Eagle-Eye Cherry - If You Don't Know By Now Lyrics

There's that place
A good place to start
There's that end
That's the beginning of it all
Are you that girl
That's going to break my heart
I don't wanna be me
When disappointment makes its call

All I know is that…

If you don't know by now
All my hope it gone

You must know
Know what you want
And if you go
It don't matter who is at fault
Now I see
I'm up against the wall
Don't wanna be me
When disappointment makes its call

All I know is that…

If you don't know by now
All my hope is gone

Oh yea…it's so hard to say
Seems to be this day
Seems to be that way
I don't know what to tell you
I don't know what to tell you
It's so hard to believe that this could be the end

If you don't know by now
All my hope is gone
If you don't know by now
Where did I go wrong

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Eagle-Eye Cherry If You Don't Know By Now Comments
  1. Aurelio nunziata

    Hee a king

  2. Jackson

    Wow, how can someone not like this, even with that video?!

    9k Idiots?

    Have awesome memories with this tune, great video also!

  3. b0rtie

    Does anyone know where this music video was filmed?

    P.S. Damn, I miss the 90’s like hardcore.

  4. Noel Alvarez

    Reddit brought me here 😂


    Brasil aqui. 2020

  6. Young Tchelx

    2 0 2 0

  7. andrew musca

    1998 brought me here

  8. Sleepygarnet drakensang

    Plot twist : He's the cameraman as well

  9. Justynn Ray

    I was like 6 or 7 when this use to come on the radio in 99 or early 2000s and it randomly popped in my head today. Lol

  10. Sleep Science Videos

    Forever reminds me of the 90s

  11. Aleksandr Shanko

    Hi 2024!

  12. Harsh Choudhary

    Much ahead of his time

  13. Hank Born

    You Do less hair

  14. John Field Show

    Dude's getting robbed while he has a giant-ass butcher's knife in his hand, SMH. 😞

  15. Juice 730

    Lanoo Cherry.... man I remember his sister, it was probably tail end of 1988, Neneh Cherry', she was so hot!! Remember her popular song “Buffalo Stance” fuck man it was playing everywhere. A punchy, catchy, upbeat track of early hip-hop sass!! Lol a few friends of mine were out having dinner & I played ‘save tonight’ & I told them about how they are brother & sister, and everyone was blown away!! They were googling it! Lmao 😂 thought everyone knew that!!!! Another fun fact
    about Lanoo, he actually pursued acting during high school, attending class with Jennifer Aniston & Chaz Bono!! However his music career took off rather fast, left the acting in the rear view!!

    Lanoo & Neneh Cherry 🍒

  16. Elysia Benally

    i can hear the, "POP UP video!" LOL!!

  17. Eric Hoople

    is this song about a one night stand?

  18. Alejandro Lombardi

    anybody here heard of 'musica ligera' by Soda Stereo from Argentina?... while it has different patron style, its chord progression and ryhthm are the same... and it's from 1990 very, very popular in south América, even today, so probably this could have been plagiarized...

  19. Bastien M

    This clip is awesome but it makes no sense with the lyrics xD

  20. raffarafano

    One of the first song I learned to play, many years ago...fuck, I'm gettin' old!

  21. KTHREE31


  22. Anthony Strazza

    Hey crab man...hey earl....

  23. E Fox

    Who remembers when this was so overplayed you wanted to take a drill to your head? And now I’m looking for this song on YouTube because Nostalgia Feels got me lol

  24. No wankers allowed

    I don't like wine.. but it's a great song nonetheless.. actually I should clarify that.. I enjoy wine in food only.. but the reason i became anti wine was the behaviours from those in BC who were being deceiving.. and causing unnecessary dramas.

  25. Heath N

    I always thought the singer was white up until about 2013 when I first saw it on youtube. So for about 15 years I never knew who the singer was. He has an awesome voice

  26. James Jenkins

    A pre deployment song

  27. Jeren Calingasan

    man, all this time i thought that this song was made in 2016. This song is the legit definition of a song thats way ahead of it's time

  28. Dustin Friend

    love this song good vibrations it reminds me of live as long as possible and fight for your life

  29. Always Aim Higher

    Childhood music 🎶💕

  30. emi662002

    De música ligera....

