyme schemes

  8. big andy

    This shit still slaps 2019 yuhh

  9. Simontheseshmaster

    An absolute banger🔥🔥🔥

  10. apple meki

    Absolute legend. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Jason Clum

    Vince,earl and rocky need make a collab

  12. Divine Peace

    Like a soft dick

  13. Tanner VanCamp

    Forever a banger

  14. Join The Party

    Earl has the best beats 🌊

  15. roaminhomin

    I completely forgot about this song...used to listen to it all the time in my Koreatown apartment

  16. Dylan Tubbert

    "Told you he could rap. Dumb mother fucka" tyler was always right about earl

  17. Jason Koo

    my fav vince verse is either this one or his feature on Q's ride out.

  18. PoloBoy Tu


  19. Bunchlox

    Man this song is fucking COLD

  20. big salad


  21. Oscar Castillo

    Holy fuck, this album is fire

  22. Stinker Rick Official

    Earl and Vince ≥ OutKast

  23. Jay Flamez__

    50s falling out my pocket like fuckin baby teeth😭😭😭😭

  24. Fight Stage!

    Earl is a beast bruh and Vince is a monster wft 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Aristocratic Penguin

    2:07 "rap like im mincin meat" that a mf doom reference?

    F Respects

    Probably, earl has said multiple times one of his inspirations is MF DOOM

  26. Christos Makys

    γιατι σπασανε οι bong da city?

  27. David Garcia

    Well fetch the hearse bois

  28. suicide LEOPARD

    Earl, Vince, and Mac Miller could have dropped the best album of all time. IDGAF earl, mac, and vince all amazing people and never disappoint

  29. Christopher Adams

    Niggas still ain’t realize this Vince verse was legendary and just as good as Hive

    boi thunda

    Christopher Adams Earl did better

    Jordan B

    @boi thunda Earl is better tho

    boi thunda

    Jordan B ik

    Ryan Sansaricq

    Soon as I catch the vibe tell em to fetch the hearse is Vince's best line ever that shit was cold

    Willie Robinson

    @Ryan Sansaricq its golf on that... *beat pause* BITCH

  30. Ernest Afoakwah

    Vince always brings out the best in Earl.

  31. Newman Posey

    "Peanut butter to Paisley, walking down the street in the different color McGrady's, that first grader was me" That line hit so hard. I used to wear different colored T-Macs as a little kid. True hoopers know

  32. Nico Ocaranza

    when earl says “if im on the track niggas skip to me”


  33. NegroKetchum


  34. Darren Graham

    its so obvious to hear these two elevate each other. Sick duo


    Still fucking legendary

  36. Ollie

    Y’all sleep on Vince Staples

  37. alex onuliak

    damn this shit is sinister

  38. kkkflashmob jihad

    Nigaas wanna fade me bitches feel some kinda way for me 50s in my pocket falling out like fucki. Baby teeth

  39. Gustavo Nuñez

    Oh shit the last song

  40. taco

    Had to come back bc of ImDontai

  41. Benoit Bvg

    "Category : *Comedy* "

  42. Rory O'Gorman

    2:14 ybn nahmir has some explaining to do

  43. Evan Brunner

    Soon as i catch the vibe tell em to fetch the hearse

  44. Cameron Karr

    Earl x Vince
    Best Duo

  45. 1DayVd

    Earl was FLOATING on that beat at the end of that verse

  46. rippeter

    you broke the rules

  47. Angelina Bryant

    how does this only have a mil views, this shit fire this whole album is fuckin fire

  48. OBA

    "call me lou, if im on the track these niqqas skip to me" still breaking my ankles in 2018

  49. Λathos

    poli bong da city gamhse alania

  50. Hip-Hop Ranker

    Vince and earl is always dope

  51. Nate Brack

    50s in my pocket fallin out like fuckin baby teeth

  52. Kylp L

    Songs sick,, can’t believe the way either of them executed this. Not to mention the straight BARS. 💯

  53. Smiggleguy

    Tyler the creater would have killed this

  54. Meow Phantom

    "Bullet hit his forehead, it exit out his underarm" Vince mentions before in a couple freestyles "kill my enemies like the Kennedys" dang

  55. Kig V2

    I used this instrumental:
    Crazy shit, don't lose your mind!

  56. oogwe 2007

    Zombie anthem

  57. Aaron Spence


  58. Michael Anderson

    Call me Lou if I'm on the tracc niggas skip to me...... just fuccin madness

  59. Dayan Barron

    Staples Went Hard Af On This

  60. sayso pdx


  61. ABC DEF

    Vince Staples wastes his time 90 percent of the time on bad beats, but when he’s on an Earl song, he fucking goes in.

    Mary Price

    Vince picks some absolutely fucked beats and I cannot agree with you on that at all

  62. Rene Torres

    Who skipped to earl? 😂😂

    JTR Hockey Productions

    Rene Torres no one vince is a beast

    Caleb PomoneZa

    I don't normally like Vince but yeah, he killed it on this song.

  63. Dennis Azatyan

    2017 anyone

  64. doctor Bnasty

    this nigga said "fifties in my pocket falling out like fucking baby teeth" barsss

  65. Not My Faultz

    Name a better duo

  66. Marco


  67. SuperHerro1234

    This nigga Vince said, "bullet hit is forehead and exit out his underarm," the only way that's possible if he's standing at the side of him and the guy is on his knees.


    thats the point

  68. Elis Knight

    Earl jumper - cotton ft. Victor Paperclips

  69. #1Dad

    Vince bodied earl, he always does but some of his solo shit falls flat.. Idk

  70. Yahviva

    1:39 - 2:28🔥

    Chad The African Bullfrog

    0:00 - 2:34 🔥

  71. Yahviva

    0:08 -0:57 🔥

  72. Sneggs

    Can someone explain to me what they are talking about in this song?

  73. ilay

    This is the best one

  74. Ryan Sansaricq

    vince has some of the coldest opening lyrics in his verses

    "soon as I catch the vibe tell 'em to fetch the hearse" is up there with "school couldn't get me into heaven and heaven couldn't get me in a bitch bed"

  75. Jay

    this album was so dope i had to buy it on vinyl to add to my collection & it was worth every penny

  76. Rap Critic

    "Pick your pants up boy, you're dancin' with a demon" Legit chills everytime. 🔥

  77. Yung box logo ENT

    50's in my packet falling out like fucking baby teeth


  78. LilSadKen

    it's weird that Earl didn't put Tyler in the album.

  79. Br3ndang0

    How is this even fair to other rappers?


    And they still dont get the proper credit they deserve

    Noah Belland

    They kinda got bigger

  80. Raini Daze Ahead

    Earl sweatshirt cuz his shits cold. this joint made me get it. shits harder then takin a high pitched midget the least bit seriously, like seriously

  81. Joy Bird

    I just realized the "call me Lou if I'm on the track these niggas skip to me " is a reference to the nursery rhyme skip to my Lou

  82. gtee123 xyz


  83. Space Stoner ZER0

    Vince Or Earl? Comment!

  84. max lindstrom

    Damn, now im excited for his new album

  85. Swim Team

    Least favorite track on the album

    Elijah Ellis

    Swim Team cool

  86. Spagoot

    just blew my headphones listening to this. Hell yeah

  87. dondon j.

    that beat is so dope

  88. Chris Havok

    bitch it's golf on that ball cap

  89. carniVele

    ya ya ya

  90. josh kinsman

    Vince tho