E-40 - Drought Season Lyrics

Yeah E-40 and the muthafuckin c-l-i-c-k in this muthafucka, you know
I got my cousin Kaveo on the muthafuckin side of me
We fin to spit some of this old flamboyant shit, check game-

It's another one of them drought spots, a ha-bin cost is like fuck it
Niggaz taken loses that they can't make up
Gettin gaffled for some of that shit call cake-up
Strechin the crap, making a bad batch
The screen from a trweekers pipe turns black
So they go crazy, get hot-headed, start actin' a fool yellin'
But ya'll know there ain't no refunds in the shit that I'm sellin
Cuz during the drought season niggaz be lookin' for a reason to rush ya
So I suggest you put up your bootsees man and pull out your buckets

Here's another part of this shit that a niggaz up lift about the game
The drought season main, cuz this shit here never remains the same
And a brother ain't about to let his muthafuckin capital go mein
So instead he gots to get scandlous
cuz he can't keep up and handle hisbuisness
Like he use to and he ain't really wit being through, get to it dude
Gotta pull a straight come-up, lick
Catchin' muthafuckas outta bounds swerv,
breakin they punk ass leavin scared
Cuz this is the type of shit that occur
so don't get caught loose on perv

I gots meals, wheels, and about 5 thousand dollars worth of bills
Bank account way on the red, fuckin with the highest overhead
Jackin off my money yo ass is out boy and I promise you that
I'm a money hungry muthafucka and I'm so serious about my scratch
So you're best bet is
to check yourself before you wreck yourself punk botch
I gets down and dirty like Dr. Ruth and I put that on the Gooch
Droppin muthafuckas just like a bad habit, Dag nab it
Tricks wanna get outta line I let 'em have it
Now bag it, I gots Ice Cream Candy
and all kinds of things of that flavor
And maybe later I might be willing to go low as long as you buyer before
Cuz I'm the only muthafucka with A-1 Yola,
none of that ol caken with baking soda
It gets released, ceased, and then the prices rises like yeast
Those who gots leftovers will become obese,
triplin' my mail off the triple beam scale
I even got enemies with envy askin' me for yayo
Chorus -
The Drought Season niggaz lookin' for a reason
It's like Thanksgiving without the feast -n [2x]

A niggaz tryin to work hard on a meal ticket so I can't stand to be dry
Cuz after the stronger man supply
but in the drought season it's too hard to get by
Niggaz be runnin' off with D gafflin muthafuckas, startin at chances
Cuz a niggaz mail ain't to muthafucka fancy,
rollin around with a duece and a quarter
Can't get caught lose on the border, sittin on them thangs like 40
Stay fuckin with a bitches brain

Can't be affected by the great depression
this country is in a recession, I reckon
So let me give yo ass a funky lesson-
Never let a muthafucka know what you got or what you buyin
It's dem bootsee muthafuckas in your town that's always dyin'
Stay low, play the background, keep your shit on a hush mate
Hit it hard one time and then hibernate

Now check game I'm tryin to do my own muthafuckin' thang
but shit just ain't right
For heaters that just got way to tight, Jackin muthafucka's on sight
But I'm a nigga that don't give a fuck
when I'm tryin to get my cashflow up
And render them seasons what ever the reason may be, niggaz comin up
short tye, Gag, Watch em short out from sea,
for sale signs on a nigga's shit
Cuz he ain't got no muthafuckin' D,
sellin' up everything made of material G
The Drought Season


I'm really not all sure about them thangs that fin to mature
But let me find me a nigga with a grip and hit his ass quick with a lick
What's your definition of a lick?
Takin' a niggas shit
Hey, put that on sumptin
I put that on the click,
if you consider yourself a hustla can't be no busta brown
Stackin mail, straight come upin', when funk come around be down

A nigga's gotta have some type of hustle
whether it be sellin' Dank or robbin banks
Snitches can't go to the pen cuz they fuck around and wind up shanked
In the presence of drought season shit gets hectic
niggaz losin they lives when they least expect it

