Drums, The - There Is Nothing Left Lyrics

You and I
We walk through the fire
Just to die
Just to die

And the hope I had for the first time in my life
I let it die

I wanted to love you
But in my heart
There is nothing left
I wanted to hold you
But in my heart
There is nothing left

I thought we were important
But we don't have time at all
At all

Put your hands on my face
One last time
And say goodbye

I wanted to love you
But in my heart
There is nothing left
I wanted to hold you
But in my heart
There is nothing left

I don't want to say goodbye
But I have to say goodbye
I don't want to say goodbye
But I have to say goodbye

I don't want to say goodbye
But I have to say goodbye
I don't want to say goodbye
But I have to say goodbye

I wanted to love you
But in my heart
There is nothing left
I wanted to hold you
But in my heart
There is nothing left

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Drums, The There Is Nothing Left Comments
  1. Dizzy Hole

    I really wish the drums would perform this song live

  2. Portfolio _cs

    Thumbs up for chicks with dicks !!!!

  3. Elliot B.

    Essa música é um vicio caraleoo

  4. Jason Gómez

    Hahaha..! The first time i watched this video, i didn't understand, but in the second time i understood all, 😄😍😎😎😎 Cool, and the song is too cool , this song has an air of freedom..! 🙃💂💂

  5. Heric Mendoza Tellez

    Who else here for Assassination nation?

  6. Cesar Augusto

    Este pesonage eres una tía o no un traveste🍭

  7. akerockstar

    Why don't The Drums ever play this song live????????????????????????? Would be nice to hear it at a concert :(

  8. Natasha Andrade

    chewbacca is such a good dancer tho

  9. Fritz

    The fuck did I just watch.

  10. el marvilloso mundo de nigma

    la chica del video era hombre no?

  11. DeadGhostGuy *cough*


  12. Josh

    y yo que pensaba que estaba hablando de una mujer :V

  13. Deinel

    Melhor Banda

  14. Briana Mia

    That monster has the moves lol

  15. Weona Page

    la hari esta buenota xd

  16. Pertained Orange Man

    is that a Joel McHale cameo at 2:30 on the skateboard?

  17. Astro Apollo

    fuck the trans model, who is the guy? He is gorgeous

  18. Andie Hernández

    I came here because of Hari. The video is super weird but I like it. The music of the group is fine. I love her (Hari) <3

  19. Ella Stewart

    HARIII 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  20. Svetteista Aelfwine

    I like how the old guy looks like a drunk gnome.

  21. Abe RockerRoller

    this is so amazing this is my favorite music video everything's so cute and lFUNNY and pretty and Zufkcung good this is so awesome

    Abe RockerRoller

    the crossbow I'm shitting myself this shit is too awesome

    Alyssa Cunningham

    Galactic Homicide hey there

  22. Angie Bendahan

    She is so lovely.

  23. cataajm

    1:35 Grease:o

  24. Leo Lazauskas

    saccharine junk.

  25. jxsus

    I want to see them play this live

  26. this is fifi

    the girl looks like a guy to me 😂

    Selasor R

    Connor ?

    this is fifi

    @Wall Flower
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahaha thanks for telling me, i have no idea


    +Wall Flower no it's not, it's harinef

    Galaxy Edits

    She’s a transgender model that’s why.


    smh Wall Flower, that is NOT a member of the band. The trans model's name is Hari Nef

  27. Beth Mccarter


  28. Beth Mccarter


  29. Jacko Reaper

    damn deep song. The Drums never disappoint

  30. Alvaro Daniel Drums

    It sounds like The Cure - A letter to Elise but darker. I mean the beat of the drums.

  31. Samantha Hayes

    omfg that was incredible

  32. Camys

    Será que quem criou esse clipe bebeu a garrafa toda ou deixou um cadinho pra mim? Quero ficar doidona também...

  33. Anali S Alegria

    Hahahaha nice

  34. Jul-Yen Hippolyte


  35. bretadounitedfc

    the " monster" looks like Jay Reatard RIP

  36. BERT

    oh god straight people


    +NahzBio117 and again, OH GOD STRAIGHT PEOPLE.

    Igor Rocha


  37. BandRcomedy

    The monster took it from one wtf to the other

  38. Skill x

    is that guy a girl ? HAHA


    Ha ha ha. Fuck you.

  39. \//\/\


  40. Carlos Balmaceda

    This fake couple is so beautiful aww

  41. Helena Pereira

    i love The drums come to Brazil own :3

  42. _ Bright

    The girl is a guy?

    Santiago López

    +shawn kieren the girl is a girl

  43. Elliott Jack

    Wow everyone is right the west coast is weird

  44. Belhou

    The girl and the guy are so cute together! I listened to this music only one time and i still have it in my head since 1h now lol

    Dallas Gullers

    +NahzBio117 no it's not ugly ass transmisogynist go play in traffic!

