E-40 - Outsmart The Po Po's Lyrics

(Yawn) (burp)
It's 9 AM (fuck) time for a poisima,
life at incent, sit on the toiletsump
The Rossi got me smellin like I'm dead inside (sniff)
I'm stankin up the bathroom wit nuttin' to hide
I gotta go, flush the cumode, k ,
threw on the same damn clothes I woreyesterday
Me got some niggaz come down from outta town see
They want to meet me half way at the Nut Tree
But I'm starvin' so I'm Chargin'
15-5 for the Margerine, A-1 Yola tightly packed,
17-5 for the coochierack
Strike to the spot ride witta, my nine milameter bereta
The broad that be holdin' my D she love me,
long as I keep dickin her down properly
Sittin low in my cut not like a failure,
in front of baby's house
straight talkin on a cellular
Bring me out a unit, a birdie, a cake,
with the gypsyness before it's too late
Penitentury time drastic, here she come with a Kilo in a baby basket
Gotta play your cards right, game tight,
can't be slippin in the 90's, damn right

Outsmart the Po Po,
known to the marks as the don't knows,
you gotta

I wear street clothes
pants be saggin', I'm not bootsee
and I don't drive a dope wagon
Huh, Got a grip and I don't be braggin,
can't be laggin', gotta keep stackin' (yeah)
I keeps me a strap in case ah, I gots to shoot a simp in his face ah,
It's better to be got with then without,
Jealous muthafuckas would love it if they heard that I was tweakin' out
Seniors in the summertime, ralleys in the winter (yeah)
Ridin' with a light skinned big booty tender
Harass them muthafuckas on gold shoes,
tryin' to put a stop on my revenues
The Po Po I dislike em (hate em)
Crooked ass cops will make you vital
But you know that I know the Po Po
would love for a nigga to even attempt to act black

That's why you gotta-


It's Saturday night and to the night club
I got the Tanqueray, juice, and the Green Bud
Tacked on the freeway doin' fifty ya'll,
a brand new thang lookin nifty ya'll
I open the juice and then I take some swallows (yeah)
And the muthafuckin Gin to the same bottle (that's right)
Roll me a splift and put the ounce in the back (then what)
I keep it the trunk right next to the Gat (what they do doe)
Po Po jacked but can't fuck with me (what you got?)
an open juice bottle and a little ol' doobie (what they got to kiss?)
Cops better kiss my ass for a nigga like Legitament to blast


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E-40 Outsmart The Po Po's Comments
  1. Hog Major

    REAL BAY CLASSIC 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥😎

  2. P M

    Everything is on the one sample is dope

  3. Fabio Abboud

    # un palo

  4. Mike Holuba

    Grew up on the 92 40 Watta/CLICK. 707 rooted!

  5. Moelicious

    I ran from the CHP once. They didn’t find me. Then I did it again awhile later. I was in my 20’s, in a little Hyundai and female. LMAO!!! Dumbasses!!!

  6. Garion Bush


  7. Ralph Smith

    Wind me up bootsy Collins

  8. Armoni Q Fields

    This Was Some Educational , Game Oriented Game on a C,D....More Relevant Today than Ever...

    Jaime Chavez

    I had all the original E 40 and click tapes back in the day. Sugar t, b legit, D shot, Funk mobb, Little bruce OG Solar Music Group releases before Jive records. One love

  9. Terran Payne

    When that beat comes in!!

  10. Gaydy Donley

    I was thinkin about pushin 3,000 of em in a secret department ya dig cant nobody trip on Just using my head back in them days

  11. Cali Kingz

    Real Bay shit nigga Frisco to Vallejo now the whole world say PO PO thanks to E40 bitch

  12. The Mafia

    40 a fool my trunk disrespectful off this song high's screamin smh

  13. Ryan Fifield

    woohoo classic 707


    Ryan Fifield Bay Repin’!

  14. Tell It Like It Is

    . bomom usf

  15. Karl Glaub

    Only Earl would call out the Nut Tree in Vacaville

    Kay TodaP

    karl glaub 😂😂😂what they know about the nut tree? Lol

  16. Angel Godson

    DShot and SugaT go too

  17. Malekai Edwards

    Cops betta Kiss My Ass fore a nigga like Legitimate BLAST!!!!!

  18. Johnny Lowe

    Now this that real shit right here we got love fo forty water in da middle of tha map omaha nebraska this nigga shit neva get old

    mini danish

    402 rep 32st blastya

  19. Dawn DaBomb Shoup

    E-40-I will for ever have love for you and your dope ass beats. Been bumpin your shit since 92 and still bumpin it strong! I was a freshman in high school and livin in Vacaville when this shit was fresh! Class of 94 Vanden HS Fairfield! Love ya, B-Legit, Lil Bruce and Suga T....Can't be slippin in tha 90's, damn right! RIP Nut Tree!

  20. dave v

    that shit about Walnut Creek iz hella tardy...he said tha Nut Tree not Nordstroms...Do me a favor, jump off tha Carquinez and see if you can find my keyz....Wesifalif...nia.

  21. slickysac

    @PsychoSocialChange Nope. The Nut Tree is in Vaca. Half way between Sac and Vall.

  22. Eternal Life

    im stankin up the bathroom with nothin to hide gotta go flush the commode k throw on the same damn close i wore yesterday

  23. Eric Runnels

    whats the name of the music he sampled

    e fs

    Parliament - Everything Is on the One (1:35)

  24. Erika1Luv

    What's that...you've never heard of a slapper?
    (Insert Outsmart the PoPo's by E-40)

  25. slickysac

    One of my fave all time 40 tracks. "they wanna meet me half way at the nut tree" - pure northern cali shit right there. That means he was driving from vallejo to vacaville, to meet some fools from sacramento.

  26. nuclearbox2

    insane bass holy shit

  27. Chris 61982

    best e40 track

  28. nasty93cc

    But Im Starvin' So Im Chargin', 15-5 for the margarine!!!!!

  29. Griff Dogg

    this song took me forever to get on a cd

  30. aharris82

    Classic E-40 right here, when I bought this album years ago, I bumped the hell out of this song on my cd player, even though most of the other songs were good too, this was my stand-out cut of the album