Earl Sweatshirt - Playing Possum Lyrics

To my mentors and comrades in arms
Those presence and those gone on
Thank you to my family
(Can you see them now?)
To my partner Mysteria who I love and depend on more than I can say
(For some children)
To my son Thebe (Words like)
Cultural worker and student of life (Home)
Whose growth and insights inspire me, a thousand kisses
(Could not carry any possible meaning)
Thank you to my brothers (But displaced)
My niece (Border)
My nephews, my sisters, my friends (Refugee)
My whole family network (Consider)
Who have let me be distracted and inconsistent in my intention
(The premature daily death of their dreams)
Who've put up with crazy schedules, short tempers, mad dashes, and all the rest
(Consider what staggering memories frighten and abort
The hope that should have been
Perhaps I should just borrow
The rememberer’s voice again
While I can and say)
You know the real deal
("To have a home is not a favor")

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Earl Sweatshirt Playing Possum Comments
  1. Laurent's Casino

    Listening to this at my lowest, makes me feel like this as my eulogy if I ever left this world without existence.

  2. jose munoz

    “To have a home is not a favor “ damn that cut deep

  3. Gone Snowy

    If I die play shit at my funeral . Message is too powerful .

  4. rvvel ravel

    The blending of his parents' words
    is such a powerful musical motif. I feel like I can sense the tears Thebe had shed during the process.

  5. Il Capitano Alexandr

    *this is absolutely marvellous, simply the best track on the album.*

  6. Matthew Sehon

    Thebe had some very intelligent parents no wonder where he got it from

  7. Matt Carver

    This song makes me want to call my parents

  8. Xalted

    Bro this song is actually fucking beautiful

  9. Sam Chin

    The instrumental, chilling

  10. Freshly Squeezed Raro Juice

    Anybody know what the music he sampled for this is?

  11. whezze

    oh my God this song is so beautiful with context,,,

  12. Trevon Mcentee

    Earl u good my nigga

  13. Eye,know Me


  14. Gurvey Ramahanelo

    'To have a home is not a favour"

  15. Red Ericson

    "To have a home is not a favor..."

  16. W G

    This shit almost made me cry im too high this seem deep , then make you feel very quite idk it sounds like motivation speaker ... listen closely , grief , but achieveing ,

  17. Yae Kid

    the production is beautiful

  18. Kasper the Sheperd

    That's my mom!

  19. Jeff Carro

    I always have liked earl but this album is garbage

    Jeremy Chessler

    I loved it. Grew on me quick. I had fun making connections with all the lines

  20. JodyeSX6

    We need an instrumental to this masterpiece

  21. Zaywop SZN

    Maybe you Rest In Peace Keorapetse Kgositsile. I bought This Way I salute You and it was my best investment in a while. Thank you! True legend

  22. Abdullahi Ibn Gregory

    This is that Samurai Champloo, end of the journey feel.

  23. Aidan Smith

    Love you, Earl. Real shit.

  24. Gia Gonzalez

    the last three tracks always bring me to tears, especially this one.

  25. Elia Czarval

    Slow it down and light one up. U won't regret it

  26. Evan Butterfield

    i'm so happy earl exists

  27. Zambience

    Probably been 12 years since my father left left me fatherless 😭😭😭

  28. Greg D.

    This is a beautiful tribute


    The sad part is that he made this song to make amends with his dad, but then he passed. RIP Keorapetse.

  30. ¡Prod. byDev!

    1:24 it's been a minute since I've heard applause

  31. Riq da Mc

    Playing possum😢....

  32. Emmanuel Yap

    Hard inspiration

  33. vic

    thebe is a cool guy and has a cool dad

  34. Con sorzio

    Resta in pace, e che la pace viva nel cuore di tuo figlio per sempre!

  35. Misund3rst0od

    Anyone else notice how he only amped up the reverb and delay when his father talks on this track?
    I feel like it's supposed to represent how disconnected he was with his father compared to his mother.

  36. arturleaorf

    I genuinely can’t listen to this song. It’s too sad for me. Something about it just brings a melancholy I’ve never felt since Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide.

    Julian Serene

    Ik man this song makes me emotional cause it makes me think about the stress and bullshit i caused my parents then it makes me imagining losing my parents.. Very heavy song

  37. Aaron D

    If you want to see his mom's poem here it is: https://youtu.be/cRVl4I7e0R0?t=1036

  38. flopan

    to have a home is not a favor

  39. Evan Turner

    I just got my physical CD of this album after waiting awhile (plus that sick merch). It surprised me that earl actually included the whole poem his father wrote inside of the cd case. I didn't really... get the whole message but seeing that poem just makes the impact of this song so much more. I can't explain it but I'm sure some of you will feel what I mean.

  40. Mark Melendez

    This song high key makes me want to cry when you think of the context behind this beautiful song

  41. james richardson

    This is beautiful 😪

  42. Sahn

    This is a beautiful instrumental

  43. Mark Melendez

    Damn, this album is amazing, idk why but when she says “a thousand kisses” it hits so damn hard I tear up such a beautiful song

  44. The Sultan Of Sloppy Seconds

    Damn thebes you really did it here man, mad respect.

  45. Zane Deatherage


    This song has so much emotional weight. It’s insane. Man I’m really trying not to cry right now. I can feel the love that you have for your parents radiating from this song. Thank you Thebe for another amazing album. Even in this tough time in your life I hope you find the light at the end of the tunnel soon. Stay up Thebe. We love you.

