Duran Duran - Cry Baby Cry Lyrics

One of these nights you wait and see
One of these nights you're gonna realize
The way your pride comes at a cost
Leaving you short on sympathy
Where is the evidence you need to know
You're better off than the rest

Given attention more than touch
Over the time it's nothing much to show
Keeping it all together
Seems like forever
One of these days you'll kiss and tell
It's in the mirror, gonna spill it out
Whatever do you know, what do you, do you know?

A selfish obsession, a fake suicide
You can't see the truth for the dollars in your eyes
They're fading and that makes you
Cry Baby Cry
But it ain't gonna kill you now

Can you depend on your champagne
Socialist friends to drop your name in their
(questionable) Four Viper supernova rides however great they claim to be only betrays their insecurity--yeah
See how they fall from those highs

Afraid of dragons in the smoke
Gonna go rehab but that's a joke
It's getting old don't tell them all we've heard it before
You're welcome to celebrity
Doing the thing so famously
Must wear your reputation wrong, it must be such a bore

A selfish obsession, a fake suicide
You can't see the truth for the dollars in your eyes
They're fading and that makes you
Cry Baby Cry
But it ain't gonna kill you now

Cry Baby Cry
Cry Baby Cry

A selfish obsession, a fake suicide
You can't see the truth for the dollars in your eyes
They're fading and that makes you
Cry Baby Cry
But it ain't gonna kill you now

It does make you stronger, yeah

Cry Baby Cry
Cry Baby Cry
Cry Baby Cry
Cry Baby Cry

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Duran Duran Cry Baby Cry Comments
  1. MegaMikss

    БРАВО /BRAVO !!! 🖤❤🖤

    Hails & Cheers from the capital Belgrade of Serbia 👍🏻🇷🇸🍷

  2. gommechops

    I wonder who this is about...

  3. Chris simpson

    This shit lit!!!!!!

  4. Marla Secrist

    suck. my. giant. black n. Decker, home. wrecker. PECKER... dickcheeze

    Marla Secrist

    Duran. Duran is. head

  5. Eril Burgos

    Sounds a lot like JT composed it!! Great track!!

  6. Anna Oxford

    Ive listened to these guys since I was 13 and I still love them

  7. mgparis

    I have this amazing song stuck in my mind. Shame it's not better known - DD should release a new album with all their obscure excellent songs and it would be the massive hit it deserved to be!

  8. Daz Lilley

    My boys xx

  9. Adrian Paul

    Hmm... interesting

  10. Natalie Eichler

    Love this song!!!

  11. Mariano Banegas

    I like this song, is very good.

  12. JJ Hofstra

    this is a great tune ........has a late 70's Abba type feel to it

  13. Javier De luna ruiz

    muy bueno, por siempre Duran duran

  14. Georgia Duran Duran

    Τους Αγαπω πολυ τους Ντουραν Ντουραν!😄😅😆😉

  15. sharon cannizzo

    i love duran

  16. Venthrac

    Duran Duran, masters of putting all their best songs out as bonus tracks when they should be replacing more mediocre songs on the albums.

  17. La Debby

    The more i listen to their music, the more i love them... I didn't know this song...So thanks for sharing!

  18. John Rappaport

    When Simon sings with himself, it's ridiculously amazing. His voice sounds so smooth. The harmony is out of control. Red Carpet Massacre was the single worst DD album ever made. But this song and a few others are gems.

    Thomas. 1975.

    John Rappaport I don't know. I thought Pop Trash was pretty bad. There isn't one song on that album that's memorable. At least on RCM there's 3 or 4....

    Just a matter of feeling !

    John Rappaport true and PopTrash too😏

    John Rappaport

    Thomas, I like a lot of songs on Pop Trash. This is just HORRENDOUS! But I really like this song.

  19. Stephen Smith

    like this song very much .le bon girl 71 xx

  20. Ryan K

    why does this have to be on the japanese release of red carpet massacre? this is a really good song, but its on itunes, i have the album as a hard copy and i have to buy the whole album to get the one song because it is a "Album only" song

  21. Levan Gvelukashvili

    very coool

  22. Jordan Frankel - Security Expert

    How did I miss such a great song?

    Lori H

    i didnt know about it either.

  23. Rif2020

    Not heard this before (yeah shameful) but me likey v much. :)

  24. porchia7192

    My god!!! Why wasn't this released as a single? This song is brilliant!

  25. bonnie bianco

    just bought this .


    Thank you!!!

  26. Arcana7609

    this is the best dance song they'd done in years and of course they didn't release it as a single or even put it on their album. Whoever decides this shit needs slapped.

    Ten Draftsdeep

    Arcana7609 agreed!!!

