Drugdealer - Sea Of Nothing Lyrics

I know you wanted some of my fuel for your fire, honey
But I get so lazy
In the sea of nothing, baby

Try to sleep
But the thought of what you were missing meets you

Get so deep
On the shallowest of worry thinking

I know you wanted someone to fulfill your desire, buddy
And you keep on singing
That you've reached your highest tower

Try to peak
But the sun is just not that revealing

Get so deep
On the shallowest of worry thinking

I know you want to be somewhat of an originator
And you speak of spliffs
But all you got are rolling papers

Try to speak
But the thought of what you would say meets you

Get so deep
On the shallowest of hurry thinking

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Drugdealer Sea Of Nothing Comments
  1. Ethan Sprague

    This songs belongs at the end credits of a film with a rather melancholy ending.

  2. Devon Alencar

    this song helped me get through a breakup.. this song and copious amounts of alcohol and cocaine.

  3. Sebastian Goonzalez

    Happy easy

  4. Riccihard

    Light this joint

  5. Marco Brocchini

    i know you wanted some of
    my fuel for your fire honey...

  6. Jenny Lynn

    I hear early Beck, as well (one foot in the grave)

  7. isaiinwn uwu

    s y d lives in our hearts

  8. Jane Reynolds Virtual Bird

    ebb tide

  9. Rafael Deivid

    por um mundo com mais músicas assim (parece o Ringo Starr na bateria kkkk)

  10. anthony sehl

    Ryan Desroches and BTL brought me here.

    Devon Alencar

    fucking love this song and i wanna make a part to it

    anthony sehl

    Devon Alencar well it’s already been used lol.

    Devon Alencar

    @anthony sehl doesnt matter to me lmao

  11. John Angelo

    what key is this in?

    Mykhailo Baturin

    Dude it's in C, the first progression is: C A7 F D
    And the second one goes like this: Gm D7 A# C/G

  12. Brendan Mahoney

    Chords (learn to use ya'll ears):

    Verse: C A7 F D7(add 9)

    Chorus: Gm F# A# C

  13. Julia Mendoza


  14. Francis Brutus

    Dont know why spanish love that kind of sounds cause of heroine maybe

    Jurassic Potato

    Francis Brutus fun fact 90% of the population of Spain does indeed shoot heroine and listen to rock

    Jurassic Potato

    Lol your retarded

    Brayan Garco

    Heroin and rock are friends,

  15. Francis Brutus

    Why dont they chorus on three voices the bridge in a Beatles way

    Marco Brocchini

    Cause that's Drugdealer, not the Beatles, my friend :D

  16. Gabriel Martins

    Essas músicas que me fazem continuar escutando música. Estou muito agradecido.
    That kind of musics that make me move on listen music. I'm so glad.

  17. Sol Luna

    That brief guitar solo at the end was amazing

  18. ally t


  19. VideoGameGuy

    Soooooo glad I happen to stumble upon this band

  20. Matheus Coelho

    Por um momento pensei que fosse Syd Barrettt cantando

    Noemi Zhalabovaskia

    Matheus Coelho igual a mi!


    could you stop always be on good music mister coelho ?

  21. Mariela Guerra

    does anyone know where i can find the chords to this song? i wanna cover it so bad!!


    Mariela Guerra email me I'll send u culturedealer at gmail

    Francis Brutus

    Me too... -_- can fin o my own


    C, A, F, D and then G(m possibly), Gb, Bb, C? Just done by ear, it's in a odd Hz too so it'll sound off. Also over a year late haha

  22. manu moy

    also good with  speed at 1.25

    andre pimenta

    so much better

  23. silkius809

    the chorus of this song has the exact same melody motif as grizzly bear's gun-shy!! it's hella good too

  24. JakeWhyBell

    Is that an accordion solo?

    Ventura Music


  25. r_a_z_z_m_a_t_a_z_z

    a minor hint of an Americanised Syd Barrett with an overtone of George Harrison's economically voluminous guitar style. It's good.

    O I

    I said the same the first time I heard this. It's really very beautiful.

    Francis Brutus

    This is what am talking about on my comment

  26. itsricksnowden


  27. Joshua Bair

    Love this song