Earl Sweatshirt - Cold Summers Lyrics

We roam tundras

The boy been gone a few summers too long from road runnin'
Trunk full of old hunnids
Of course my old lover was scorned, we grow from it
Don't tell me they don't hunt us for sport, I chose substances
No cuddles, the bases is all covered
Niggas come in the door and smoke somethin'
Choke up on the slugger from home run-ins
Nigga it's on, chest thump, his head thump on the floor
We pressed up on the boy, no more bluffin'
Cold summers, don't tussle with strangers
Some of those keep one in the chamber
Three spliffs had my wing tips clipped, I was stuck in a hangar, nigga
Muffle my pain and muzzle my brain up
Really, I'm just makin' sure my promise is kept
Chuck a duece if you know it's the end
Kept the truth in my palm and my chest
See it through, keep a noose hangin' off of my neck
We got the juice, niggas corny as shit
We on the loose, niggas know what it is
We makin' moves, niggas corny as shit
We got the juice, niggas know what it is

It is night and like the others I clean my weapons
It is all so familiar

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Earl Sweatshirt Cold Summers Comments
  1. Il Capitano Alexandr

    *absolutely a marvellous peace of art. grazie mille ragazzie*

  2. ElPincheSol

    We roam tundras🗣

  3. Tai Ezenwa

    Earl is just different man. Odd, but dope ass beats. He just effortlessly flows poetry


    Tai Ezenwa

    Check out his artist Mavi

  4. Socrates 33

    All I can think about when I hear this is madvillain or jdilla..

  5. longgone

    this is my favorite track off some rap songs

  6. longgone

    we roam tundras

  7. Guicop01

    Porra Gustavo demorou 1 ano p me mostra essa obra de arte

  8. junebugflows

    this shit so beautiful. i wanna thank this man personally for this album. truly. it’s the only album that makes me feel normal or good these days.

  9. NPS

    reminds me of capt murphy

  10. Kid Charlemagne

    1 year ago ✊

  11. wingbull2009

    Why does it sound so good though?

  12. Jakub Gancarz

    Needs to be 4 minutes of straight spittin

  13. TSUNO

    I made a song called Cold Summers too but my song doesn't compare to this masterpiece

  14. Dante

    I wish this song was longer

  15. Dem 1

    I could be wrong but I think the nigga likes tundras


    Earl sweatshirt is the new mf doom

  17. emankcin •

    Really hope nothing bad happens to Earl, I just want the best for him.

  18. The.essential. wolf

    What is the flute sample? Fuck ñ, its sooo good

  19. Need Gore

    Chuck a deuce if you know it's the end

  20. coco nut

    I really dig the near-nonexistent drums

  21. Big Picture

    I wish it was longer. At least 30 more seconds

  22. Wesley

    I heard 2 triple entendres in here

  23. Santino -

    Wow...Earl on his A game.

  24. Cole R

    I just wanted to say you're a fucking legend and if you read this. I'm a rapper and your my idol. Definitely top 3 keep up the great work!

  25. Quake SRK

    We roam tundras.


    it feel nostalgic cause this sample been used by eveyone.but this topped it

    SSD 8

    What's the sample?

    The.essential. wolf

    Whats the sample bro

  27. Rich William

    So niggas just makin one minute songs now like no big deal 🤔


    Earl has been doin this😂

  28. MrMyopinionsmatter

    Thebe, you get me through my hard times. I love this album so much. You probably think I’m corny as shit for saying this but you’re the reason I’m alive. Seeing you go through what you went through this year and last year really made me look at myself and believe in myself.

    Just wanna say, thanks for being you.

    —some corny nigga from Stockton CA


    I really hope Mac got to hear some of the album before he passed RIP

  30. JBT-JD

    can i get a feat?

  31. ***********

    Smoking weed is fun

  32. WavicleOfficial_


  33. Joe Johnson

    We got the juice

  34. Gabo Bord

    una mierda esto

    Gabo Bord

    tenes razon

    Gabo Bord

    no man que flasheas es alto tema

    Gabo Bord


    barrios charles

    Es bastante bueno. No es tu tipo de música.

  35. Caleb Henderson

    I love Earl. I understand he's going through a lot. I understand the passion and meaning being the album. That being said, still my least favorite album. I've tried so hard to like it. I like it lyrically, and some of the music, but never together. It's like, I wish the music would stop so I could hear what he's saying, or I wish he would stop talking and let me hear the music for a second lol.

  36. B B

    My man earl always has bars, hype for more tunes

  37. not you


  38. Koosh

    Charlotte was fuckin awesome. I would highly recommend seeing this dude live shit was insane

  39. dabesaround nstuff

    Cant beat em? Might aswell suck dicks with em right?

  40. dabesaround nstuff

    Now yous a bitch ass like tyler

  41. dabesaround nstuff

    You was thebe nigga

  42. dabesaround nstuff

    You used to be a nigga

  43. LoneStarLover

    African poet ass lookin nigga forehead ass ostrich lip ass. Love u brodie

  44. Randy Booker

    My favorite part starts 0:50

  45. Georgio Louw

    someone please release an instrumental to this..