It's E-40 and my cousin Kaveo lettin' muthafuckas know main
Spittin that ol shit that muthafuckas don't understand an
Tardy to the crazy ass game, never gotta be clever
Specially in this type of weather, Ya Know?
The Drought Season

[Chorus (4x)]
Thought he had cane but it was Gold Medal flour

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E-40 Drought Season Comments
  1. DownForMyScratch CHAVIS

    2019 Nashville Tennessee

  2. Dre cole

    This is real shi t ...it's drought season on real muthafuckas ..lot of fake as s muthafuckas

  3. Christian Williams

    Hustler of all never let them goofie mfer what u got you buying man

  4. Stanlayy7000

    Prosperity to the younger folks, the off-beat flow is nothing new, shout-outs to blue. Imagine if the Crest and Hill Side were never beefing. We missed out on hella good music.

  5. Matthew Tyler


  6. City. Life. Urban. Entertainment.

    Still slapping 2019!! Detroit...

  7. Kevin Jones

    Song for drought season in every city

  8. Mike Holuba

    So real!

  9. Wilson Gang

    Ayyyyyye drought season

  10. Jessie James

    Its 2019. .. dagnabit ...naggaz lookn fo a reason..its like Thanksgiving without the 🦃

  11. TheDeathwalker86

    My saw ha

  12. Don Hess

    still slappin this mob music

  13. Lo Money


  14. Mike Larry

    2019 & I’m still serious about my scratch.

  15. Josiah Daniel Valdez

    Straight Fucken legend heh, "I even got straight enemies asking me for yayo!"

  16. DownForMyScratch CHAVIS

    2019 Nashville Tennessee


    "N-Words comin' up short,tired,ganked,washed to shore from out the sea. " Lord heavens that's biblical.

    Lo Money

    FUCK YOU !!!!!!

  18. Tnsjkali SJK


  19. Isiah Henderson

    This is what time is when yo cheddar cheese ain't right and babies are hungry at the house, gotta bust a move

  20. Josh Agrest

    People always be testin my testicles. Yooooouuuu knooowww

  21. Lance Perry

    Still listening to this in 2019!

  22. Smoothlee Mix Music


  23. Dustin B

    This is raw bay area

  24. The Rappin Prohet O.G

    But I like the new song just like Michael Jackson say lol

  25. Bashiir Abdulmumin

    Sound track to the game. It was really like this. Lived through it!

  26. Dustin Knight

    this is still good today dont matter how old it is

  27. QueenofpopMrsJackson

    Hatin my life sucks stressin my excellent hustle hater and lover.My former past and homie love a friend.

  28. bpatilo

    2018 not real with being through

  29. rcp pop

    This that funky shit. Still bump this 20+ years later

  30. Garion Bush


  31. teamhuman2

    It's very easy to cry at this level it's very difficult not to eye pp becomes all dried up ,, if there is ongoing suffering we continue to cry even though it don't look so cause of drought season !!,,

  32. c k

    Drought season 🎉

  33. pain is real


  34. Maurice Hughes

    You ain't no refunds in this shit that I'm selling. Prices jump up high as hell in the drought Classic in 2019?

  35. ryublueblanka

    One of the greats all time UHHHH!!!

  36. Derrick Alarcon

    Ahhhh flashbacks! To be young again!

  37. Rimmeyja Tha Freestyla

    U knooo

  38. algierssolja

    Dam i was here 6 years ago and I am back. I grew up on da click.

  39. SuperSAINTPAUL

    Kaveo snapped

  40. 15 & 30

    Still listening to this in 2018

    Scorpio Unleashed

    Sonya Davis Me too, Sonya!!

    Kassie McCurtis

    2019..for me!! lol

  41. Jerry Vargas

    E 40 is coo he get me going

  42. Lloyd Harris

    It get released ceased then the prices rises like yeast!..Those with leftovers will be obese!.

  43. Slap Nasty

    I even got enemies with envy asking me for yayo.

