Duff, Hilary - Cry Lyrics

Cry love
Cry war
Cry innocence
That is lost forever more
Cry joy
Cry thief
Cry beautiful
That is just beyond belief somewhere

Cry at the end
Cry cause it all begins again
Here you are
And so am I
And we cry

Cry alone
Cry to me
Cry freedom
Then let yourself be free
To shed the tears
That have to flow
To hold somebody close to you
And then to let them go

Cry at the end
Cry cause it all begins again
Here you are
And so am I
And we cry

Cry peace
Cry hate
Cry faithlessness
Then just have a little faith

Cry at the end
Cry cause it all begins again
Here you are
And so am I
And we try to be true
Try cause we're only passing through

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Duff, Hilary Cry Comments
  1. Dm b

    One of the most favorite songs powerful and meaningful

  2. Maggie Marban


  3. luis freyre

    BACK <3

  4. babylover0990

    This is my favorite song because when I feel like crying it always makes me feel better. And strangely it has never made me cry--until now...


    I feel the same way.

  5. Mokinuita

    God I love this song

  6. Dani Duff

    this is such a tune. i love her so much and she is gorgeous!

  7. Eunice Lam

    To hold somebody closes to you

  8. Meakana

    This song gets to me somehow u.u

  9. cass h

    Here I am 14 holy..... she's a mom.... shes not lizzie anymore,.....i can't help but reflect on how fast time has gone by.

  10. xsus colan

    the bitch cant sing she doesnt deserve to be a singer bt shes better than keshas craps.come bck please

  11. ieva910

    i always listening this song when im crying...

  12. Moomoobear1990

    Me too!! but i heard a rumor that she might start again!

  13. mely bear

    i miss her so much... she was different from all the other disney ppl she has respect for her body n other ppl <3

  14. Tiffany Lundy

    how can she have never meet me but still be able to reach inside me and read me like a book

  15. Taysha Hackwell

    Every one tells me not to cry,to be strong,to not show fear or sadness,not to show much i hurt i lisson to this song and nothing they say matters anymore i cry and cry till i can't cry anymore,then i feel much better.......love this song<3

  16. Thuy Trang Dao

    at this moment, I really want to cry :(

  17. PendulEmPlum

    i cryed till i couldn't cry anymore.

  18. Raynee with no Chance

    @amikraezie me too! haha i jumped!

  19. Raynee with no Chance

    i just........love her

  20. Taylor Henderson

    @TheChocolatemilk77 sameeeeeee!

  21. amikraezie

    @02:10 kinda freaked me out hahahah

  22. Kittycat42300

    @SuperHahagirl101 Your house din't get flooded right? XD Jkjk

  23. Emily Rose

    Last night i listened to this, cuz i was depressed, i was crying a river lol

  24. Ohana97

    hey hilary...can i please have my diary back now?

  25. Kelly Nguyen


  26. paralyzedxlovee

    @BeccaMuffinLiz LOL the song is so beatiful lmfaoooooo

  27. MelodyTheWITCHHeart5 [Don't sub]

    13 people betrayed someone they loved

  28. Kelsey Bowen

    @storm123475 i like the beginning the most

  29. Taylor Grant

    this is how im feeling right now... cant belivie how yu trust and feel bad for someone, and they betray u.. :'(

  30. imodgen young

    its really crap at the beginig then gets better

  31. Winter Rose

    i love this song no matter what happends

  32. Kittycat42300


  33. sarah896


  34. Sir gnomeington

    this song makes me cry so much. Why do i listen to it so much then?

  35. grannyliveyourlife

    ok, i own this song. i should really stop listening to it cuz it makes me cry EVERY time i listen to it....

  36. Pari Chopra

    love it

  37. Alexandra Leigh

    I dno't really like hilary duff that much but some of her songs are beautiful :) kinda like this one.

  38. lanikoekjj

    i miss my boyfriend so much.. :$:(

  39. hadar weisberg

    @The0415pioupiou true

  40. Sara Douwie

    That's everything we cry for <3 i love her <3 love the song <3 love the lyrics <3 thanks for uploading this <3

  41. Uhnkledax

    I have always and will love this song

  42. Ringfanatic01

    this song made me CRY

  43. Julia

    i love tis song but i hate it too it reminds me of my new puppy that just turned one the day he was run over by a car :(
    or a few dayas after his b day it was sooo sadddd

  44. TrinityAucoin

    i love this song!!! :) i cant stop listening to this.

  45. smart5615

    this was good

  46. lauramay abbott

    is this a poverty song coz i might use it for my college corse work x

  47. imachiquilla

    omg i love hilary duff. she is so pretty and beautiful. but i agree. she was better blonde. =)

  48. Janika L


  49. viri r

    i love this song..... is beatiful

  50. Pandoras Tiger

    never heard this song befor.

  51. SuperAwesomazing

    its actually "cry beautiful that is just beyond belief. so I"
    at 0:35

  52. Mariana Brnic

    Love the song, it's true it has a really good meaning. Love Hilary <33

  53. Madeline Steck

    I can't sing to it, but this song rocks!

  54. Soph Casab

    you're welcome (:

  55. hadar weisberg

    these are really good lyrics

  56. StopDropAriel

    i hate this song. i love how her music's improved since her first album

  57. Inga Mašalaitė

    beutiful song

  58. Soph Casab

    welcome! :)

  59. Soph Casab

    you're welcome

  60. Soph Casab

    thank you!

  61. Soph Casab


  62. Soph Casab

    well thanks, i bet you're boring too.

  63. Soph Casab

    PLZZ COMMENT!! thx!