Drugdealer - Honey Lyrics

When you're not around, your people have their way with words
And you don't have to hear the sound to feel the burn
Well, I get up and down
And very close to people's lives
You've got some things you can erase
Honey, I've got mine

I know that you want to be seen
And to be heard
Oh, to be loved, it's not a crime
Money is the root of the game
What you stand to gain
But everybody's gonna lose their heads

You got the magic smile
Makes people turn their heads
And take their love and make it burn for you instead
Well, I get so inspired
And you know just how much that's worth
Most people know just what they want, but can't make it work

I know that you want to be free
And to be wild
And to be hugged just like a child
Money is the root of the game
The problem with fame
Is everyone going to lose their edge

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