  31. Fernando Vasconcelo

    beautiful song

  32. Dave Castillo

    Crazy,this song came out summer of 97 which was when I went from freshman to sophomore BUT I could have sworn this song didn't start trending on the radio and MTV until 99 my junior year.

    luci fer diablo

    yep I 1979. radio stations flooded us in boybands and pop stars we in Oklahoma on had 1 rock and 1 alternative stations

  33. Lucille

    Farking BRILLIANT VID! Always always loved that song and the feels...ooohh♥️

  34. Jasy Mann

    Still great memories

  35. Ростислав Русский

    Do you remember 1998?... Good old days.

    luci fer diablo

    alternative radio stations were it's at 😈

  36. Colm Gallagher

    what was the pevuious one you sea cucumber

  37. Colm Gallagher

    Pick an other


    Qualidade é atemporal 25/01/2020 ▲↑→

  39. Aldo Aviles

    I'm still listening to this song to remember the great memories I always cherish all the time god bless me 😇😘😁😅😂😅😔😬😳😚😛😜😚😙😗

  40. ASMRtist

    Play this one at my funeral

  41. luci fer diablo

    kinda wanna see this in color🤤

  42. Travis Eastwood

    Doesn’t get more 90s than this

  43. glessfur van

    Buena Music genial saludos desde peru 🇵🇪

  44. Anuar Y

    soooo old the 90's!!! when i had to actually talk to people on the phone! and read the paper in the morning!!!

  45. Guy Bud

    Do you watch 2020??

  46. Guy Bud

    This song is beautiful and good song!!!!

  47. Easy Swim

    Simple, short but lasting.

  48. superjetze

    This is from 1997?! I thought this was way more recent.

  49. Dana Wolfhard

    Luv this smh


    Take this whine and drink with me let's delay our misery

  50. fbghetto5

    I always thought he was white

  51. Taco Dip


  52. max chen

    imagine robbing your store, only to get ran over by yourself.


    Imagine Einstein was real, and everything is relative, imagine nothing does'nt exist, imagine you where build from an idea the universe had in space with starstuff and chemicals. Its all true, you are getting ran over by yourself. We are all the same source "the universe" which is energy which is everything you and me are human energy. We are both conscious and unconscious at the same time, thats why we need to teamwork in order to make ourself work as a whole. When we as the universe make 1 energy we must make its counterpart. Boy/girl, Strong/weak, Love/hate, Young/old, up/down Healthy/unhealthy, Wise/unwise. 1 Energy can't exist without its counterpart, When you put out negative energy it will flow in waves into the entire universe, thats why YOU Max, must be the change you want to see in the world.

  53. SchizophrenicUnit

    tdam tdam tdam... I am not really fond of the lyrics, but the tune is terrific!

  54. luigi b

    sempre fantastica

  55. ZombieVision TonixD

    2020? 🙋🏽‍♂️

  56. 412hwc

    stucc in my 90s youtube wormhole....great band great cd

  57. Jake Farron Merlin

    this is such a beautiful song takes me right back

  58. Jonny Weiss

    Eagle Eye Cherry - “Killer Song!” Jonny Weiss “Back to Phoenix.” 🎶

  59. Alec Ruud

    Road trip... Sunny day... Blue skies... Wind in your face and hair... Next to the love of your life

  60. TheFaceless Men

    Forget Prozac, take two Eagle Eyed Cherries twice daily.
    If Symptoms persist buy a louder stereo.

  61. infamous87ny

    I pictured a candle light dinner with the wifey but got this..

  62. PainOfThought

    One of the best songs of all time.

    Jake Farron Merlin

    for sure


    Does every single comment have something to do with what year it is??? Stfu, who cares.. U gonna leave the same comment every year?

    S3ct1on Th1rt33n

    They do yeah 🤣 what do they expect with timeless music 🤷‍♂️


    The universe is 14 billion years old, nothing and everything matters at the same time, its up for you as a human energy to decide the billions of reflections who reflected the person you are today if you wanna be the negative or positive energy. I am here to enlighten you. Because with great power comes great responsibility.