  44. Slap Nasty

    that intro

  45. breezwonder

    Oh man...all this time i thought it was called "the drop season"

  46. Jonathan Doherty

    'Cause I'm the only muthafucka with A-1 Yola. None of that old cake with baking soda.

  47. jonnoel0

    Thanks Whodini - One Love !

    Scorpio Unleashed

    jonnoel0 That's the cut! I 💘 love that song and Whodini.

  48. Michael Hardin

    stretching the crack...... making a bad batch...the screen from a tweekers pipe turn black ,......now that is truly the drought season .................they still doing that same shit today

  49. lisa murphy

    even more trash fatty boy singing

  50. Sengo

    Selling up everything made of material G

    Scorpio Unleashed

    straightlead8 That's hard.

  51. fooloof

    "So let me give yo ass a 'funkin' lesson.'" That's a shout out to X-Clan right there. What y'all know about that?

    pain is real

    fooloof Dem X nigga'z huh


    I know this song was put out 1992ish

    Marcus White

    I thought he said 'fuckin', lol

  52. Angela Racy

    This is the tighest rap ever! I remember when I rode in my homegirl's Fleetwood with whitewalls listening to this! I'm getting old everyone! Lol! I miss those E40 days.

  53. Yody Macaleven

    ima money hongry mothafucka and im so serious bout my scratch

  54. Chachi Chatman

    they don't make rap music like that no more. I grew up off that. in 2011,2012 it was a drought all over. the real ones no what I mean and I was listening to the drought season and was amazed how that old song was relevant to the current day. fuck these new rappers I most if not all are gay anyway

  55. Andrew Pointer

    fronting 187

  56. Blue Cheese

    Bay Area niggas was the first in this to really speak on the demographics of this dope game like this,its heavy out here if u bitch niggas didn't know this is the platform for the underground independent hussel and if u have any disagreement ur miseducated.

  57. Leonard Hawkins

    Alot of people have slept on dis Brotha throughout the yearz, but i look at the Brothaz credibility of the fact that PAC had luv 4 him & fucked wit him on a regular !!! So jus based on that, this niggah is & alwayz will b RAW as fuk !!!!!

  58. fooloof

    These cats shoulda done an entire album. I love the chemistry.


    +Hawaiian Flip dude, I been knowin about the Click since like 92 or some shit.

    Mar Par

    oh okay ..look up e 40 practice looking hard video ..i was just bumping it


    +Hawaiian Flip I got a mirror in my pocket and I practice lookin hard, lol. word!


    +fooloof After Celly Cel's second CD I thought Mac Shawn and then Kaveo were each going to blow up as solo artist on Sick Wid It.

    Hannibal Zulu

    They were hitting in Kansas City too. This brings back a lot of memories.

  59. Hold This L. Debarge


  60. Hold This L. Debarge

    im so far in the country that we had drought season on the weed... niggas was sellin rabbit hutch bedding taped up as qp's & pounds

    Juan Mcclendon

    lmao...by any means necessary

    Juan Mcclendon

    lmao...by any means necessary

  61. Don Shit

    Somebody tell JayZ who started this type shit and really explainedthe game first before Reasonable Doubt or Ready to Die and all they shit..I think thats why Biggie was hatin

    Mobbstarr Mobbin

    fuck them niggas from the eastcoast. Biggie was a hater. he was interviewed and he gave e40 a 0 on the scale and Spice 1 a 2. thats fucked up


    This is from 1992 just saying

    Lo Money

    You Right.

  62. Beats Bars & Passion

    40 rappin bout the drought season back in 92 lol, probably first

    Jacob Branch

    Shiiiit KillaBeat, E-40 is no doubt the first Trap-rapper. on some straight D-Boy shit , ON VALLEJO, 707 SCRAPE SHIT , MY Nigga!!!

  63. Johnny Vasquez

    My morning slap


    Johnny Vasquez exactly sahov

  64. Art poetry n motion [email protected]

    ArtymaCin(1)@you tube
    (414) 732-8937

  65. wardisan10

    "check game" that's some fly shit, i think imma start saying that

  66. Alan M.

    thought he had cain but it was gold medal flour


    Shout out to Willie D

    Josh Agrest

    Ga-Ga-Ghettoooooo boyzzzz

  67. Jerome Lewis


  68. AlexOVarietyHour

    Tripling my mail off the beam scale.