    John Rappaport

    This is better than almost everything on Carpet Massacre!!!!!!

    Michaël Bil

    At least it is included on the vinyl version :)

    Beth Putnam

    Totally agree

  27. Dashland B


  28. Jason Griffin

    Apparently this track was recorded in 2006 and then just tagged onto RCM, so this must definitely be Andy's guitar work. 

  29. corellus

    Chissà perché non l'hanno inserita nella set list ufficiale...e' bellissima! Molto anni 70 ! 😊

  30. Steven Allen

    I agree with lots of comments on here. I can think of more than 5 songs on RCM that this could have been in place of. And don't get me started on a Salt in the Rainbow! The extended version of Salt and the demo of Midnight Sun - awesome! Right there with OW, Leopard and GOF to me.


    @Steven Allen too true. Same thing with Mediterranean it should have been on their last album....basically...pretty much any song that was left off their albums become my favorites.

  31. Hese Kautiainen

    this song should be released on European version of Astronaut too, not only in Japan version

  32. luccieighteen

    Luckily I have this on iTunes.

  33. Samiris Ortiz

    Same thing happened to me, in the middle of a clothing store and Mediterranea starts to play.... my daughter begged me to stop singing.Of course I couldn't ...stop singing.

  34. chrisbacos

    I thought this was a cover of the Beatles' 1968 song from the White Album.

  35. 42bluey

    hi:) i agree with you 100% duran made it huge here in australai big way

  36. Jason Le Bon

    that's awesome hearing BFoH in the store..i know what u mean..

  37. BarrySlisk

    Maybe he is just not a mindless fanatic fan. DD has made lot's of crappy tracks over the years. But also LOT'S of good ones.

  38. netto kannritaiseikyouka

    I don't know this song. 1984?

  39. DRstaszak

    2012 all you need is now - close as its gonna get

  40. Gina Fernandez

    I've been a DD fan since 1981 when no one knew who they were... I appreciate EVERY SINGLE effort they have made... whether or not they were well received by the public... they tried to venture down a different path and it didn't work out well for them but at least they tried... Maybe I'm just a glass half full kinda gal :D

    Lee Beauchamp

    Gina Fernandez DD are the soundtrack to my life, they will always be my favourite band in the whole universe......

  41. peartfaldo

    Yes, he is a DD fan--thats why he doesnt listen to it. This album wasnt even DD as a band. There are no real drums and hardly any real bass on it. Even John Taylor said it sounds like/could have been a Simon Lebon solo album. It didnt sell at all.

  42. Jason Griffin

    This must be Andy playing. It's got the 5 DD sound.

  43. pcvir

    super funky!!!

  44. emeraldstream

    Wow this is awesome. TY

  45. MaxZorin8

    This should be a single! This is the best track on "Red Carpet Massacre".

  46. Gina Fernandez

    @brchris69 you are missing out on a great album... are you really a DD fan? lol

  47. PopTrash99

    an absolutly Nr. 1 hit !!! I Love this Song !
    DD Forever !!!!!

  48. Bad Drivers of Maricopa County

    @drylaundry HELL YEAH! A concert with Stop Dead, Time for Temptation, Secret Oktober, Cry Baby Cry and all YES!

  49. fedual

    @lakechaney They will!

  50. blank

    @Deanocub No, what they SHOULD DO is a Bsides and rare tracks TOUR !!!!

  51. Dean Schlub

    This is a Gr8 song! I'm surprised it didnt make the cut on the U.S. CD. I wish DD would release a record of the rarities, B-Sides, and Bonus tracks. I'd be so buyin' it!

  52. legazter

    He should stay and fight. It's easy just walkaway

  53. Toto Ninja

    EXCELENTE !!!!!!!!!!!!! TEMAZO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! primera vez que lo escucho, es un HIT !!!!!!! y ahora esperando que vuelvan a estos pagos, Argentina, en el 2011

  54. Siberia X

    Cool track! Why is it in bonuses? And RCM, I think, was not bad album at all.

  55. saltintherainbow

    i swear this would have been a huge hit on the radio!!! i need to buy this somewhere.

  56. liffy101

    Wow; love this!! Need to buy this song soon!

  57. jsnramc1

    I think its great. Just goes to show John does a great vocal in this. I lov e it!

  58. jsnramc1

    This song is excellent. Does anyone else think that it gives off a Powerstation vibe?

  59. PopTrash99

    best song from RCM !!!!!

  60. lakechaney

    I really hope Duran Duran reach a moment in their careers like 1984.

  61. lakechaney

    I would rather listen to this than U2 get on your boots

  62. lakechaney

    You are right. This song is enough to make anybody listening to todays radio take a 2nd listen.
    I thought the same of love vodoo, and serious.

