E-40 - Episode Lyrics

[Hook: Chris Brown]
All my little bad bitches in here
If you came to get ratchet, say "yeah"
Baby, touch your toes
We can get freaky, have an episode
Tell me is ya with that
Episode, tell me is ya with that

[Verse 1: E-40]
I don't like it, I love it, I wanna grip it and touch it
I'm tryna hit it and fuck it, stab it and stick it and stuck it
Get you to lick it and suck it and kiss it after I nutted
We can be friends, ain't gotta be seen in the public
I'm about that verb, that action, have that coochie having contractions
When I be smashing and smacking and sapping, thrusting and thrashing
Sit back and relax and have a glass of this bottle
Earl Stevens selections: mango moscato
Handbag by Selena, seem like I already knew ya
Beautiful girl, you so bad, look like somebody done drew ya
My eyes salute ya, you a sight for sore eyes, booty and thighs
You and yo' girls should get with me and my guys
Come and get a bar of this mackin', baby girl, get rid of that sap
He ain't real, he a fraud, baby girl, that dude is a cat!
When he first intervened, he bought you flowers, no doubt
But once he got in good, he started doggin' you out


[Verse 2: T.I.]
Shawty in love with them gangstas, that's why she holla at me
A country nigga, we whipping up 50 thousand a ki'
You just be giving her, getting her, I just fill her with D
Even though she cute and petite, freaky, discreet
She got extensions of booty with them tattoos on her cheek
Make me wanna take her to a island, we could do it for weeks
Girl, let me Birkin your bag, Jimmy Choo on your feet
Let me get you out of the Jag and in that Bentley GT
I'm on the west coast, droptop riding, fool
With E-40 sitting with me, we riding, fool
Hustle Gang bang green, we tried thems truths
Somebody told you otherwise, they lied to you
I bet it all, roll the dice, bet, bet
Quarter mil' on me in the bag, check that
Them suckas don't like it but they gon' respect that
Spend the night, have a episode, you won't forget that, check that


[Verse 3: Chris Brown]
Girl, I came here with all my niggas and all this liquor
Said she want a threesome, I'm gon' lick her
From the bottom to the top, take it down
I'mma roll the weed but she gon' break it down
It's not my fault if that's yo' girl
Cause she wanna leave with a real nigga
Pussy on my balls, her panties in my car
Before your nigga call, you know I gotta get it


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E-40 Episode Comments
  1. Luiz Antonio

    31/12/2019 watch?


    Chris Brown gets this

  3. Shyladw _715


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  5. Unique beauty


  6. Josefa Silvana

    1890 1990 2019 3099 4890

  7. G A

    these videos and songs are kinda shit. I understand why the rest of the world looks down on US hiphop. Im sorry but you done better E40

  8. teytud91x

    Chris Brown don't belong in this could be been replaced by many others

  9. Christina Mancha

    Love this song

  10. Jonas Jonas

    Pqp q saudade dessa msc

  11. Christina Velasquez

    Óh no hé didnt

  12. Nexttwo Boisclair22always

    Say Eritrean? I-

  13. CANDIDVOICE 4Humanity

    Tryin hard to see where E40 fits dude is A1 grade but the rap lyrics came a bit too RAw for this vid

  14. B Natural

    40's lyrics will beat 90% of rappers to this day........... West side the best side......

  15. Tyrone Hooper


  16. shayboogie83

    Am the only mad they cant see the other couples expressions bcuz the next video is fuxxin covering them 😠

  17. DeShanna Hyder

    All my fav Niggas yaaaasssss 40 chris and tip...

  18. Alexx Lopez945150


  19. Chellagh Wright

    And Bye Its not worth it stupid

  20. Ken Lucas

    "Baby girl that dude is a cat"! - E-40


    My pooh tip still he killed it his flow is amazing and e40 yo and my bby Chris killed it as always


    Chris killed the hook ofc



  24. M B

    This song so slept on

  25. ralphyy_hitta95 benson

    Tip did has thing on the beat tho

  26. Jonas Cardoso

    Sou do Brasil, o som é foda mano

  27. L Smaccks

    This was my shit 😂

  28. abbie4949

    HYPHIE ASS FIRE (can't find my emojis on my laptop.....;-(

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    Any song with Chris Brown will always 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  31. Chris D

    I like how TI pronounces (or doesn’t) his ch’s. “She a Bad bit”

  32. Steven Fulford

    Just found this classic!!

    M B

    U late!

  33. Vanquish

    The most Underrated banger of all time 🔥🔥🔥

  34. 199113Quinn

    This track needs to come back


    Tell me are you with that

  36. Bald Head Grandpa

    Still fire

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    2019 with it 💯

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    Looove it 💅💄🛍

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    T.I killed it

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    I look better than that..Wassup..Kali1765...Stone Mountain

  47. jopimp14

    The female being a HOE is the best part!

  48. Jawden Crowley

    That dark skin bad asf 😍😍😍

  49. Klove Gamick

    I love it when my maN sings this Song to meh🤗😉😘

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    It's been 3 years, but it is still lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏻

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    Straight murdered this track!

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    What did would leave a chick down to ef to chill with the homies?? Nah #next

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    I love E-40 man I want to have his baby lolololol

  54. Abdiwali Mursal Heibe


  55. EpiPen guy

    fuck chris brown

  56. Boo Boo

    Great beat but why such nasty lyrics?

  57. kabelo Molefe

    Still bumpin it 2019!!!!👌✊🔥🔥

  58. Mike Fisher

    Isn’t having an episode how Chris Browns bitch ass ended up in jail??🤔🖕🏻😒🖕🏻

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    Why Im Here. That movie Dont Get Caught on Repeat for days😍😍

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    Everytime Southern rappers rap with Da Water they put sick wid in they verse lol.

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    Anybody give 40 videos thumds down is trash period he da reason da whole world got mo swag and lingo n they vocab period #salute 40

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    3:06 he like this bitch a thot

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    chis brown has so many underrated songs

  82. Geilson Carneiro Paivs Carneiro Paiva

    Chris brown com certeza é o melhor artista de todos os tempos

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    This still bump in my shit 💯💯

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    best memories

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    Cmon rap bring this backkkkk

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    This beat make move on some freaky shit

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    waiit isn’t that Michael from dynasty ?

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    Fucc boy shit

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    Bet you wouldn't say that to 40 ti or breezy face tho

    Cr C

    @Kim Kane bet 5

  89. malakia christina

    I remember this had premiere on 106 & Park 😩

  90. Camy jones

    Man either way they both was cheating 😂and they all looking at each other surprise like no fucks given they all in the same club and every thing lol

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