  69. Frank Aguirre

    this is the original gangsta rap bomb ass shit

  70. Lonnie Day

    you are white?

  71. Jonathan Williams

    Fun song to listen to...but easily one of the most horribly rapped songs ever

  72. Bo Williams


    Dre cole

    I agree fuc k these new niggas wannabe rappers ...the 90s golden era rule 40 water all day

  73. mrgetmyovers

    drought season in my city right now....:(

  74. swizznay

    Jive couldnt or wouldnt clear the samples. old school underground cats didnt have to worry about clearing samples. so they used them not worried about cost. thats why they took out the Steven Seagal movie sample in the begining and end of Rat Heads, the next song after Drought Season. 40 wanted his back catalogue released when he signed so it had to be changed up.

  75. WeizHerGigBuddy

    i remember being able to listen to this album on cassette without the miller lite ad

  76. dave v



    greatest game spitter of all time!!

    Kirk Williams

    ZIGGY RAS TAFARI fa shigadelll!

    Scorpio Unleashed

    That's true.

    JanieWile The Baby


  78. Cream of The Crop Ent

    if u consider urself a hustla u cant be no busta brown, stack ya mail straight come up and when funk come around be down

  79. twinkeez2003

    yaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssss SOOOOHOOOOOOOOBBB!

  80. algierssolja

    Nigga remind me so much of the original cash money. Not that fake as shit they do now Im talking everything that came before the hotboys. The Click even had love for the Ghetto Boys.

  81. algierssolja

    This aint no motha fuckin rap nigga. This shit called Game Spittin.

  82. Humble Gamer

    hahaha 1 lonely ass hater

  83. Mike Holuba

    Da bumble!

  84. TeeAnnification

    Memories....Private....South Side Richmond, were the ballers reside....Back to east oakland shutting down eeerrrythang when I come out....Shut up! Before I wreck myself....

  85. WeizHerGigBuddy

    the first e40 song i ever heard. the fedral tape was the business back in 1992

  86. EMoThaGr8

    @numbduck Kaveo from The Mossie

  87. Brian Watts


  88. uh uh

    the 1 person who dislikes this shit must be a snitch


    103 snitches and player haters

    Maurice Hughes

    uh wtf Real Shit

  89. fleshnbone187

    @ChefDRboy No, it's not Scarface, it's by Geto Boys which includes Scarface but that line is said by Willie D.

    Cixx The Chiller

    No your wrong and right Scarface voice is on there but not from "Mind Playin Tricks" that Willie D "sheep rock for some powdered soap....from "Good Girl Gone Bad"on (Mr.Scarface Is Back)

  90. fooloof

    @SANJONERO420: yeah. Mind playin' tricks. not "ho be a ho." don't know what I was thinkin.

  91. krackbaby24


  92. GOD7SUN

    the most underated mc of all times / spice-1


    Spice 1 is dope but not underated.

  93. SANJONERO420

    @Crisfromcal - Ghetto Boz My Minds Playin Tricks On Me. "Thought He Had Cane but it was Gold Medal flour"

  94. Wade Wilson

    anybody know the song used for the 40 water and kaveo killed this shit

  95. Neal Williams

    @berts707 Humboldt county still bangs this shit.

  96. teamhuman2

    who has the outro for thizz album could thing verious productions exsamples like dj outro federal 40oz l vs /watch?v=VqY_nHzUIl4 into dope new sets intro inn pleased upload dough for the seasional hospotality of inocence in the team human bud ,,on!!,,

  97. jayo77

    one fo o's best songs. 40 may have fell off music wise but hes still one of the most consistent rappers out there...always comin with some tight elaborate verses whether its lyrically or vocally... this dude goes hard, no matter the beat. no wonder he's Nelly's and The Roots' Blaq Thought's favorite rapper