  63. lakechaney

    Again a precious jewel of a song slips away from Duran Duran.

  64. maibcn984

    Great song.D.D. are wonderful and genial.

  65. Indra WB

    Yessss, the song Cry Baby Cry is a great song.
    Red Carpet is a RUBBISH lp.
    It's good, not put on it together.

  66. duranasty

    after all the gimmics of free download albums and what ever else there is.i think duran duran should release one track from the next album ,then let the fans decide what track is next and then the band choose a track.lets have a duran duran album full of singles not one song players.

  67. StevieWho

    I'm always mixed about this track. I love it, and it's utterly brilliant, but about the whole album i can't help but feel that Duran Duran sold their souls for going hip-hop

  68. vicious285

    great song (:

  69. glitttlemagpie

    Too funny... I actaully heard Box Full of Honey on one of those music loops they play in the supermarket! I never would have thought I'd hear it in public except on my player! People were looking at me all funny when I knew the words to a song that's no on standard radio. lol

  70. duranasty

    you cant expect an album to do well with one song released.if it doesnt work after two or three try finding out why.if no one was interested they wouldnt go the concerts.

  71. silvia susana Santamaria

    all are so good!! tThey should've made a single out of Box full of Honey and She's too much,What a song!! DD you are THE BEST!!!!

  72. silvia susana Santamaria

    Great song!! and pics as well

  73. duranasty

    whats the point any more the record company lets one song go.think how much publicity would have gone down with med and red was a waste full of tunes. gone now wasted .shitty record company who are sht scared of makin a move .u daft fuckas red carpet had many and u blew it .now we have flo rida still got timba and britney sounds gud.a & r dick heads cant hear shit.

  74. maibcn984

    Nice song . Sois los mejores.

  75. duranasty

    why do we only get one song from rcm,ifone fails try another .union and new moon both made top ten and the last single the relex went to no1.keep tryin duran.

  76. fedejt

    Una delle migliori canzon di RCM. Mi domando perché l'abbiamo inclusa solo nella versione giapponese. Molto più bella di "Falling down". Peccato.

  77. The VHS music channel

    best song on RCM by far. too bad they only included it on the Japanse version.

  78. Rocio DD

    i like so much this song !

  79. blank

    what the hell, please release this song with some cool video, so people see Duran again.

  80. glitttlemagpie

    Why does the Japaneese market get all the great bonus tracks?! And all the great photos!

  81. CandyCoatedDarkness

    I'm so addicted to this song. I've listened to it all day today and all day yesterday as soon as I got it!

  82. Roberta -Fiamma- Guiducci

    i like it so much!!! r.

  83. kary mcklenear

    great album, fantastic song and the lyrics amazing.

  84. Germania Osorio

    So this is a bonus track? Why? Damn it! Japanese are lucky.

  85. Millahtime

    How did this not make the album here? Another great track from Danja.

  86. blank

    Extra track on Japanese album ?? The japanese or Asia always have good deals. They always have posters, stickers etc to give away when you buy CD. They don't give anything here in US and Canada.

  87. SkydivingFalcon

    Oh! I didn't know that. I see now. Maybe we should do something along the same lines =D, lol.

  88. klingoncelt

    There's some kind of a deal where all albums going into Japan have to have an extra track.

  89. shytowngirl

    I LOVE this song!!!! It should be on the U.S cd.

    Davied lebonnie7

    shytowngirl We never get good bonus tracks here in UK to

  90. SkydivingFalcon

    I actually have this song. I found it somewhere. This song rocks....Why Duran Duran?, couldn't you just have a little more space to put it on the UK and Europe RCM CD.

  91. 54spiritedwill54

    this is a great song.

  92. duranasty

    why the lack of singles from red carpet massacre,its full of potenial singles.

  93. albedupova

    excellent song!!!!!!!!!!!!! pure DURAN DURAN

  94. The VHS music channel

    Best song from theri last album. By far!!! Too bad they only included it on the Japanese CD.

  95. notorious

    Estaria muy bueno.aunque me gusta RCM. Segun Simon Le bon, reportage es un sonido mas crudo, mas duran principios,ojala lo editen y tambien que vuelvan a la Argentina,

  96. nikorey27

    segun parece..Nick anda con ganas de lanzar Reportage..Ojala! me parece que seria un album más DD que RCM

  97. notorious

    Si, tenes razon.Aunque reportage tambien lo borraron por Andy, que se fue antes. Pero buen por lo menos se pueden escuchar estos temas no editados.en los 80 estas cosas no lo encontrabas

  98. notorious

    Cry Andy cry

  99. Adri 472

    You are absolutely right.
    I love this and those other songs too.
    Now, WHY in the world they refuse to do it?