Earl Sweatshirt - Peanut Lyrics

Ayy, nephew NSA, ayy
Know I'm on the way
Family saw you on that stage, left it not amazed
Thought you up in AA
Now you done and brazed, ayy (Brazed, ayy)
Get the fuck back, you moving like they cut your 'caine, ayy
Lick the nut sack, flooted in some tear-aways (Ayy)
Flushin' through the pain, depression, this is not a phase, ayy
Picking out his grave, couldn't help but feel out of place
Try and catch some rays
Death, it has the sour taste (Sour taste)
Bless my pops, we sent him off and not a hour late
Still in shock and now my heart out somewhere on the range
Outta range, picked the lock and now we elevate
We box 'em out, my shit a million miles away
Niggas featherweight
Like we making food, father's face when I'm not afraid
My Uncle Hugh

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Earl Sweatshirt Peanut Comments
  1. jaeden

    -know I’m on -a -ay

  2. TheOneYouFear

    Omg this is amazing when you’re high

  3. Mo Kush

    This shit hit ya know..

  4. James Henry

    This whole song sounds like it just wants to give up man, hope Earl is doing better now.

  5. The Stick Man

    This track perfectly captures the concept of bad music.

    team stid

    Mo Kush no he’s not even paying attention lol

    The Rebirth Project

    @The Stick Man You are very close minded

    The Rebirth Project

    @The Stick Man How about know about something before you speak on it

    The Stick Man

    @The Rebirth Project looks like a bunch of fan bois hot triggered. I rest my case.

    team stid

    H3xe1] fuck off

  6. Logan

    lick the nutsack

  7. Aaron Robinson

    This song is insane

  8. Honey Comb

    S U G N I P P L E S

  9. Josh Hayes

    listen at .75x speed

  10. A random Movie fan

    battling inner demons music

  11. Hoffa.

    lick da nut s a c k

  12. notjaredd

    Dawg this sounds like the broken disk from Minecraft

  13. Hellboimel721

    The distortion of the song is an auditory expression of Earl's mind state a few years ago and recently when his father died. He once called off a show due to anxiety.

  14. Ariel

    I feel like a real clown for sleeping on Earl this hard for YEARS.


    Lick the nutsack.

  16. Quel Tipo Sul Tubo

    Can someone tell me what this guy is good at doing at?

    He spits non sense lyrics
    Non sense base
    Boring flow
    Actually annoying base
    And has no real content

    Please explain I want to understand


    @Quel Tipo Sul Tubo Well first, how many of his songs have you heard? Did you just find out about Earl?

    Quel Tipo Sul Tubo

    @Topaz the whole last album


    @Quel Tipo Sul Tubo ok so SRS? Or IDLSIDGO? Just to clarify. Not tryna irritate ya

    Roc Cygnus

    I don't think Earl would be getting acknowledged by rappers such as Jay Z, Kendrick, Danny Brown, Denzel Curry, J.I.D, Q-Tip and Ka if his lyrics were nonsense

    Honey Comb

    Quel Tipo Sul Tubo you have a different opinion from me, but the way you’ve gone about it has impressed me. Instead of being ignorant, you sincerely want to learn more.

  17. Love Machine

    it feels like I’m falling through an eternal abyss every time I hear this joint... fucking crazy

  18. Marco Shakusky

    Like we makin food..

  19. Jaime Martinez

    “Flushin' through the pain, depression, this is not a phase, ayy”

  20. Jaime Martinez

    “Get the fuck back, you moving like they cut your 'caine, ayy”


    Nigga look like a being from Alpha Draconis

  22. chester

    lick the nutsack

  23. SpiritLoaf

    Before I got here, I couldn't take this album too seriously despite it's subject matter looking at the album cover.

  24. Joell Murray

    “Arghhh-“ ~Earl Sweatshirt

  25. Burns When I pee

    This is the song that I feel the most, this is my theme song on dawgs.

  26. skrt skrt

    This is his best song in my opinion


    the lyricism is too powerful to not be

  27. VELL TV

    As time has gone by.... This has by far been one of the most listened to song ls on this album for me...... Sometimes I'm just not here 💔 and this song describes how my inside feels so vividly.

  28. YOSH

    I think this is the same beat as Playing Possum but slowed down and pitched down as low as possible. He may have chopped it a bit too. It would be very poetic if that were the case.

  29. Peer

    so expressive

  30. Goofy Goober

    what the fuck is this


    cant help but agree with a lot of the other comments on here. this track made me cry like a little kid when i barely thought that was possible anymore. the courage thebe shows in finishing this brutal song with the words "my uncle hue" and then bouncing into the triumphant swing of "riot!" (which samples his uncle's playing) is insane. thankyou 4 this blessing

  32. james richardson


  33. Scuffed Steve Aoki

    This is the first time ive heard this. I straight up got chills woah

  34. Alexis Peñailillo

    This is the rap people listen to in Silent Hill

  35. Riq da Mc

    Grief p2

  36. Kaneda

    This is the best representation of what depression, and a mentally unstable person is like. Earl did great on this track!

  37. Chris Muth

    didn't like this at first now it slaps

  38. Valac.

    The tone of this track gives me chills. Definitely a favorite

  39. Morris Mpapele

    I see static when I’ve closed my eyes cause I’ve lost signal from my loved ones


    “fleshing thru the pain.... picking out his grave”


    Depression, this is not a phase

  42. Matt Aime

    MY AUNT JILLY YO LETS G0 45 SIX SEVEN red dwarf star 69

  43. Daniel Frampton

    What is the underlying piano sample in this??

  44. Danial Brown


  45. Evan Harrison

    Holy shit, listening to this track again, it's scary as hell.

