Earl Sweatshirt - Nowhere2go Lyrics

I keep it, we back, yeah
Ya dig? Yeah
Thinkin' 'bout, yeah, yeah
Every nigga that, uh

Every nigga that's trippin' around me serve as reminder that
I gotta watch my step
I keep it quiet as kept (Ayy, ayy)
Yeah, I think I spent most of my life depressed (Most of my)
Only thing on my mind was death (On my)
Didn't know if my time was next (Next, yeah, yeah)
Tryna refine this shit, I redefined myself
First I had to find it (Uh)
I couldn't find a friend, had to rely on my wits
I be with Mike and Med (Mike, Med)
Nowadays I be with Sage and with Six-press, ya dig?
I'm in L.A. with Glen, please come and claim ya kid
I cannot play with them (Yeah, yeah, whoa)
Let's try a different approach out
I celebrate with a toast
Brodie, you know if you with me we homebound (Homebound)
I need a city to hold down (Hold down)
You niggas gave me a coast (Yeah)
You went and gave me a cape (Cape)
But that never gave me no hope (hope, yeah) (Hope, hope)
I found a new way to cope, it ain't no slave in my soul
But I keep the memories close by (close by), even when I hit a low (I hit a low)
I still give thanks to the most high, I can't do favors no more
If you lame and you broke, and you waiting for cosign
I take a plate to go, bet I could break a row
Noose on my chain is gold
Tell me how you been faking the whole time? (Whole time)
That's how surveillance go
These niggas be playing for both sides
This shit could take a toll, there ain't no (Bro)
There ain't no, yeah (Yeah)
It ain't no place to (Uh!)

Yeah, yeah

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