Earl Sweatshirt - The Bends Lyrics

Bend, we don't break, we not the bank
We all we got
Switch whips, relocate way out of state
Bada bing, bada bam
It's the puppet master, all of the strings in my hand
Peace to my mans, gotta go be with your fam more (For real)
For real, I feel like the landlord
My niggas came a long way from the Dickies and dirty JanSports
Jack of all trades, was dealing niggas a handful
Bend, we don't break, we not the bank
Got memories of your face
The photo still on the mantle
It's real when you seal up letters with wax
Shit changed, now the checks that we seein' is handsome, real
Mike WiLLy shit, we went gorilla, they really gave us the ransom
You silly, we taxed 'em, bad blood
Doing 'em dashes and and pulling fast ones
Seen your heart soar, got torn up in the past once
Before a jawn, young god get the cash run
Hard hung heads might starve in the end
Young god get the cash 'fore a jawn thump
Pause wit' your man, call Mos if you can, by God (By God)
Bend, we don't break, we not the bank
Switch whips, relocate all the way out of state
Tell my queens, "Keep mace"
Keep faith, brother man
They stable full of sheep, we stayin' on the lam
Game isn't cheap

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Earl Sweatshirt The Bends Comments
  1. Luís Fernando García-Ramírez

    Thebe's thoughts be simple but always makes them sound poetic and powerful thru his raps
    I think this is why I love him so much

  2. Slendieusz

    Wait a sec that’s not Radiohead

  3. Jack O'Dwyer


  4. Stimp

    The soul sample reminds me of Rolf from Ed Edd N Eddy.

  5. Jordan Knowles

    When I die and they put me in my hearse, I want somebody to play this as I drive off .💯🤙🏾

  6. Luís Fernando García-Ramírez

    *i come here to remind myself of the old times when i was broke*

  7. the5thspirit

    I'm late but I can see this track being played on The Boondocks

  8. TheMainChow


  9. Devon Dsquared Deloney iLL Writers Guild

    My goodness this album is so much better after you sit on it for a while. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it from the beginning but it's even better now

  10. Jakobi Mansaray

    this is it.

  11. Eric Tomillon

    forreal i feel like the laaandlooord

  12. Anthony Reynolds Jr.

    B E N D, W E D O N ' T B R E A K.

  13. Fabian69

    This is forever it chief

  14. Tee


  15. Fynn Borchers

    That Radiohead album does sound different this time around fellas

  16. John blazze

    This man bends thee fucccing mic every got damn time n a amount of seconds...

  17. synthi


  18. Dem 1

    It’s too real when you listen to this song and realize that you’re still on the dickies and dirty jansports

  19. YuNgg Fastman

    So nobody gon talk about that picture?

  20. C T

    Tired of the dumb rap ads just cuz I listen to earl

  21. Paul Fratarcangeli

    reminds me of curls from madvil for some reason

  22. Riq da Mc

    I'm tryna start a earl religion

  23. PoetryInMotion TV

    That RZA influence Is strong in this one

  24. Santino -

    Damn, it's hip hop!!!!!
    Im happy!!!

  25. Eric Burz

    Un fucking real album

  26. Lemuel C

    My niggas came a long way from Dickies and Dirty Jansports 😤😤😤

  27. DOOM FM

    290K views. This truly is one of the most underrated tracks of all time.

  28. Deon Barron

    Shit changed, now the checks that we seeing is HANDSOME
    Mike WiLLy shit...
    We went guerilla
    They really gave up the RANSOM

    hard af.

  29. Malik Bell

    This beat is hilarious dude

  30. suwu916

    Game isn’t cheap

  31. 420x christian

    Game isn’t cheap

  32. trent uzumaki


  33. Booz

    what kind of unholy creature is that

  34. BIG NUGZ

    "Mr.Puppet master all of the strings in my hand"


  35. Ch3ff Quise

    Sound like Jay Z

  36. Frank Abstract

    Madvillany x radiohead

  37. t millz

    We dont bend we dont brake

  38. Lamar Shaw

    Real Gold dont break either it bends

  39. Charli Mcafee


  40. Erick Zavala

    Earl never lets me down 🔥

  41. Julian Serene

    "Peace to my mans u gotta go be with ya fam more" hits hard he's referring to Tyler complaining about bein lonely

  42. Wazzuuup GD

    its so wierd how the soul sample cuts out randomly

    i like that effect

    Edit : reply the link to the sample

  43. Sham Sweetman

    tears of joy


    Bend we don't Break,, I'll remember that line

  45. Elisha Bowman



  46. MrMatta860

    He smoked this shit on godddddd

    These Bitches Want Nikes

    MrMatta860 no question

  47. Armin Trepic

    With utmost respect: Some rap songs equivalent to the Faces Mixtape by Mac

    These Bitches Want Nikes

    Armin Trepic is that good?

