Dusty Springfield - I Wanna Be A Free Girl Lyrics

I was there when dreams came true
Stuck around when they fell through
Lifes too short to play with your emotions
I gotta travel, I gotta travel

Said I wanna see the world
I wanna be a free girl
Said I wanna see the world
I gotta be a free girl, mmm

The silly games you played werent new
Lost them all
But they beat you, too
Theres no time for fooling with children
I gotta travel, I gotta travel

Said I wanna see the world
I gotta be a free girl
Yes, I wanna see the world
I gotta be a free girl, oh

Oh, lifes too short to play with your emotions
I gotta travel, I gotta travel
Said I wanna see the world
I gotta be a free girl
Yes I wanna see the world
I gotta be a free girl
Yes I wanna see the world
I gotta be a free girl
Said I wanna see the world
Yeah, gotta be a free girl

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Dusty Springfield I Wanna Be A Free Girl Comments
  1. Abu Khalia

    Wow this song has Philly written all over it. The Late Linda Creed wrote this song and it sounds like something that the Stylistics would've song.

  2. Betty Martinez

    You are now free princess. RIP

  3. mowestjohn

    My favorite Dusty song.

  4. James Ballard

    Hotter than jUNE'S BRIDE'S BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. James Ballard

    A PHILLY SOUND..................

  6. N Z

    Oh my God. I seem to be addicted to her :(

  7. Thomas Norman

    closer to God, better life...

  8. Lori Romano

    Well, Dusty got to see the world and she was pretty much a free girl (as free as an international superstar can be I guess).
    Love her.

  9. hnc52

    One of Dusty's finest moments...those hand gestures!

  10. Thomas Norman

    Its so.....once you start listening to her.....the entire day is gone....

    Lori Romano

    Ha! Thomas Norman....that's pretty much the size of it. But can't think of a more worthwhile way to spend the day really. Enriching one's life. ; ) This You Tube is a gold mine of Dusty. Just watched her two live versions of "Since I Fell For You" both splendid.

    Thomas Norman

    call me irresponsible.....

  11. Carla Pizzicone

    Absolutely beautiful, she got lost coming to the U.S. that is where her down fall came. every one wants to come to America, but for Dusty the 70's ended up being bad for her. L.A. can chew you up and spit you out. but she lived there off and on till 1989. I adore her. U. S. A.

    Lori Romano

    Yes, the move was probably a mistake for her, and especially to stay so long. But she did record lots of great LP's while in America. She didn't want to do what the American singers were doing. She was offered a Las Vegas gig, opening for Dean Martin. Not her thing, she passed. So they booked her at nice Supper Clubs. Also not her thing (the clanging of the forks and plates). Think she would have like to have tried acting in a film. Wish she would have gotten that opportunity. But her time was probably better spent in the recording studio. Lucky for us.

    Wanda Colon

    If only she stayed in UK.....She could fly to the states whenever she wanted, enjoyed the trip, do the LP'S and return home, where her true and loyal friends were waiting.......maybe things would be different for her!

  12. Thomas Sperduti


  13. Michael Ryan

    Written by the great Linda Creed

  14. mowestjohn

    Beautiful song, Beautiful person----I think I'll leave it at that !

  15. Lanford Ripley

    Nobody but Dusty Springfield had those unique hand gestures. NObody.

  16. bigjohno242

    Brilliant and beautiful.


    Superb, sexy, stunning. We love you.

  18. Deacon Curtis Caiby

    i haven't heard this song in a long time thank you for posting this song

  19. channelonesuite

    She looks like a "Bond Girl"

  20. stateofdreams1

    Great tune. And how beautiful she is in this.

  21. weirdalfan1980

    Great song, get GOLD for (almost) all Dusty's singles including this overpowering song.

  22. mark tripp

    She will always be the White queen of soul!!There will never be another like her!!Dusty forever!!

  23. christian brahm

    I am in love!

  24. MrsRickyRicardo

    She's so wonderful! I love her so damn much. Beautiful woman, inside and out.

  25. David G

    That is some big hair on that woman. I think she looks fantastic. A drag queens dream.

  26. ryan miller

    Released for Dusty's 30th birthday in 1969.... What a great song, well ahead of its time ... Available on In Memphis Plus and other albums... A rare gem amongst so many gems from this rare and talented performer...

  27. TruthSerum101

    @RAY2424 The black Dusty? Diana is Diana.

  28. RememberTheTime09

    Story of my life...

  29. rebecca0030

    love all of dusty's songs so meaningful x becky

  30. silvertonguebrat

    Cool Dress...I want one!

  31. corLTD

    Wonderful. And that high note at the end - impeccable! ♥

  32. SueBeaWho

    That chick could sing. Duh I know.

  33. Wayne Brasler

    A wonderful recording even better live. Gorgeous gown.

  34. rebecca0030

    i love this song the words are so emotional x becky

  35. arfurchance10

    Once I start listening I can't drag myself away, she's awesome, Love yer Dusty,
    R.I.P Ray ♥

  36. Ray Medeiros

    They say Dusty is the white queen of soul. On the contrary dianna ross is the black Dusty, maybe

  37. rebecca0030

    love this songi gotta be a free girl ,a beautiful voice always remembered xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  38. Ze18613

    She's not regularly seen as a sex symbol but in the late 60's she was quite a hottie.

  39. My Space

    A voice as smooth as silk,every song of hers was an original.

  40. Simavi Uluc

    Dusty was the greatest of them all.
    Nobody else comes close.

  41. jenny5wren

    She does'nt just look like a goddess, kickassfan, she WAS a goddess......THE goddess! There will never be another.


    Can I get A Tissue :(


    A artist with sheer versatility ,as soul brotha I gotta give Dusty her blue-eyed soul props!!One of my favorites thanks for this post

  44. donnyvango

    Just fantastic. Thanks so much for this!