  46. Christopher Picciano

    Beat= perfect. Lyrics=perfect. Rapping flow=perfect. This is probably my favorite song on the new album. I can't stop listening to it. How much of genius do you have to be to create a musical masterpiece that is only one minute long? It's short songs like this that really send chills throughout my body. This song has such a sense of ephemerality, yet it leaves such a lasting impression on the listener. Thank you, Earl.

  47. Alex

    "Keep a noose hanging off of my neck"
    fuck that hit home

  48. ekul

    So I'm fourteen and this is just some Shit I wrote based off a personal experience and how I felt at that period in my life that on paper seems stupid but honestly kind of traumatized me and If you could read it and give me your feed back that would make me happy. If youd like me to explain I will

    Young boys
    Been lost for a few summers

    And I constantly find my self going
    Couldn't tell if it was faux or if it was real
    I was just holding it hopeful it would kill

    He didn't know what was coming he had it too
    He was just hopeing it wouldn't happen ta two
    He tried to reach out to him but it was to no evale he had a premonition that he was on a mission he set sail on his skiff but felt him self sinking under

    I woke up to find my self with no covers
    Covered in my in my own sweat
    I couldn't breath I could see it but I couldn't belive it as I was sinking I found myself lost for a few summers

  49. GODSENT!

    I wanna listen to this on a summer night with friends

  50. Jive Turkey

    There’s multiple samples to this Ik it it only says one

  51. angelo williams


  52. brayden

    this song sounds so cool slowed,

  53. Keonte Tv

    2019 gotta be his year or I'm going comeback to YouTube

  54. JPBM

    anybody know the sample?

  55. Sean Perry

    I love earl but just once can you get with a better producer voice always so muffled and beat on 100 be missing whole sentences and shit


    Sean Perry i think that’s just his style

  56. KamelTV

    everyday listen

  57. Riq da Mc

    This album is fairly new but somehow classic

  58. zaphrox

    ay if u like earl go check chauncey666 out on soundcloud he’s hella good.

  59. Manic Beats

    This is the least popular song on the album yet my personal favourite


    I also think it’s the best song on the album
    The beat is so good

  60. carroty coffee

    Just imagine MF Doom and Earl

  61. William Leonard

    Madlib would approve

  62. Jus Blaze

    We roam tundras

  63. SnowboardinMA

    Incredible, this album is something special

  64. sbu

    This is just noises

    Roc Cygnus

    That's how music works

  65. Juudamunk

    This album special

  66. GODSENT!

    Whenever I listen to this I get this nostalgic cold summers in the 90s skating with friends and shit so beautiful

  67. 7King Devan

    Search 7King

  68. Quinn Conrad


  69. Yung Emu323

    So refreshing to hear good rap been here for the rise of so many great artists glad odd future still making music through domo Earl and hodgy

  70. Lucas Chayramy

    We need a collab album between Doom and Earl

  71. Johny Casanova

    "dont tell me they dont hunt us for sport..."

    Keenan Molden

    Man this line made me think personally my first thought was of the police shooting black people and getting off clean kinda seems like sport/game to them. next I thought of the Kardashians hunting exclusively for black men lol

  72. MW.villain

    [Adult Swim]

    Tristan Kwasniewski


  73. Phant0m

    Boonducks vibes for sure


    album is cryptic to a simple mind.

  75. Kevin Woods

    Prod. By Knxwledge

    The Fate Of The WOLF

    Kevin Woods no

  76. This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven

    Sounds like a glitched out mf doom

  77. Dro On The Track

    earl 💯

  78. yey

    cold summers dont tussle with strangers some of those keep 1 in the chamber 3 spliffs had my wing tips clipped i was stuck in a hangar nigga

  79. Chris Civatte

    we roam tundras...

  80. BV FARO

    muffle my pain & muzzle my brain up

  81. J WG

    I feel like I'm watching Earl evolve like DOOM did

  82. Master Haku

    Hardest song thank you Earl 🔥

  83. Mello Brown

    Fr Earl didn’t do justice with this album’s title. It should’ve been “some real shit”💯💯🔥🔥

  84. Grimey

    this shit fucking wavey

  85. Cool

    instrumental reminds me of the public assembly by capital steez instrumental

  86. Preskhy 1

    Bro this shit is so fucking fire earl straight going in on this album could listen for hours...

  87. DOOM

    1 minute and 9 seconds hah get fricked leberterd

  88. tebbli 1

    Relating to the emotional context of this greatly.

  89. souljajay

    best song onna album plzz @ me

  90. lepiee

    I was liked Earl's lyrics, but I was never a fan of his monotone voice. Chum is probably the only song from Earl that I like.


    @Stros Eskimo No you.

  91. Adriel Briones

    Best rapper

  92. Viktor Kolev

    How hard can 1:07 minutes be. This album makes me smile.

  93. *Led Noskcaj*

    earl is simply a celestial being.

  94. Dylan Smith


  95. M.E.T. Smith

    1:03 Real Stay Inside listeners heard it if you did leave a like & keep it on autoplay

  96. Jacob

    Chuck a deuce if you know it’s the end. Keep a noose hangin off of my neck. Bars like these got me thinking earl is predicting his own death...