  48. Zayy Tesla


  49. Matija Kovačević

    this fucking album cover...


    Sum1 put sum hats on this and it'll be way better

  51. Jose Ochoa

    this is like Nas's infamous album illmatic , a slept on classic

  52. Evil Chunks Gaming

    This beat tho 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    This so LiT

  54. Ghost Pepper Mentats

    Is it just me or does this Beat have a J Dilla Vibe to it?

  55. MrMatta860

    He absolutely fuckin smoked this shit

  56. freethegrizzlybears

    Sage got the best Heelflips and beats too!

    Topaz Zapot


  57. Some Cloud

    This song hit me hard in the short film

  58. Payzoe gun him down

    Bend we don't break

  59. Jonathan Moshoeshoe

    I was afraid he'll sound like tyler when I first heard Earl. He sounds even better cause He's being Earl💯

  60. boy1durrrr

    Game isn’t cheap 💯

  61. Mista' Kleen'

    “...my niggas came a *long* way from the Dickies and dirty Jan-sports.”

  62. Lucas Fischer


  63. Inferno

    Beat reminds me of Danny Brown - Lost

  64. ***********

    For real

  65. James Smith

    Best song on the album don't @ me

  66. young Vegeta

    *it's real when you seal up letters with wax*

  67. KEMPF95


  68. RLCIZZLE3434

    Earl, Sage Elsesser, and 6 Press are 3 of the most underrated producers in the game rn

  69. Petrus Melo

    Peace to my mans gotta go be with ur fam more, for real I feel like the laaaaandloord

  70. nathanpm

    Brazil here. I love this mdf!

  71. Jacob Mo-Middilly-Morin

    He can do a decent Thom

    These Bitches Want Nikes

    Der Menschheit Helfen lmao

  72. Spider Man

    No matter what they thro at us.. Bend we don't break!!

  73. JLifeAdvice

    Game isn’t cheap

  74. Altayhan Dilek

    Earl must be a Radiohead fan...

  75. Hezekiah Fajemisin

    This track is like the return of sean price from the grave! Earl knows the levels of Rap beyond what most people think....

  76. Zeus 818

    gotta be with your fam more. for real.

  77. Zeus 818

    gotta be with your fam more. for real.


    This Nigga earl’s flow grimy ! Bro sound like a old head now 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Edwurrd

    Listen to Azucar before this song on Spotify. The transition between the songs is crazy

  80. N B

    Damn this beat go so damn hard.

  81. LeBeautiful

    T H A T S A M P L E

  82. Grimey

    fucking dope

  83. Carlton Lou

    Coooold jawn, the whole pie.

  84. Master Haku

    Another one /Dj Khalid Voice ®

  85. Sensei

    Badda bing badda bam

  86. peterbrunner1978

    Rap Album of 2018.

    These Bitches Want Nikes

    peterbrunner1978 Correct

  87. Donald Darko

    I was having trouble getting into this album until I decided to write down all of the lyrics

  88. svmper

    Madlib vibes all over this song

  89. Ethan Murray

    Honestly? I didn’t know what to think when I first heard the album, but that’s the case with some of my favourite albums and songs that have remained with me in my heart, I genuinely feel this shit. The best year of my life with my favourite rapper releasing his best album yet after years of unreleased songs and taped performances. It was all worth it, here’s to 2018 guys.
    Thank you Thebe


    Ethan Murray hell ya

  90. Laurynas Navakauskas

    puppet master

  91. Leslie Williams

    Bada bing bada bam

  92. tebbli 1

    Hip hop album of the year 2018.

    These Bitches Want Nikes

    tebbli 1 Correct

  93. Joe Joiner

    Reminds me of Stroke of Death by Ghostface Killah

  94. Adriel Briones

    This whole album is well needed. So much bullshit rap bein made right now made me start listenin to old rnb

  95. Corey Nickerson

    I hear wu-tang all over this. Earl🔥🔥🔥

  96. mlk_mxn 03

    My heart hurts

  97. Myron Davis

    S͢W͢I͢T͢C͢H͢ W͢H͢I͢P͢S͢.

    These Bitches Want Nikes

    Myron Davis way outta state 🔥