Dusty Springfield - See All Her Faces Lyrics

Here she comes
Here she comes
Ribbons flying from her half-forgotten hair
Look at her run
See what the world and love have done
See all her faces
See all her faces

Look in my eyes
That she is me
I can't disguise
See all her faces
Ah, ha, see all her faces

I'm looking for someone
Of the gentle kind
Knowing that looks can lie
Looking for someone
Is he there to find?
Or should I run on by, ah, ha

Here she comes
Here she comes
Shadows sadly chasing
Every step she takes
Look at her now
She needs love so much more somehow
See all her faces
See all her faces

Look at my life
The wasted years
Each a knife
See all her faces, ah-ha
See all her faces

Waiting for someone
Who will set me free
Passing the time too fast
Waiting for someone
Is that where he'll be?
Or should I run right past?, hmm

There she goes
There she goes
Somehow making me and all her faces sad, oh, oh
Ba, da, ba, da, ba, da, ba, da...

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Dusty Springfield See All Her Faces Comments
  1. John Meegan

    this is a calming song

  2. Lori Romano

    Dusty sounds great on it, as usual. But first time I'm hearing this song. It's almost like there is to much going on musically behind her voice. Would be curious as to how it would sound with a more sparse backing. Sometimes less is more.

  3. James Dill

    Billy Eckstine also has a great recording of tune

  4. Patrice Angseesing

    Lovely and what a gorgeous voice...

  5. olin1242131

    Dusty was just one of a kind and such talent....she indeed was a "mixed up girl" and paid a high price for it...

  6. mistergromit

    The original Thelma Houston version is kinda brilliant too - and Nancy Wilson did a great version too

    Stephen Gyte

    Love Nancy's version but this is sublime

  7. lifesamiracle

    Great version of this Jimmy Webb tune by Dusty !

  8. jamesvv

    Love this song too & Dusty. I have only heard Aretha's version. This one is great too!