Dry Kill Logic - The Perfect Enemy Lyrics

First off- dismiss
All of the lies- what brought you to this?
In what you feel what you need how do you exist
When there's far too many problems to list
As you watch your future fleeting falling further away
In what you feel what you need everything you say
Every minute every second every single day
Second-guessing choosing which path you will pave...it's not right

And I swear I'd give it all
But it's never enough
And when this is said and done
Did you want it as much?
But you knew what went around will come back to you
But it makes no difference cause its through...cause I'm through with you!

Give up- give in
It's like the limits that your life's been lived in
And all around you it's the same that it's ever been
But you'll never see that cause it doesn't quite sink it
That where the future's headed you will walk it alone
Gone are the dreams and the plans you are on your own
Left with nothing everything that you've been shown
Has been forgotten for the promise of a life unknown...so not right


Everything you want it to be I'll do that
Blinded by the light you see I feel that
Running from the truth it brings I see that
Never knowing what it means We share that
Running from it trying to hide Don't do that
Looking for a way not to mind Don't do that
Feeling no ones on your side Don't say that
Slowly lose your mind...


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Dry Kill Logic The Perfect Enemy Comments
  1. William Braden

    HELLYEAH!!!!!😈 LOUD the way I like it

  2. William Braden


  3. Madrow Lawsin

    Fuck peace make war >;)

  4. dylan ward

    its so hard to sit and listen to this music just got to do some CRAZY shit!!!!!!

  5. Laber Lampe

    pls we all love peace

  6. Matthew Thompson

    @GoonRider200 Gotta love Youtube, right? Unfortunatly, giving the average person anonymity and a crowd of people they will never meet usually turns them in hate spewing racist.

  7. Egregious Philbin

    This is one of my favorite songs. More people should hear this!

  8. Sara Kovačič


  9. longliveTATU

    i only clicked on this because i thought it was a t.A.T.u. Cover.. : \

  10. Chela696

    Nice song!!!

  11. GoonRider200

    I had never heard of Dry Kill Logic until recently when I stumbled across them in a snowmobile vid. They are just badass.

  12. oWarlock360o

    Nice Quality, thumbs up!

  13. 1337rein

    awesome song.