  64. kjw51687

    Boy, if this song isn't the very definition of nostalgia. Everytime I hear this song, it just takes me back to my childhood. Miss those times

  65. Suffer In Silence

    I was 17yrs old when this came out...damn I miss those times.

    TheFaceless Men

    Greetings from Australia, likewise my friend and I am 60 just savour those memories they will sustain you through thick and thin for years to come. It was the crescendo of one of the greatest artistic renaissance in human history and a great time to be alive.

  66. RODO 73 WINNER

    The song is extremely similar, in harmony, rhythm and melody (repetitive and redundant circular), to a song by our Argentine group Soda Stereo, entitled "De Música Ligera" composed by Gustavo Cerati in 1990, seven years before Save Tonight. Was it a robbery or agreement?🤔🇦🇷✌🏼😉

  67. Princess De leon

    One of my favorate song this 2020.. 🤘🏻

  68. Bones Jones

    i'll be damned. i always thought this was a middle aged white american dude. I never knew who sang this song, but it was one of those song i mindlessly hum along whenever it was on the radio. and you bet, i didn't change the frequency whenever it was on.

  69. boris zivaljevic

    excellent video and song

  70. Federico Moretti

    hachement bien ...pleins de souvenirs

  71. ViralFrog

    anybody notice at the end he disappears?

  72. Violeta Olivan

    why is no one else talking about how hot he is


    Because a lot of us (Myself included) are better looking than him.

  73. Jamie Wattus

    I don’t care it doesn’t bother me I’m not really interested in this or anything y didn’t ppl help properly from young

  74. Andrew Spud

    How I rate every Karaoke bar: Have "Save Tonight" so it's good. Don't have "Save Tonight" so it's garbage.

  75. Christiana Ernst

    Sooo fucking good still in 2020

  76. tolerância zero

    Quem ainda ouvindo em 2020 curti aí.

  77. Hakeem

    I've been looking for thing song for 4 years.

    Coin Boy

    Hakeem what a tune

  78. Hakeem

    I've been looking for thing song for 4 years.

  79. alexisandme4eva

    Still in 2020, this is still one of the best song ever

    paul james

    ...........I always come back to this track !  His family history is amazing too.


    My daily routine

    Madison Kunaiti


    Madison Kunaiti

    I miss the good old days 😇


    Sim amigo

  80. gantzlord

    Wow I forgot about this song, so many nostalgic memories are hitting me right now it hurts

  81. Curt Johnson

    Solid Jam

  82. Michael Mccoy

    Anyone know other songs like this?

  83. Jenn Koko

    mmmm hmmmm.....

  84. Roberto Son

    I'm sure I've writing about this awesome video before but here goes again in January 2020, awesome video

  85. brian martinez

    This video is giving me a serious identity crisis...

  86. Brian Edwards

    Take this wine and drink with me in 2020...

  87. pablo escobar

    Where was he headed tomorrow?

  88. SKYRULE-49

    Who still listening to this masterpiece in 2020?

    andrew kavanagh

    Absolute genius great song catchy as f**k

  89. Jesi Timpe

    Damn, I've heard this song a gazillion times and I've always liked it! The sentiment of: One individual saying "Goodbye" to their partner, neither knowing how long they will be separated, but if willing-be, they'll spend that whole night and morning together, before their parting :)
    ...Just now was my first time seeing the music video. It got me emotional. Unexpected spin on this song! Beautiful Music Video!! Thank You for the magic of this song and for the artistry!!! It is extra refreshing! If possible, please release more of this! We as a society NEED your positivity!!! MUCH LOVE sent to you all!! ~Jesi :)

  90. katia G

    Still listening in 2020??

  91. mike warner

    2020 thats all

  92. Durval Costa

    Brazuca também curte clássico!!

  93. Mr Ballsack

    Someone please tell me why this song brings me peace?...thing song is a masterpiece.

  94. White Black

    2020 anyone?

  95. Łukasz Górniewicz

    He knows how to keep good spirits/weathere