  46. pippen

    easily one of his most serious, dark, depressing songs

    and it's fucking named peanut

  47. QueenAmy

    tfw you realise the beat is a super fucked up version of Playing Possum (the song before this one)

  48. Whitehat Pro

    This shit should be it’s own genre.

  49. Yaboy Bobby

    Great now I'm depressed

  50. donxx bangbang

    “Flushing through the pain depression this is not a phase.” Damn did I feel that

  51. Dominik Šimků


  52. Critique

    for some reason my fauvorite.

  53. mason cote

    this is stupid im crying why is this aritst the goat

  54. NegroKetchum

    Just listen to the emphasis the mixing puts on the P's and F's...Grimey but in the best way.

  55. 김상혁


  56. owo

    i swear this samples the microphones/mount eerie

  57. Ryan 9312

    Depressed as fuck, not eating, lying in bed 23 hours a day, and thinking about how my aunt is gonna die from cancer any week now. This song, even the whole album, feels super real and important to me right now.

  58. Yung CamelToe

    This my favorite track. I made a 10 min loop on my phone. Listen to it every morning. This December has been 😈 use wisely 💀

  59. Carlos Marrujo

    Rip earls dad

  60. Josh Elderkin

    this gets worse the more i hear it lmfao fucking garbage what the fuck happened bro


    you have basic taste is the problem i think

  61. This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven

    I hope earls mental health is okay

  62. Wavy Vaporizers

    Music is just what feelings sound like #Early

  63. Clay Soggyfries

    Probably my least favorite song, but great album

  64. Yukito

    Why is he not on beat? Is this a type of rap that I don’t know

    Imgay Asheck

    When is he ever on beat like that?

    skrt skrt

    This track embodies the true depth of the depression and anxiety that Earl is suffering through. Him not rapping off beat is a representation of him giving up completely and not caring at all anymore, like he’s got nothing left to lose.

  65. FinnSawyer

    can i live in this song, earl? pls

  66. Marcus Shankaran

    I miss the old earl...

  67. Jamie Robert

    Does anyone know the sample

  68. Shaggy Scoobz

    Didn’t think it got more somber than solace...

  69. Christian Iwuagwu

    This instrumental sounds like something off a horror movie

  70. Aristotelex TV

    brought tears to my eyes

  71. simongamer987

    this song is unbelievable

  72. Burns When I pee

    After trippin L, I think this is my theme song

  73. brokenfingers98

    The fuzzy tension that builds up in this song almost mimics how thoughts cloud the mind. the glitching, and cut up electronic noise samples just provide more details of a mental soundscape, there is constant vibration but all remains still, stuck even if only for a moment... just to then just explode into airborne freedom when that first note of Riot! hits.

  74. Abner Ocasio

    This song reminds me of lucki

  75. Information Displayed

    Masterpiece. Complete art.

    Mary Boemmel

    no that's stoopid

  76. ZimMan26

    Post rap


    Depression, this is not a phase

    One Thou Wou

    Sassy The Sasquatch brah projecting so hard rn


    Grooby_ fucking cringe. How did you end up under an earl video🤦🏼‍♂️

    Overwhelming Euphoria

    @Grooby_For most it's not a phase but you can learn how to cope with it better as you get older.

    Don Yeezy909

    Overwhelming Euphoria anything is possible


    I understand depression is a serious issue, but the mind is very powerful, instead of saying “im depressed” start saying “i am happy, i am powerful, i am healthy”. Watch your whole world shift.

  78. hezo melo

    Second time I heard this I had to take the headphones off, this is too good

  79. superawesomeboy

    I just love this. It feels so personal.
    Also, the transition to Riot! is amazing

  80. ShirtPantsShoes

    9th circle of hell type beat

  81. Cyrax Gaming

    This shit makes grief sound like "happy"

  82. Solomon King

    Speed 1.25

    Mr. Reich

    Solomon King This

  83. thedarknight000

    This song into RIOT! Is beautiful, this album is honestly perfect it flows so well

  84. Sam Leal

    this might be my favorite track of the album holy shit other-worldly

  85. Sassy The Sasquatch

    What I would do for this instrumental


    I feel your pain bro

    Sassy The Sasquatch

    I've always loved Earl's use of distortion and gravelly broken sound design, I doubt anyone could remake it

  86. J S

    Earl is in 2078.

  87. JT grim

    Is this even a beat

    Sassy The Sasquatch

    Play it at 1.25x speed

  88. Sean Dafny

    I get it this album is Earls version of poopity scoop. Everything make sense now

    Sean Dafny

    Cant believe it flew right over my head for that long lbs i feell drove

  89. Sean Dafny

    Not to prove to be rude, but this stuff is like what ya might put on poopy food

  90. Skye Montana

    Depressoin this is not a phase
    😔 so fucking true earl

  91. Skye Montana

    "Thought you were up in AA" I can relate to this to much😔

  92. Loupe

    This production sounds like a 500 ft robotic beast slowly trudging through a giant, empty desert.

  93. Red Pillow

    This song is ahead of it's time.

    Gran Flakes

    Red Pillow It’s only been a week. Relax.

    Kace Carter

    No it really is, this is some 2145 rap

    scorpio shawty

    ong it is

    Justice Darwin

    Unfortunately it is I know this song is going blow up soon

  94. lykewyse

    idk why but this reminds me of DNA....i wonder.

  95. L V N C E ϟ 3 3 3

    We waited 3 years Early Bird ✊✊

  96. NyzFreeThinker AKA SaintThomasJoseph

    I'm tripping man didn't know Earl dropped an album came fuck8ntbe believe it

  97. young whack