  45. Sofia Rubalcava


  46. Cyn Gabriela

    Crying OMf omg I get to finally see The Drums on Saturday !!<3

  47. Diego Phx 14

    El abuelo vagabundo vengador es lo máximo !

  48. Sofia Rubalcava


  49. Sofia Rubalcava

    I love

  50. Hendra Juniar Reiwuny

    Im freaking love it... I love to playing it everyday

  51. Siri Siri

    the drums is literally the most random music in my library but they're my favorite band and does anyone know artists with a similar sound???????????


    Not really any modern ones they get alot of their influence from old bands

  52. INNA

    this song is fucking incredible

  53. Renata Bezerra

    aiiiii meu ❤!!!!!!

  54. Rendi Ristian

    i wanted to love you

  55. Ricardo S. Rojas F.

    muy buena canción. Grande The Drums

  56. Rios Salvajes

    For a moment, I thought the girl was a Dude... You don't know these days.

    Rios Salvajes

    Oh... Uhh... Now I've read the comments!
    The song is nice, that's why I posted something here.


    The girl is a girl. Trans women are women.

    Rios Salvajes


  57. Max Max

    you're too tolerant

  58. Paloma Ven Detta

    yay for hari (ノ◔ヮ◔)ノ*:・゚✧


    Is that "girl" transgender?

    Carlos Balmaceda

    +FRANCISCO TORRES yes she's trans but don't  " " her gender. She IS a girl.

    Carlos Balmaceda

    @***** no she girl 

  60. Eternally Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb

    Good song, very funny video, love it.

  61. Iman Cuffie


  62. Mark Cruz Jr.

    lmfao RANDOM AF!

  63. ore b


  64. swamp queen

    I love Tina fey 😍

  65. sarah warren


  66. Noir 98

    I loveeeee it

  67. Lou Lien

    I love this video :DD

  68. Elian

    And the hope I had for the first time in my life
    I let it die

  69. Patrick Nadros

    Listening to The Drums just feels like a dream. They always have been, and always will be one of my top favorites.

  70. Neon Algo

    I wanted to love you
    But in your pants
    there were a pair of balls

  71. Kaujack Lima

    The Drums <3

  72. Dan S

    I wish more people gave this album a chance. It's much darker and inaccessible than their previous albums but the songs are very creative and interesting.

  73. S Yeh

    how awesome video ART is.
    Just for professional only, right?

  74. Peshuga de posho

    That girl is gorgeous

    Peshuga de posho

    @NahzBio117 really?
    I dont see it

  75. Marisabel Bustamante

    Ok Hari is sexier than most of the girls at my school, what a cruel world

  76. Alex Vdovichenko

    That girl is a guy?  if not, she's ugly


    +Alex Vdovicenco Transgender Model

    Carlos Balmaceda

    +Alex Vdovicenco that was rude lol

  77. Briegala S.

    Have to accept that even thought I like The drums, i clicked the video bc of hari

  78. Atom Manhattan

    Portamento was a spectacular album...

    Dan S

    +Atom Manhattan What do you think of Encyclopaedia?

  79. Doodle your exam paper

    Feels like reading a shoujo manga.

  80. Mina Bell Botched Photoshop lmao

    Hari is wearing heels and the other boy is still taller? Is he like 6'6"?


    What "other boy"? Hari is a girl. Get over it.

  81. G.P.E.

    This reminds me of the show the "leftovers".

  82. Raynbow

    _Amazing song!_
    _I Love The Drums <3!_

  83. Roberto Duarte

    this is my absolute favorite thing now

  84. Spencer Read

    This video was fucken weird. But loved the girl and the guy

  85. Quimquat

    Those two gay guys look really happy!

  86. agbugger

    Who's that mentally ill man in the black dress?

  87. wav.yliving 波打つ

    Im so ready for the next project, soo ready

  88. Hope Basden

    Yay, new music from the drums!

  89. Bertha Lovejoy

    is that that trans model from tumblr

  90. cx45830

    2:57 Ah that's me on a good day!

  91. Ze A

    gosh i couldnt even listen the song properly because i was so lost in watching hari. shes amazing in this

  92. Hope Is Alive1

    the lyrics of the song is what the monster things "I wanted to love you but in my heart there is nothing left". He is in love with the girl, but 'cause he's a monster he can't love her.
    Anyway at the end of the video, dancing, the monster shows that isn't true,  his heart isn't empty he's still human and, even is a monster, he can still feel  the love.
    p.s. he didn't bite the old man because he's a monster, but because the monster was drunk


    i think the monster are the homophobics

    Angel Barragán

    +NahzBio117 lol


    She is a girl, moron.

  93. G.P.E.

    Wild Geese video? That's the best song on the album.