  46. SirBumRush

    When this came on I was so confused, but when I looked into what was going on, I felt so naive.
    And I sort of hatched a thought:
    This track is important as is because it has Earl’s parents giving time together at some high points in their lives, giving speeches. At face value, it’s already beautiful that they share a moment together post mortality, but what’s even more interesting is what they talk about.
    Earl’s mother is thanking everyone in her life in a talk that seems to have a lot of focus on her as a person, while Earl’s father talks about togetherness while being selfless.
    Maybe this is how we become something more than human, where we can show love to the ones that be there for us, and give love to the ones we don’t even know.
    I hope this is how you all see the purpose of life in this track like I did.

  47. sid avery

    fucking loved this album

  48. Ryan Ricketts

    I was on the train today and listened to this 3 times in a row and almost cried out of nowhere.


    feel u on that

  49. BV FARO

    a thousand kisses!

  50. Ariel Trochez

    Chills at the applause at the end that shit almost made me cry

  51. Gxlf OF

    worst song

  52. icecreampimpdeux

    I love you Earl, thank you for everything you do

  53. Spirit Hawkeye

    When she says “A thousand kisses” at 0:25 I get chills

  54. name

    it says Ass at the end of the URL

  55. Mason C

    this song is heavy. can’t go a day without thinking about it now.

  56. Omar Monzon

    Earl sounds like slick Rick


    That aint earl thats his dad

  57. Robby Baber

    This is beautiful,

  58. lawrence lan

    gives me chills every play

  59. Gemini Cove

    Yoo this is an interesting thought I had, and I'm not sure if it's intentional but looking back on the album, everything is obviously lo-fi sounding and low in volume (including the vocals). I found it interesting how the applause for both of his parents at the end of both of their speeches is pretty much the loudest sound/section on the entire album. It's like he wants to show a contrast of feelings and his appreciation for both of them through sound. Just a thought

    Navon Myhand

    Honestly I noticed that from my very first listen but I never pieced it together like that. Real interesting thought, I like it.

  60. The Skoolmustard

    My fav track

  61. quarawlis stafford

    Whole album is ass soo fat

  62. thefabledknight

    wow this got his parents in this thats beautiful

  63. Afrika Mini

    R.I.P Keorapetse Kgositsile A.K.A Bra. Willie 🇿🇦 The country has suffered a great loss. It’s super sad you couldn’t get to hear this mister-piece. Kaak sad.

  64. Oli O

    This track will truly touch your soul

  65. Colin Cabe

    Real talk, if you have family worth reconnecting to, do it. Reconnecting doesn’t have to mean staying quiet about their transgressions or shortcomings, and can rather do a ton to address the impact that had on everyone. Put in the work if it’s worth it.


    Stay strong earl you have come so far

  67. Lee Davis

    What a genius... I love this track.

  68. Doobie Brothers

    Mini acid trip (Euphoria)

  69. Shamachyah Sicarii 816

    This beautiful

  70. Jason Silva

    This shit sad

  71. NotGivingOutMyName

    In his Instagram post on the day his father died everybody was asking for an album instead of caring about what happened

    Darth Vader

    An Earl fan wiuld never say that. Maybe they didn't know

    FighterZ 123

    Died at 80 years old


    @Abdullahi Ibn Gregory C O N S T R U C T I V I S M

    Aidan Rivera

    Nobody cares about his feeling they just wanna hear his music.

  72. 22sleeper

    I hope someone makes an instrumental to this because its so good

  73. Devin McFall

    This has gotta be one of the best albums I've listened to all year, it's soo personal, straight forward, deep cutting and most importantly, from te heart. Glad you're in a better headspace now Earl, god bless you and your family

  74. Jason Smith


  75. I Grazed My Knee

    This is art

  76. CLOUDZ

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG9qtLvL5nE 🔥🔥🔥 give a listen

  77. xhron1c

    thank you thebe the GOD

  78. Nhan Le

    A T H O U S A N D K I S S E S


    Nhan Le don’t you meme this you fuck lol

    Andi O

    i don’t really see this as a meme but rather as a different aesthetic that really represents the inflection that she used

    Nhan Le

    @SaintLulzington Where did I meme, I literally fuckin love this line

    Nhan Le

    @Andi O thanks mang

    Elia Czarval

    I close my eyes everytime I listen to that part

  79. unkleluc

    this makes me want to cry

  80. Milio Foo

    you did it earl 👍

  81. Jayce Neptune

    Rip POPS 💜

  82. onlyrealcash

    Anybody else high af listening to this?

  83. Lucas H. Araújo

    meu menino voltou namoral, que álbum lindo

  84. chopstik

    i wish there were an instrumental to this

  85. Nowheremovies

    This album reminds me of The Caretaker for some reason. Completely different genres but both deal heavily with mental illness and have a similar approach to using samples and loops.

    Joel gets bored and does a YouTube

    really interesting comparison

  86. Jamie Robert

    What’s the sample??!


    There is no simple. Thebe made this himself

    Jamie Robert

    FUCK BOSTON it’s a sample trust me

    Jamie Robert

    FUCK BOSTON can’t you hear the vinyl crackle

  87. Ash jones

    This is so tough, would have loved to hear you on this beat my God

  88. ken e

    Such a beautiful song

  89. Amarna Mousa

    this made me cry

    Elia Czarval

    This made me cry

  90. enyse1

    "Just tryna put you on,
    dawg I came from teachers."

  91. Patrick Smith


  92. Patrick Smith


  93. Patrick Smith


  94. osyrys

    This reminds me of some Rankin and Bass shit